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ron-norn9Ron is the secret route in Nanami’s segment, so you have to complete either Heishi or Akito’s routes before you can do his. The game (and I) recommend doing Heishi’s route. I did Heishi > Ron > Akito


Make breakfast with Nanami

Character Select: Shiranui Nanami (far left)

Chapter 1

Pair Select: Muroboshi Ron

Chapter 2

Take some

I might actually stab you


Chapter 3

I don’t want to be a burden

I don’t want to live (purple up arrow?!)

I don’t know what it is (increases purple arrow?!) [It’s evil (increases affection)]. According to something I read online, the purple up arrow is more important than affection for the true ending…

Reluctantly agree to hold his hand

Chapter 4 (Make a save)

Get some common sense (purple) [It’s impossible (affection)]

Knock (purple)

Slap him awake (affection)

… & … (Purple) [Let me go & Kick him (affection)]

Chapter 5

Make a sarcastic comment

I’m fine (purple) [Your sunglasses are hurting me (affection)]


Chapter 6

Ron! (Affection) [Take me with you (bad end/CG)]

To get the true ending, I chose 3 purples and affection for the rest.

To get the bad ending, I chose all purples, and “Ron!” in chapter 6. Choosing “Take me with you” will always get a bad end.”


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