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itsuki-norn9Of the three routes tied to Mikoto, I did Itsuki’s route last, even though I feel like it should have been Sakuya > Itsuki > Natsuhiko. I mostly did it on this order because I liked Sakuya so much that I ended up disliking Itsuki. As it turns out, though, all three routes are very sweet. I’m glad I did Sakuya’s first, but I wish I had saved Natsuhiko for last since his route was my favorite of the three.

Now take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the emotional roller coaster that is both the good and bad endings of Itsuki’s route.


Skip to first choice

Look for a room with Mikoto

A hiyoko

Chase after them

Character Select: Kuga Mikoto (far right)

Chapter 1

Pair Select: Kagami Itsuki (far right)

Chapter 2

Stubbornly deny it

Don’t compliment him

Chapter 3

Don’t go

Draw card slightly to the left

Draw rightmost card

Draw leftmost card

Draw the left card

Chapter 4

Don’t go to the castle

Kick down the door

Attack the driver


Chapter 5 (Make a Save)

Stay calm


To keep that to myself

It is wrong


Chapter 6

Take his hand


Chapter 7

Remember what happened on the roof

Remember what happened in the dream


Bad End

Load your Chapter 5 Save file and just change all the answers. 😛


Say nothing

It is

Don’t watch (if you already watched it, watching again won’t get you more points)

Take his hand

Get angry

As always, once you’ve finished Itsuki’s route, remember to purchase his side story in the Norn Store for 110 points to get your last CG. :3


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