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senri-norn9Since I just finished Akito’s route, I decided to do Senri’s route next, just to see if there was any additional input to that storyline (there isn’t, haha). I also want to leave Kakeru’s for last, even though both Senri and Kakeru are recommended routes for Koharu, so I did Masamune’s route after this one…

One thing I did notice is that several of the choices are timed. Also, not making a choice gets you the same text as making the wrong choice. I made note of which choices were timed so you’d be prepared when it happens. ;o


Go to the roof with Ms. Weirdo.

Chapter 1

Tell him where Senri is (10s Timed Response… but this is the only option. I wonder what happens if you don’t hit select)

Pair select: Ichinose Senri

Chapter 2

Reply honestly

Agree with Senri

Chapter 3

Yes, I would be

Let Senri take a break

Chapter 4

See Akito’s side

Say Senri’s name (10s Timed Response)

Chapter 5 (Make a save)


Don’t go with him

Chapter 6 

Because I’m secure now



I’m sorry (10s Timed Response)

And that will get you max affection! As always, for the bad ending, just load up your chapter 5 save file and reverse all of your choices. This is one of those rare circumstances where you have too much affection by the end of Chapter 5 to get the good ending, so make sure you save before making any choices in Chapter 5.Your final CG comes from the Senri side story, purchased from the Norn Store for 110 points.

So far, my favorite thing about Koharu is how incredibly, blatantly honest she is. Her answers are pretty much exactly what you think they would be, unlike Mikoto who is too tsundere to give honest answers, haha. That being said, I wasn’t sure how she’d end up falling in love with Senri. Kakeru’s seems like the type to be naturally overtaken by Koharu’s straight-forward, kind-hearted personality. Masamune is the type to give care, and Koharu is the type that seems to need care, so I can imagine that route panning out as well. For Senri though… I suppose opposites attract, in more ways than one. 😛


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