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Wow! We’re finally on the final route. I’m both excited and sad to finish the story. I may have mentioned this before, but I’m a little sad that there isn’t a secret route that ties all of the others together. I noticed this in Code: Realize, but the start and stop points are somewhat inconsistent. While all three of the locked routes more or less cover every part of the story. For Koharu’s section, I did Senri > Masamune > Kakeru.


Go to the roof with Ms. Weirdo

Chapter 1

Tell him where Senri is (10s)

Pair Select: Yuiga Kakeru

Chapter 2

Reply honestly

He’s… Not joking

Chapter 3

Be happy

Don’t eat (10s timed)


Chapter 4

Point it out

We aren’t really friends yet

You smile that empty smile

Reach for his back (10s timed)

Chapter 5 

Look at Yuiga

Just be the real you (Cheer up! Bad end/no CG)

(Make a save)Stay close

Chapter 6

Open the door (4s timed)

Act embarrassed


And that will get you the true ending! I enjoyed Kakeru’s route. I still wish I had done Natsuhiko’s route last, since it was my favorite, but ending I’m glad I ended on Kakeru’s route rather than finishing with Masamune’s, which I had considered.



Bad Ending

As always, load up your save and reverse all the choices you made. I was worried because I had saved a little later than usual, but the last choice in Chapter 5 is just barely early enough to get you the bad ending.

Step away

Don’t open the door (or don’t choose anything, either way)

Smile brightly


Don’t forget to purchase Kakeru’s side story from the Norn Store for 110 points and your last CG.





Closing Thoughts

No matter which route you finish, it will still feel like it has resolution because you only get the Epilogue after finishing all the other routes. Unsurprisingly, it returns you to Sorata’s point of view. I spent a chunk of time wondering why the story begins with Sorata at all, but the Epilogue does a good job of explaining it and giving some finality to the story where the other routes basically just stopped. I keep lamenting this, but it’s really too bad Sorata wasn’t a secret route, haha. Seeing Sorata all grown up was pretty neat and I wouldn’t have minded seeing more of that story. More than anything though, I think I’m just sad it’s over.

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