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sakuya-norn9So! I’m really only doing this because I want to write down the route as I go and I couldn’t find any English guides when I started playing yesterday.

As a brief introduction, the story follows an elementary school boy named Suzuhara Sorata, a smart kid who is apparently neglected and ignored by his parents. (:<) During a field trip to a government building, he suddenly starts to hear singing and he finds himself transported to a different world, a century into the “past”. There, he meets Koharu, an awkward, naive, friendly girl who helps him when he’s frozen stiff and too cold to move. When he explains that he has nowhere to go, she asks him to come with her to the “ship” that will take her far away and the two end up boarding a giant, spherical, flying ship (by Sorata’s definition, a UFO). There, Koharu and Sorata meet the other 11 characters. The game has a total of 9 routes, with 6 chapters per route. Each of the 3 females has 3 males as potential love interests and only the prologue and Chapter 1 are common routes. At the end of chapter 1, you will make a choice and from Chapter 2 on, you will be on the character-specific route.

Click here if you’d rather start with Itsuki’s route.


Look for a room with Mikoto

A hiyoko

Chase after them

Character Select: Kuga Mikoto (far right)

Chapter 1

Pair Select: Nijo Sakuya (far left)

Chapter 2

Reach for it


Chapter 3


Grab the other spoon

Forget the candies (Press the candy issue bad end/no CG)

I would give up on it

Chapter 4 (Make a save file)

Express your true feelings

Keep his powers a secret

Chapter 5

Not to bother searching for clues

I want to be with you

??? I’ve followed through both these choices pretty far several times and I can’t tell the difference. I picked “…”

Chapter 6

Third Floor

Yes, I will

Sakuya’s future (I did a quick save here and watched all three. The routes merge again when you see Senri)


Once you complete Sakuya’s route, you’ll be able to purchase his extra scene in the Norn Store for 110 points. I had 180 after completing Sakuya’s route. (Title Menu > New Contents > Norn Store). It’s about the length of one chapter and there’s a CG at the end. :3 You will also be able to start a new game to see Natsuhiko’s route.


I found the true ending on my first play through, but I don’t know where the critical point is for getting the bad ending. I assume if your affection is too low, you’ll end up with a bad ending since there are no choices in Chapter 7. Since I know there is a bad ending in Chapter 3, I made a save file in Chapter 4 and then just chose the opposite of everything I chose before in Chapter 4 through 6.

Bad End

Load your save file for Chapter 4

Bluff and allay his fears

Reveal his powers

Search for clues

… (I still don’t know what difference this option makes, so I guess you could choose the other one)

First floor


The matter of the traitor (I feel like you could pick “Everyone else” as well)


Following this route, I gained no affection from Chapter 4, but this will not affect the route in any way except to change the final ending. I did not find any other bad endings either. Like I said, I don’t know how much affection you need to get the true vs. bad ending. I’m willing to bet you could make a save file at the beginning of Chapter 6 for the bad ending because if I remember correctly, at the end of Chapter 5, your affection is only about half way to max. I know for a fact that just changing the last option in Chapter 6 won’t change the ending if you’ve made the rest of the choices I posted though.


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