Hibi Chouchou

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I spent a lot of time reading manga before I go to sleep. Very recently, I read a manga called Hibi Chouchou, a cute romantic comedy about a girl named Shibazeki Suiren who is so cute that she is constantly drawing the attention of boys around her. Because young boys would often scare or upset her, she stopped smiling, talking or acknowledging the people around her to draw as little attention to herself as possible.

The main boy in the story, Kawasumi (I just realized no one calls him by his first name), pretty much spends all of his time doing karate. For some reason, he’s not very good at dealing with girls, though he seems to get along pretty normally with boys. He doesn’t particularly avoid them, but he’s clearly uncomfortable around them. Of course, since this is a RomCom, they fall in love and the story goes through their cute, awkward, first love experiences.

So far, I feel like it doesn’t have much of a story, haha. According to Wikipedia, it falls into the slice of life category, which is not one of my favorites, but this manga is pretty cute overall. It has a definite fluffy feeling to it that I like. It’s definitely worth a read if you’re just looking for mushy, gooey feelings.

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