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First of all, I don’t own any of this, nor did I create any of it. This is the script from the mobile Shall We Date?game, Oz+. As someone who has tried another mobile otome and didn’t love it (mostly due to the lag while loading text), I recommend this one. The doll maker is adorable and the art is very good. The story is packed full of warm fuzzy feelings, very loosely based on the original Wizard of Oz story, haha.

Second of all, I started writing it down because you don’t get many tickets each day and I would forget the story between segments. That being said, I didn’t think of it until I was already on 6.10. I purchased the premium background for 5.11, so I had that in my memories and copied it from there. If anyone has the missing parts and wants to comment with it or send it to me, I’ll update it. Also, I would like to note that this is no replacement for actually playing the game! After rereading what I’ve written, it’s just completely different with the proper sprites and backgrounds.

If you’re looking for a guide without all the extra text, try this one. :3

And lastly, there are obviously spoilers, so read at your own risk! I won’t post any pictures. I want you to experience those yourself. I hate to spoil CGs, but I came to the realization that because you have to spend real money to get the premium CGs, most people aren’t going to have every CG for every character. On that note, I decided to upload my CGs and I will link them as they appear in the story. CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Chapter 1: The One I Chose (13/13)


I was put on the spot and told to choose a partner, but…

(I can’t just…pick someone…)

The five hopefuls all looked at me, their eyes alight with anticipation.

Oz; “So, who’s it going to be? Can’t say I’m not looking forward to seeing who the lucky guy is.”

Oz broadcasted his confidence with the easy swagger of an older man.

Crowlie: Please, choose me!”

Heartmann: Pick me!”

Leonardo: “You’ve gotta pick me!”

The three leaned forward, eagerly trying to earn my attention, and Wesley looked down on them with a smug scoff.

Wesley: “Don’t get ahead of yourselves, kids. You weren’t even human to begin with.”

Leonardo: “Want to say that to my face?!”

Wesley: “You guys can’t even love like humans.”

Dorothy: “Hey, that’s going a little too far.”

Crowlie: “See? Dorothy gets it.”

Oz: “I think that was going too far, too.”

Heartmann: “As does the Great Oz!”

Oz: “Only problem is, the three stooges here are pretty stupid…”


Leonardo: “Wait, what?!”

Wesley: “Hah, three stooges is right. You really do get it, Oz.”

Heartmann: “You know, Wizard, you’re the last person I’d imagine getting picked.”

Oz: “True. You are kind of a diabolical villain.”

Dorothy: “Hey, Oz, you don’t need to take potshots at everyone.”

When I stepped into the conversation, Oz looked back at me with a sly grin.

(I think…no, I know Oz is just enjoying himself here.)

(I really can’t tell how serious of a person he is…)

Wesley: “Me? A diabolical villain?”

Crowlie: “Or have you gained a change of heart after being brought back to life?”

Wesley: “Even without that nonsense, I’m just dripping with charm.”

(Wait, what…?)

Everyone fell speechless and just stared at Wesley.

Oz: “You catch something bad? Feeling all together?”

Wesley: “Your half-witted japes aside, I’m telling you, even a villain can find love if he’s got enough charm!”

Leonardo: “Not happening, nope, no sir.”

Wesley: “Dorothy, you know the right choice! Me!”

Dorothy: “H-Huh?!”


Crowlie: “You can’t pick him! Pick me!”

Dorothy: “U-Um…”

Heartmann: “Dorothy, please, choose me!”

Dorothy: “Um, guys…”

Leonardo: “Dorothy, I’m super serious! I love you!”

Leonardo flung his arms around me.

Dorothy: “Ahhhhh!”

Wesley: “Outta my way, lion!”

Wesley kicked Leonardo over.

Wesley: “I’m real sweet to my ladies.”

Wesley said with a cunning grin.

Crowlie: “Begone, evildoer!”

Crowlie pushed Wesley away and held his hand out to me.

Heartmann: “Pick this hand over his!”

Heartmann then pushed Crowlie away and slipped his hand in front of me.

Continuing their melee, the four surrounded me.

Dorothy: “What should I…?”


(I don’t have any idea who to pick…)

Confusion overtook my heart and mind, and I felt as though I’d wandered into a maze with no exit.

Oz; “how about giving me a try?”


In slight disbelief at the easygoing voice I’d just heard, I moved my eyes in its direction.

Oz smugly stood a step back from the other four.

Oz: “You’re not sure who to pick, right? In that case, how about giving me a spin?”

The words came to naturally from his mouth, like he wasn’t trying at all.


Yet, I could feel the strong will in his eyes.

(His words, his attitude… they’re all so flippant, but…those eyes. They’re so…so determined.)

Unable to get over the strangeness, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Oz.

(This feels so…off. There’s something so…strange about him.)

(But for some reason, I feel so…drawn to him.)

Then I noticed. We are gazing into each other’s eyes.

Oz: “Something the matter, little miss?”

Oz said in a bit of a mocking tone and looked away.

Yet, I still couldn’t get over the strong will I saw in his eyes.


(I can’t feel the same passion form Oz that I feel from everyone else, but…)

(There’s something about those eyes…)

That strong will drew me to him.

(I can’t just stay on the fence like this…)

(…so I’ll just trust my feelings.)

I felt like I’d found the exit to my maze.

(I’ll believe in the determination I saw in Oz’s eyes!)

Dorothy: “Oz, I choose you.”

Oz: “!”

Oz looked surprised for a split second.

But when everyone’s eyes of shock and surprise gathered around him, he quickly put his usual smile back on.

Oz: “Hahaha! Too bad, my friends. Looks like I win this one.”

Crowlie: “OZ got picked?!”

Leonardo: “Wait, you gotta be kidding! Why not me?!”

Heartmann: “Why?!”

Wesley: “Tch. I can’t believe this!”

Solomon: “My. So she went with Oz.”

Norton: “It would appear so.”


Crowlie: “Dorothy, why choose Oz?!”

Heartmann: “Please, let us know!”

Leonardo: “I wanna know, too! Why’d it have to be Oz?!”

Crowlie and the other two quickly crowded around me.

Dorothy: “Well, I chose Oz because…”

(…he looks reliable) (Intimacy +7)

(Uh…how should I explain it?)

It was hard to articulate the smoldering determination I saw in his eyes. It didn’t match up with his usual bravado.

Oz: “Do you really need to ask? I mean, I’m the best man here.”

Dorothy: “Huh…?”

(Where does that confidence come from?)

Wesley: “Reason denied!”

Oz: “Not your place to say.”

Crowlie: “Would it be because Oz is from your world?”

(Oh, yeah… Oz is from my world, isn’t he?)

(But, well, it’s not like I think everyone else is weird or anything, and I don’t want to make THAT the reason I picked him…)

Dorothy: “That’s not my reason. It doesn’t really matter to me where he’s from.”

Leonardo: “Is it because he’s older than us?”

Wesley: “Tch, he’s just a geezer.”

Oz: “Says the other geezer.”

Wesley: “Hey, can it!”

Dorothy: “Well, him being older is part of it. It’s…mostly because he looks really reliable.”

(Yeah, let’s leave it at that. It’s a lot better than trying to explain something hard.)

Oz; “I see. You’ve got some good taste there, little miss.”

Norton: “Well, the Great Oz was the previous ruler of the Emerald City.”

Crowlie: “And I’m the current one!”

Crowlie jumped in on that statement.

(Oh, that’s right. Oz chose Crowlie to succeed him.)

Heartmann: “No need to get so emotional, Crowlie. We all know you’re doing a great job ruling the Emerald City.”

Heartmann: “But I think I know what Dorothy’s getting at.”

Leonardo: “What do you mean?”

Heartmann: “There’s not a person in this world that doesn’t know Oz as the previous ruler of the Emerald City.”

Crowlie: “And when you think about his great works, he looks the most reliable…I suppose.”

Leonardo: “He’s the one who gave us our brains, courage and heart, too.”

Crowlie and the others looked at each other and nodded.

(Phew…looks like everyone’s all right with it now.)


Wesley: “Tch…! This is no fun.”

Oz: “Hahaha! Yeah, for you.”

As Oz laughed and got carried away, he stood up in front of me.

Oz: “Dorothy, I’m grateful you chose me.”

He said with an uncharacteristically serious face.

For some strange reason, I could see a hint of relief in his eyes.

(He’s relieved that I chose him?)


At first glance, he looked like he was relieved that he was chosen to be my partner.

But was that really the case?

(He’s reliable, I’ll give him that, but I just can’t tell what’s going on in his head…)

Yet, the strong will in his eyes left such an impression on me I couldn’t forget them.

(Maybe I should ask him…?)

Dorothy: “Say, Oz…”

Right when I said that Oz slid his arm around my shoulder and pulled me in.


Oz: “That was a wise choice, picking me.”

He brought his face closer to mine and whispered into my ear.


It was so sudden, I lost my words.

Heat spread from my ear to the core of my body, and I could feel my face turning red.

Leonardo: “Hey! Hey, what’re you doing?!”

Crowlie: “Putting your hand around Dorothy all of a sudden like that!”

Heartmann: “How aggressive!”

Crowlie and the others all protested in unison.

Oz; “We’re going out now. Isn’t doing this my right?”

Crowlie: “That look is…really irksome.”

Oz: “Then how about I try something a bit more daring?”

Dorothy: “Huh?!”

Leonardo: “D-Daring?! What, like a kiss? You gonna kiss her?!”

Dorothy: “Wait, WHAT?!”

Heartmann: “I won’t allow it! I’m not having it!”

Oz: “And why do I need you lot’s permission?”

Wesley: “Because you two aren’t actually in love yet.”

Wesley said, interrupting the chaos.

Oz: “Oh? And just what do you mean by that?”


Wesley: “Well, for whatever reason, Dorothy needed a romantic partner for her Big Day, and she just happened to pick you for a starter, Oz.”

(That…does make sense.)

Wesley: “And you’ve gotta know that, right?”

Oz: “Heh…I wonder about that.”

(Do Oz and Wesley know something about this whole ‘pick a partner’ thing?)

Crowlie: “Wait, wait! Does that mean that we still have a chance?”

Heartmann: “Judging from what he said, it does indeed!”

Leonardo: “Lord Solomon, is that true?!”

Solomon: “Haha… Well, that all depends on Dorothy.”

Norton: “Lord Solomon, is it truly wise to say that?”

Heartmann: “We’ve still got a chance!”

Crowlie: “Dorothy, you can decide to pick me instead anytime!”

Leonardo: “Heck, you can pick me right now!”

(Y-You guys…)

Oz: “So, what’ll do you? Have a do over?”

(I don’t know why I have to pick a partner, but…)

(Even if he’s just a boyfriend in name only, I picked Oz. I want to give him a chance.) (Intimacy +7)

(I want to know about the strong will I saw in his eyes, too…)

Dorothy: “I won’t pick someone else.”

Oz: “Heh. Clever girl.”

Oz’s smile exuded a gentleness I hadn’t felt before.

Leonardo: “Why?”

Dorothy: “Because I want to.”

Leonardo: “Seriously…?”

Heartmann: “Well, it’s not like it’s all over yet. We still have a chance.”

Oz: “You guys don’t know when to quit, do you…”

Crowlie: “Well, I can’t lose to you, Oz!”

Wesley: “Sounds like things’ve gotten interesting. Stay on your guard, Oz.”

Oz: “You planning to swoop down at the first chance too, huh?”

Oz: “Challenge accepted, then. I’ll show you all that I’m her best choice!”

Oz said, full of confidence, before turning to me.

Oz: “I’m going to make you really love me. You’ll see.”

It was only for a moment, but I saw that strong will in Oz’s eyes again.


Solomon: “This is the partner you’ve chosen. Do overs will not be accepted.”


Solomon: “However, in the event that you have truly fallen in love with another, you may choose him instead.”

Leonardo: “Then we’ve still got a chance!”

Toto: “Woof…?”

Solomon floated up into the air let out a booming announcement.

Solomon: “Dorothy’s partner has been chosen — Oz!”

(But…should you really choose a boyfriend like this…?)

As if picking up on my worry, Oz treated me to a gentle smile.

Oz: “Don’t worry. I won’t let you regret this.”

His words, his demeanor…everything was full of confidence.

(He’s looking at me with such honest eyes, too…)

Solomon: “Now then, I’m thinking of holding an event to welcome Dorothy back to Oz tonight.”

Leonardo: “That sounds great!”

Heartmann: “What kind of event?”

Solomon: “Which would you prefer, a ball or a banquet?”

Crowlie: “It hasn’t been decided yet?”

Solomon: “I’ve been unable to bring myself to choose, I’m afraid…so I’d like Dorothy to decide.”


Dorothy: “A ball or a banquet…?”

Neither of which I could claim much, or any, experience with.

Oz: “Then how about putting one of my magic shows in the running, too?”

Wesley: “Like anyone’d want to see that!”

Oz: “Like everyone here.”

Wesley: “Come on, no one’s going to care.”

Solomon: “Then, let’s add that onto the list.”

Wesley: “Wait, seriously?!”

Solomon: “Dorothy, what would you like?”

Dorothy: “I’d like a banquet!” (Intimacy +7)

Oz: “How come?”

Dorothy: “I didn’t have any dinner back in Kansas, so I’m pretty hungry.”

Leonardo: “I’m pretty hungry, too! I vote banquet!”

Toto: “Woof!”

Heartmann: “Haha, looks like Toto’s hungry, too.”

Crowlie: “I’m a little disappointed I won’t be able to show off my dancing, but if Dorothy wishes for a banquet, I’m for it as well.”

Oz: “How about my magic show?”

Dorothy: “We can see that later.”

Oz: “Heh…fine, fine. Let’s go with the banquet tonight, then.”

Wesley: “Tch. What a joke. Not that I won’t show up.”


Solomon: “So, a banquet it is.

(A banquet…looking forward to it!)

Norton: “I will have preparations made immediately.”

Solomon: “Dorothy, you should change into a dress.”

(Oh! I can’t go to the banquet in these clothes!)

And of course, I hadn’t simply brought a beautiful dress on hand, or anything like that.

(What should I do…?)

Oz: “What’s the matter?”

Dorothy: “Well…I hadn’t imagined there would be a banquet, so I didn’t bring a dress.”

Solomon: “You needn’t worry about that. We have a grand wardrobe in this palace.”

Dorothy: “A grand wardrobe?”

Solomon: “Of course. It’s as needlessly grand as the name suggests.”

Dorothy: “Then you have dresses in there, too?”

Solomon: “All made by the finest tailors, too. Pick whichever one you like.”

Dorothy: “Thank you so much!”


Leonardo: “That’s great, Dorothy!’

Crowlie: “We can go find a dress for you too, if you need us to.”

Heartmann: “Don’t forget we’re with you, too.”

Dorothy: “Thanks, everyone.”

Norton: “Well, allow me to escort you to the wardrobe.”

Wesley: “…”

I noticed Wesley was looking at something with a troubled expression.

And when I followed his eyes…

(He’s looking at Norton? …Wait, no, he’s glaring at him.)

Norton: “Dorothy, is something amiss?”

Dorothy: “Oh, no…”

Oz: “Go on ahead, little miss. We’ll be waiting here for you.”

Dorothy: “I’ll be back as soon as I change.”

Norton: “Then let us be off.”

Norton started taking me towards the wardrobe.

(I can’t believe I’m actually going to put on a dress and go to a banquet!)

(Oz — where dreams come true!)

(That’s why I love it here!)

When I started to leave the throne room with Norton, Toto trotted along with me.”

(Well, now I don’t have to worry about anything because Toto is with me.)

I turned back to see Oz looking right back at me.

On the Way to Meet Her

This all happened a few days ago.

Oz: “Say, this is…a letter from the Land of Oz!”

A message had showed up from the Land of Oz, a place I’d had all too many memories of.

It was an invitation to Dorothy’s seventeenth birthday party.

Oz: “I’ve got no reason to refuse, and it’s pretty lucky that I’d get a chance to see Dorothy again.”

Oz: “And besides…”

Oz: “…All right, I think I’ll pay Oz a visit!”

Oz: “First, I’ve got to pack everything I Need onto the balloon…!”

Oz: “Let’s see. Change of clothes, pajamas… Oh, gotta bring my favorite pillow. Can’t sleep unless I have it.”

Oz: “Oh, can’t forget my magic stuff, either!”

Oz: “I’m a magician, y’know. If I don’t do magic tricks, I’m just not me!”

Accustomed as I was to traveling, I packed absolutely everything.

Oz: “Wait a minute. Should I…bring a gift or a souvenir for the people in Oz?”

Oz: “Oh, I know. I’ve got some really strong detergent around here. Bet that’ll really surprise everyone!”

Oz: “Heh…and if I give them a high quality sponge with it, too, that’ll really get ’em coming. I think…ten sets should do it.”

Oz: “Oh, that’s right, I’ll bring a frying pan that doesn’t stain for Dorothy. It really comes in handy.”

Then, when packing whatever I could think of into the balloon, it dawned on me.

Oz: “I’ve…got way too much stuff. There’s no room for me in here…”

I took out all of my luggage and rethought what I needed.

Remember. I was used to traveling, so I wouldn’t miss anything.

Oz: “Yeah, I need this pillow…”

Chapter 2: Night of the Banquet (11/11)


I started heading towards the palace’s wardrobe with Norton leading the way.

(This castle certainly is large…)

The hallways went on and on, and were all built in the most confusing of ways.

(Feels like I’d get lost here alone…)

Norton: “Is something the matter?”

Norton asked me, seeming to take notice of how I was looking here and there.

Dorothy: “I was thinking about how much like a maze this palace seems.

Norton: “One gets accustomed to it.”

Dorothy: “Oh, you know, come to think of it…”

The memory of something struck me.

Dorothy: “When I came to the Land of Oz last time, Norton…you were the first person I met.”

Norton: “That I was.”

Norton responded with a nostalgic nod and smiled at me.

Norton: “You were but a little girl back then.”

Dorothy: “Haha…I sure was young.”

Norton: “And now, you’ve become a beautiful lady.”

Dorothy: “Aww, thank you.”


Norton: “You must have been quite surprised to see Crowlie and the others.”

Dorothy: “Yeah, I had no idea who they were at first.”

Norton: “Haha, I can imagine.”

Dorothy: “Oh, I heard they turned into humans through Solomon’s magic. Is that right?”

Norton: “Lord Solomon is a great and powerful wizard. Merely giving them human form is quite the simple deed to him.”

Norton spoke with such a pride you’d think he were talking about himself.

Dorothy: “Solomon sure is something, huh?”

Norton: “I would, however, advise caution around him.”

Dorothy: “Huh? Why?”

Norton: “Why do you think?”

Dorothy: “Would he happen to like tricks? Mischief?” (Intimacy +7)

Norton: “Ahh, very observant of you.”

Dorothy: “Well, even with that event where I had to choose a romantic partner… I couldn’t tell how much of it was a joke.”

Dorothy: “And don’t people who do things like that like mischief, too?”

Norton: “Haha… that they do.”

Dorothy: “I knew it…”

Norton: “Though a great wizard, Lord Solomon’s fondness for humor gives us no end to trouble.”

(I can really see that…)

And yet, I couldn’t bring myself to hold it against him, either.


Norton: “Of course, that sense of humor may be an allowance of his greatness…”

(Norton really likes Solomon, doesn’t he? No, this is…respect.)

Dorothy: “All right, I’ll be careful.”

Then, I asked Norton about the other thing that had been on my mind.

Dorothy: “Say, Norton, was Solomon behind Wesley’s revival, too?”

Norton: “That…was my doing, under Lord Solomon’s orders.”

Dorothy: “That was you, Norton?! Wow!”

He was the Wizard of the North, after all.

Norton: “I’m afraid the likes of my magic cannot hold a candle to Lord Solomon’s.”

Dorothy: “Oh, you don’t need to be so hard on yourself. I think you’re quite the wizard, too.”

At that, Norton turned and stared at me for a few moments.

Norton: “Might I be allowed to ask you a question, as well?”

Dorothy: “What is it?”

Norton: “Dorothy, what do you think about this world? About the Lord of Oz?”

His eyes looked like they were suspecting something.

Dorothy: “I…think it’s like a dreamland.”

Norton: “A dreamland…”

I spoke my mind to Norton, and he seemed to fall deep into thought.


Dorothy: “Is something the matter with that…?”

Norton: “Ah, forgive me…nothing at all.”

(Strange. Something seems a little…odd about him.)

Norton stopped all of a sudden, so I scrambled to follow suit.

Norton: “We have reached the wardrobe.”

Norton said with his eyes on the large door, as if the previous exchange had not taken place.

Dorothy: “So, this is the wardrobe!”

I opened the wardrobe to find that it was far larger than I had imagined.

(It looks like my house in Kansas could fit in here a bunch of times over…)

An impossible number of outfits hung in rows in the wardrobe, all neatly organized.

Dorothy: “It looks like all the clothes in Oz are in here!”

Norton: “Haha…not all, I assure you. Only most.”

Toto: “Woof, woof!”

Toto ran around, positively pleased.

Dorothy: “Settle down, Toto!”

Norton: “Choose whichever dress you’d like. Oh, and pray not forget shoes and accessories.”


Beautiful accessories and shoes shone under the room’s many lights.

Dorothy: “Thank you!”

Then, a maid appeared.

Maid: “Welcome to the wardrobe, Lady Dorothy. Allow me to assist you in selecting and wearing a dress.”

Dorothy: “Oh, thank you.”

Maid: “I am truly honored to have the opportunity to assist you, Lady Dorothy.”

Norton: “Well, I have to prepare for the banquet.”

With that, Norton left the room.

(Well, time to pick out a dress…)

With that, I got down to choosing a dress, but there were just so many, I couldn’t bring myself to choose one.

(Hmm…they all look so good, I can’t really pick one…)

Toto: “?”

Toto looked from the dress to me.

Dorothy: “Toto, help me out, all right?”

Toto: “Woof!”


Maid: “Lady Dorothy, it looks wonderful on you!”

Dorothy: “Thank you.”

I looked in the mirror to see myself in the dress I’d chosen, looking completely different.

(I look great!)

Dorothy: “Look at me, Toto! I’ve never worn a dress this beautiful before!”

Toto: “Woof!”

Toto barked in reply, wagging his tail.

(I wonder if everyone will like it? If Oz will like it?)

Wearing the beautiful dress filled me with anticipation.

Maid: “Allow me to take you to where the banquet is being held.”

Dorothy: “Thank you.”

The maid had helped me change into my dress and do my makeup, but quite a bit of time had passed.

(Oz and the others must be tired of waiting.. I’ve got to get going!)

I look Toto with me and headed for the dining room.

I stepped into the dining room to find myself overwhelmed by its sheer size and luxurious atmosphere.

A far larger crowd than I had expected, too, was seated at their tables.

(Wow! There’re so many people!)

Toto: “Woof!”

Everyone’s eyes turned to me, freezing me for a moment.

(Wait, what should I do…?!)

Burly Guest: “Say, it’s Dorothy! And how beautiful she is!”

Elegant Guest: “Dorothy has truly returned!”

The crowd took notice of me and responded excitedly.

(Where’s my seat…?)

I froze up, unable to move, when a man shuffled over to me.

Oz: “I’d been waiting, little miss.”


I let out a sigh of relief the moment I saw Oz’s face.

Dorothy: “Who are all these people?”

Oz: “Those invited to celebrate your return.”

Oz: “You’re pretty famous. Defeated the Wicked Wizard of the West, after all.”

Dorothy: “Really?!”

Oz: “Really. But, I’ve got to say…”

Oz looked me up head to toe.

Oz: “You look truly beautiful! You’ve got a better sense of fashion than I’d expected.”

Dorothy: “Well, it’s a really expensive dress…”

Oz: “No matter how expensive the dress, it doesn’t matter a thing if it doesn’t look good on you.”

Oz: “And it looks great o you, let me tell you.”

Dorothy: “Thank you.”

Then, Oz turned to the crowd and began to bellow.

Oz: “Guests, one and all, gaze upon the return of our beautiful hero!”

People cheered and applauded at those words, the sound of their joy echoing throughout the hall.

(W-Wait, Oz…?!)

Oz: “Now, let me escort you to your seat.”

Oz offered up his arm in a gentlemanly manner, and I gently put my hand on it.

(Oz is such an adult…he’s so used to dealing with crowds and being a gentleman.)

As I walked through the room on Oz’s arm, the crowds all turned their heads to me.

(I’ve got so many eyes on me…)

Oz softly whispered into my ear.

Oz: “Puff out your chest. Act like you belong here. That’s what everyone wants to see.”

Just like he asked, I straightened out my back.

Burly Guest: “Such grace! Such poise!”

Elegant Guest: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen one so beautiful!”

Oz took me to the seat next to Solomon, the host’s.

Solomon: “You chose a beautiful dress. It looks wonderful on you.”

Dorothy: “Thank you.”

Norton: “Please, be seated.”

Norton, quietly standing next to Solomon, pulled out my chair.

I sat down, and Oz sat down beside me.

Dorothy: “Is it really all right for me to sit somewhere so…special?”

Oz: “You’re the guest of honor, little miss. Of course you’d get a special seat.”

(But it makes me so nervous…)

Toto: “…”

Even Toto sitting at my feet looked nervous.

I scanned the area to find Crowlie and the others at seats a bit away from mine.

Crowlie: “I don’t know how I feel about Oz sitting next to Dorothy.”

Leonardo: “I mean, we’re pretty famous for being her companions ourselves!”

Heartmann: “I don’t like having to sit next to the Wizard of the West, either.”

Wesley: “Hmph! You think I want to sit next to you clowns, either?”

Hearing their grumbling nearly had me burst out laughing.

Oz: “I got picked as her partner. Of course, I’d get to sit next to her.”

As Oz shot back smugly at the group, they looked at him with protesting eyes.

Crowlie: “Can’t we do something about that ridiculous confidence…?”

Leonardo: “I wish she’d picked me instead…”

Heartmann: “Don’t say that. Dorothy’s made her choice, and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Oz: “No complaints. Dorothy’s hanging off my arm, not yours.”

(W-Wait, Oz…?!)

Oz put his arm around my shoulder and brought his face closer.

[Spoiler Warning!] Chapter 2 CG

Oz: “I’m beautiful, she’s beautiful…don’t you think we make a perfect couple?”

Oz: “The previous ruler of the Emerald City and the hero who defeated the Wizard of the West have both returned…”

Oz: “…AND become a couple! This is fate, nothing less!”

Oz: “Dorothy…”

Oz gazed at me.

Oz: “…You’re going to be with me from now on. You don’t need to worry about a thing.”


For a brief moment, I saw that strong will in Oz’s eyes again.

Leonardo: “Oh boy, here come one of the Great Oz’s speeches!”

Heartmann: “Give us a break already…”

Crowlie: “Sheesh…”

Wesley: “Tch…”

Solomon: “Great Oz, could you leave the speech at that?”

Solomon’s chide brought Oz right back to his senses.

Oz: “Ah, forgive me… Dorothy is simply so beautiful I lost myself to a fit of passion.”

(Oz, you’re going to make me blush…!)

I looked at him with a stunned face, but Oz just winked at me with a smile.

Oz: “This is a service to our honored guest, too.”

(I can’t tell how serious he’s being…)


Heartmann: “Dorothy sure looks wonderful in her dress, doesn’t she?”

Leonardo: “Yeah, she’s really beautiful!”

Crowlie: “Dorothy, now that you’ve come back to Oz, would you tell us how you feel right now?”

Solomon: “That’s a good idea. I’d like to hear, too.”

(How I feel…?)

Dorothy: “I’m glad to see everyone again!” (Intimacy +7)

Hearing that, everyone cheered loudly.

Oz: “Now, that’s a good answer.”

Dorothy: “And that’s not just lip service, that’s really how I feel.”

Dorothy: “Seeing the friends I traveled with again… Seeing the people I met in this world again… Seeing this world itself again.”

Dorothy: “All the things I’ve always wanted.”

Oz: “Heh…I see, I see.”

Crowlie: “Thanks, Dorothy! We’re really happy to be able to see you again, too!”

Leonardo: “We’re friends, after all!”

Heartmann: “Yeah!”

Solomon: “Allow me to express gratitude on behalf of the people of this world. Dorothy, thank you for coming back.”


Crowlie: “I like Dorothy even more now!”

Leonardo: “I want to be her boyfriend!”

Heartmann: “I don’t think I can give her up, either!”

Oz: “Just give it up, guys. I’m the boyfriend here.”

Wesley: “Hah! I like a challenge. I’m gonna steal her away and make you cry!”

Wesley said with a confident grin.

Oz: “Heh…think you can?”

Oz said back with no small confidence of his own.

Wesley: “We can just get this out of the way now with a duel.”

Oz: “Sure, I’ll take you on. Not going to lose, though.”

Neither of them would back down even a little.

I could even see sparks flying between their glares.

Leonardo: “Wait, a duel? Isn’t that, like, a bad idea?!”

Crowlie: “It seems neither of them are willing to back down.”

Heartmann: “…Wait, maybe they CAN’T back down?”

Leonardo: “Well, they are both adults.”

Dorothy: “Adults? Come on, only kids fight like this.”

Crowlie: “This is not a fight. It’s a duel.”


Heartmann: “A man’s duel over the woman they love.”

Dorothy: “Seriously? Come on you two, quit it!”

Oz: “You worried about me?”

Dorothy: “It’s not that…”

Dorothy: “…You’ll ruin the banquet!” (Intimacy +7)

Dorothy: “And I was really looking forward to this, too.”

Oz: “True, true…you’re right. It’d be a bit too violent for an opening act to the festivities, really.”

Oz: “Wesley, I’ll let you off with a truce today.”

Wesley: “Hmph. You’re the one who’s escaped with your life.”

Crowlie: “Wow! She stopped their duel so easily…!”

Leonardo: “Now that’s Dorothy for you!”


Heartmann: “Dorothy, you really are something!”

Dorothy: “Uh….but I haven’t…”

(Well, I’ll just leave it at that. The banquet won’t get ruined this way.)


Wesley: “Looks like you lost out, three stooges.”

Leonardo: “Huh?”

Wesley: “If one of us had died in the duel, you would’ve had a chance, wouldn’t you?”

Oz: “You guys sure are a bunch of boy scouts, huh?”

Crowlie: “And we’re quite fine being boy scouts.”

Leonardo: “Yeah. I don’t like hurting people, not at all.”

Heartmann: “And besides, Dorothy doesn’t want that to happen.”

Dorothy: “Yeah, I really don’t.”

Crowlie: “See, we know Dorothy a bit better than you do.”

Oz: “Heh…yeah, I bet.”

Oz let out a self-deprecating smile.

Oz: “Just remember this.”

Crowlie: “Remember what?”

Oz; “Dorothy’s boyfriend is ME!”

Oz smirked and puffed out his chest.

Crowlie: “You don’t need to repeat it so often!”

Dorothy: “All right, that’s enough! I’m really hungry, everyone!”

Dorothy: “Hahaha! Then let us begin!”


Love Choice: Quadlings’ Dress (Emerald Green) 100 coins or 1000 spinels

Leonardo: “I’ve been waiting for this!”

Toto: “Woof, woof!”

Floating into the air, Solomon looked over everyone.

Solomon: “Dorothy, the very girl who guided this world to peace, is about to turn 17 years of age.”

Solomon: “Let us all celebrate this most momentous of birthdays!”

Solomon: “There are still a few days remaining until her birthday. Tonight, however, let us celebrate her return to Oz!”

Solomon: “Everyone, enjoy yourselves to the fullest!”

Solomon’s words gave way to a wave of cheers and applause.

Oz: “Enjoy ourselves, huh…”

Dorothy: “Hm? Did you say something?”

Oz: “Ah, nothing. Just talking to myself.”

And with that, the banquet had finally begun.

Oz’s Favorite Food

Dorothy: “Hey, Oz, can you tell me what your favorite food is?”

Oz: “Oh? All curious about your new boyfriend?”

Crowlie: “That’s not the only reason. Knowing a person’s taste in food can be quite handy when you’re trying to puzzle them out.”

Heartmann: “Yeah, that’s right. You can imagine how they were brought up and what kind of life they lead.”

Leonardo: “What, really?”

Dorothy: “Haha… Well, it’s not like I’m suspicious of him, or anything.”

Oz: “But, hey, fine, I’ll tell you. My favorite food is steak.”

Leonardo: “Meat? I love meat, too! I think we’ll get along well, Great Oz!”

Oz; “Hmph, don’t lump me with you, lion. I’m not after just any steak.”

Leonardo: “What kind of steak do you mean, then?”

Oz; “Omaha steak!”

Leonardo: “Omaha…?!”

Oz: “Hey…listen and be amazed, kids. Omaha’s top quality beef.”

Leonardo: “Wait, what? There are brands for meat?”

Crowlie: “High quality beef, you say?!”

Heartmann: “I’ve never heard of it before…how does it taste?”

Oz: “Gahaha! Think of it as meat that’ll never grace your lips.”

Leonardo: “Oh man, I want a slice! Great Oz, please, let me have some just once!”

Toto: “Woof, woof, woof!”

Oz: “Hey, get away from me! Don’t cling to me!”

Leonardo: “Gimme some Omaha steak!”

Toto: “Woof, woof!”

Chapter 3: After the Banquet (15/15)


When the banquet ended, I was given a room to spend the night in.

Dorothy: “I’m so full!

I laid down in bed and tried to sleep, but had no luck. I couldn’t get the banquet out of my head.

(I’ve never eaten at such a grand place!)

I found myself leaping out of bed.

My mind was satisfied and my stomach was filled — I felt like I was in a dream.

Toto: “Woof!”

Dorothy: “You’re full too, huh Toto?”

Toto: “Woof!”

Toto vigorously wagged his tail.

Dorothy: “A huge crowd of people gathered in such a grand castle, and we had such a wonderful banquet…”

Dorothy: “Oh, if only all of my birthdays could be like this!”

When I remembered that grand scene, however, I felt lonely all of a sudden.

Oz and the others had been given other rooms, so they weren’t here.

Toto: *Whine*

Dorothy: “Can’t help but feel extra lonely in this room since its so quiet, huh?”

I was in a room far more luxurious than my house back to Kansas, but the quietness of it all made me feel a little cold.

Dorothy: “I wonder if Oz and the others are already asleep…?”


Everyone’s faces popped into my head.

Dorothy: “Haha…I can’t believe those three are human now.”

They looked so different from how they used to, I couldn’t help giggling a little.

(But, I have to wonder… Why did I have to pick a boyfriend for my 17th birthday?)

Oz floated into my mind, his strong-willed hues leaving a powerful impression.

Dorothy: “Hey, Toto…was it really right for me to pick Oz?”

Toto: “…”

Toto let out an uninterested yawn.

Dorothy: “Hey, Toto!”

Then, all of a sudden, he trotted over to the door and looked back at me.

Dorothy: “You want to go for a walk? Well, it’s late. We can’t just walk around the castle like that.”

Toto: “Woof!”

Yet Toto parked his desire to go out anyway.

Dorothy: “Fine, fine. But only for a little, okay?”

I stepped out of the room with Toto and decided to take a look around the castle a little bit.


Toto: “Woof..”

Dorothy: “Toto, wait up! Slow down a little!”

Toto trotted through the quiet halls, forcing me to chase after him.

(What if we get lost?)

The castle was large, with complicated hallways approaching maze levels of convolution.

(I wonder if we’ll get yelled at if we get caught…?)

I couldn’t see a hint of anyone in the seemingly endless hallway.

(The castle’s kind of…scary at night…)

The thought of that just made me feel even more scared.

???: “What’re you doing?”


I heard a voice behind me. The suddenness of it almost made my heart stop.

The moment I was about to scream, someone covered my mouth with their hand.


???: “Whoa, no screaming now.”

A familiar voice whispered into my ear.

The hand over my mouth slowly pulled away, and I timidly turned around.

Oz: “Good evening, little miss.”


Standing behind me was Oz.

Dorothy: “Oz…?!”

Realizing it was only Oz, a wave of relief passed over my body.

Oz; “Are you all right?”

Oz peered into my face with a worried expression.

Dorothy: “I thought my hear was about to stop…”

Oz: “Was it really that surprising?”

Dorothy: “Well, I was just thinking that the castle’s a little scary this late at night…”

Oz: “Sorry about that. Didn’t mean to scare you.”

Oz: “But that aside, what were you doing out here so late?”

Dorothy: “Taking Toto for a walk.”

Toto: “Woof!”

Oz: “Ah, I see. Makes sense.”

Dorothy: “And what were you doing out here, Oz?”

Oz: “I’m on a walk myself. It’s been a while since I’ve been in this world.”

Dorothy: “How long have you been back for?”

Oz: “Just a few days. Got an invitation, see.”

Dorothy: “Did you come here on your how air balloon?”


Since he left Oz on it, after all.

Oz: “Yeah, I did.”

He answered with a bit of a laugh.

Dorothy: “What’s so funny?”

Oz: “Nah, just thinking…maybe we ran into each other here because you picked me.”

Oz: “All right, I’ll take your walk with you.”


(It’s a little scary to walk out by myself…)

(And I’ll feel a lot better if Oz is with me.)

Dorothy: “All right, let’s walk together, then.” (Intimacy +7)

Oz: “Good idea. You never know what’ll happen in this castle at night.”

Dorothy: “Huh? Really?”

Oz: “Haha! Kidding, kidding. This castle is the safest place around.”

Oz: “We’re protected by guards here, and I’d expect Solomon’s got a barrier or two around the castle.”

Oz: “But more than anything, I’m here. Nothing’s safer than that.”

Dorothy: “Aren’t you confident? Well, if you’re that confident, I’ll hold you to it.”

Oz: “then let’s get going.”


Toto: “Woof!”

Toto got moving, looking positively pleased. I walked alongside Oz.

Dorothy: “Hey, Oz, what were you doing back in our world?”

Oz: “Going from town to town, doing the whole traveling magician shtick.”

Dorothy: “Traveling?”

When I brought that up, Oz fixed his eyes on me.

Oz: “I needed to travel.”

Dorothy: “How come?”

Oz: “Well…”

Oz left the sentence hanging and looked away.

Oz: “It’s a long story. I’ll tell you some other time.”

Dorothy: “Can’t you tell me now?”

Oz: “That’s enough about me. So, Dorothy, what were you doing?”

Dorothy: “I lived in Kansas with my aunt and uncle.”

Oz: “How was that working out?”

Dorothy: “Well, work on the farm was really hard, but everyone in the town’s really nice. I was pretty happy there, I guess.”

Oz: “I see…”

Hearing that, Oz graced me with a rare smile.


(Oh, I know…I think I’ll ask him about that.)

I wanted to know about that strong will I saw in his eyes when I was choosing a romantic partner.

It was so different from the flippant attitude he usually took that I couldn’t quite get over it.

Dorothy: “Say, Oz…”

Toto: “Woof!”

All of a sudden, Toto ran off.

Dorothy: “Hey! Toto!”

Toto’s scurrying figure became smaller and smaller in the hall ahead.

Dorothy: “I’ve got to go after him!”

Oz: “That dog’s quite the adventurer…”

Oz and I hurried after Toto.

We ended up in a great hall, so beautifully made I couldn’t help but gasp.

Dorothy: “Wow…!”

Oz: “Word is this is the Great Hall of Quadlings Palace, the place to see in this castle. Probably the fanciest hall in all of Oz.”

Both walls were made of large mirrors, and beautiful pictures decorated the ceiling.

Oz: “A worthy place for the great Wizard of the South, Solomon, huh?”

Dorothy: “Oh, wait a minute, where’s Toto.”

Distracted by the beauty of the hall, I’d just remembered. I was here looking for Toto.”

Yet, no matter where I looked, I couldn’t find him.


Oz: “Looks like he’s not here.”

Dorothy: “Where he go, I wonder?”

Oz: “I know he went this way. If he’s passing through here, he went to the throne room, the garden, or the dance hall.”

Oz: “If he wants to go anywhere else, he’ll have to pass through this hall.”

Dorothy: “So you mean he’s in the throne room, the garden or the dance hall?”

Oz: “That’s pretty much it. So, where are we going to look?”

(Toto probably just wanted to move around since he’s full, but…would he really go outside by himself?)

Dorothy: “Maybe he’s in the dance hall?” (Intimacy +7)

Oz: “Why?”

Dorothy: “Well, he’s full, so I think he wants to run around in a wide open space, you know?”

Oz: “Makes sense to me. You know him the best, after all.”

Dorothy: “Well, he is a silly little dog, though. I never really know what he’ll do next.”

Oz: “Hey, no worries. If he’s not in the dance hall, we’ll just look somewhere else.”

Dorothy: “So, where’s the dance hall?”

Oz: “A bit deeper in this hall. There’s this corridor the servants go through that we can use.”

Dorothy: “All right, let’s go.”

We headed for the dance hall.


Dorothy: “So, this is the dance hall!”

I gasped at the sheer size of the room, far larger than I had imagined.

The light it gave off was dim now, but if the chandelier on the roof took on its full, luminous splendor, I just knew the room would look grand.

Dorothy: “Toto, are you here?”

Toto: “Woof!”

When I called out to him, Toto came running to me with a bark.

Dorothy: “No more running out on me, okay? We were looking all over for you!”

Toto: “Woof!”

Oz: “Well, looks like he’s safe and sound.”

There was exasperation on his voice, but Oz wore a smile.

Dorothy: “Thanks for looking for him with me, Oz.”

Oz: “Don’t worry about it. This was just part of the walk.”

(Oz is a lot of things, but at the end of the day…he’s really nice.)

Oz: “If we went with having a ball, we would’ve been dancing in here.”

(Oh, he’s right…)

I looked around the dance hall again. Really looked around it.

Dorothy: “It’s such a beautiful dance hall. Like the kind you’d see in the picture books about princesses.”

Oz: “Heh…sure is, isn’t it.”


Charisma Contest

Required Charisma: 1,000

With that, Oz slipped his hand towards me.

Oz: “princess, might I have this dance?”


The face Oz was putting on was, admittedly, a little humorous.

(He looks kind of cool doing that, though…)

Dorothy: “Gladly.” (Intimacy +7)

I took his hand and he led me to the center of the hall.

Dorothy: “Can you dance without music?”

Oz: “We don’t need any.”

Oz put his hand around my waist.

Dorothy: “Oh, uh…I haven’t really danced much.”

Oz: “I’ll take the lead. Just follow my moves.”

Oz winked and started to dance slowly, leading me as he did.

I started to dance, trying to match myself to his movements.

(Oz is such a good dancer!)

I desperately tried to keep up with his moves.

Oz: “Try to relax a little bit more.”


He relaxed his pace and kept on leading me.

(I think I can handle this tempo…)

Oz: “There we go, that’s how you do it. You’re pretty good.”

When I got a little more used to it, Oz pulled me closer towards him.

Our bodies were as close as they were going to get, with our faces at near point blank.

Dorothy: “Oz…”

Oz: “Yeah?”

Oz gently replied, his voice syrupy sweet.

Dorothy: “You…”

Oz: “I?”

Dorothy: “…You’re really good at dancing.”

It felt a little awkward paying him such a direct compliment.

Oz: “Maybe I should start teaching classes.”

Oz joked as he gently led me on the dance floor.

(That confidence of his… He’s so mature.)

(When I’m dancing with him like this…it feels like I’ve grown up just a little bit, too.)

The warmth I could feel from him put my mind at ease.

Oz: “Let’s kick up the tempo a little.”

Even when he started to step faster, he kept up his gentle lead.


Oz: “See? You can dance.”

Dorothy: “Haha… You know, it almost feels like I can hear music.”

Of course, there was no band about, and no music I could possibly be hearing.

Yet, still, I could hear dignified music in my mind, the type you’d hear at a nobles’ ball.

Oz: “Haha…that’s how you do it. A bit sad that our only audience is a little dog, though.”

Toto was watching us intently, wagging his tail.

And when I turned to look at him, distracted for a split second, I nearly tripped.

Dorothy: “Ah…!”

Oz: “Whoa, look out!”

Oz caught me and pulled me into him, keeping me off the ground.

Oz: “Are you all right?”

Dorothy: “I-I’m fine…”

He had his arms around me, and our faces were even closer.

(O-Our faces are almost touching…!)

My heart suddenly began to beat faster and faster, and I felt my face heat up.

Oz: “What’s the matter? Your face’s beet red.”

Dorothy: “I-Its it…?”

(He might hear my heart beating like crazy…what should I do?)


Oz: “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.l Everyone trips over their feet in the beginning.”


Oz: “Sorry, looks like I went a little too fast.”

And with that, Oz just kept on dancing, as if nothing had happened.

(Phew…he didn’t notice.)

Though I felt relieved, for some reason, a hint of disappointment welled up in my heart.

(Is he just…treating me like a child…?)

Yet, it was still true that Oz was a kind man.

I relinquished myself to him and danced after his lead.

After we finished dancing, Oz took me back to my room.

Oz: “Sorry to keep you out this late.”

Dorothy: “You don’t need to apologize — not after teaching me how to dance like that.”

Oz: “It was pretty fun. Been a while since I’ve taken to the dance floor.”

Dorothy: “I had lots of fun, too.”

Oz: “There’s one thing I’m a little disappointed about, though.”


Dorothy: “Huh? What’s that?”

Oz: “I forgot to show you my magic tricks.”

Dorothy: “Haha.. Well, there’s always tomorrow.”

Oz: “The three stooges sort of said that, too. Is everyone just dodging seeing my tricks?”

Dorothy: “I-I don’t think so…”

(It’s not that I don’t like magic tricks, but his timing’s always the worst…)

Oz: “Really?”

Dorothy: “W-Well… There’s all sorts of interesting things to see here in the Land of Oz, so…”

Dorothy: “Maybe everyone’s paying attention that stuff instead?”

Oz: “Hm. Point. Well, I’ll dazzle them with my magic tricks before long.”

Dorothy: “Haha, I bet you will.”

Oz: “Well, you’ve probably got a lot to deal with tomorrow, so go to sleep for now.”

Dorothy: “All right, I will.”

Oz: “Well, I’ll be off. G’night.”

Dorothy: “Good night, Oz.”

He moved to leave, but then stopped, as if remembering something.

Then, he looked at me with something of a pained expression.

(What’s the matter?)

Oz: “Dorothy… mind if I ask you something?”

Dorothy: “What is it?”

Oz spoke with a deadly serious expression.


Oz: “It’s about those Oz guys. You…shouldn’t trust them too much.”

Dorothy: “Huh…?”

Oz: “…”

Dorothy: “You mean…Crowlie and the others?”

Crowlie, Leonardo and Heartmann. My dear friends and comrades.

Of course I trusted them, after getting through that perilous journey.

Oz: “Not just them. The other guys, too.”

Was he talking about Solomon and Norton, too?

Dorothy: “Why not?”

With that, Oz looked at me with his usual grin.

Oz: “Come, now. You may be in a dream world like this, but…it’s best to keep your guard up, yeah?”

(…My guard?)

Oz: “Well…in short, try not to let the excitement get to your head.”

Oz said with a strained smile.

Oz: “Well, I’m going to get to sleep. G’night, little miss.”

Leaving that behind, Oz disappeared into the hallway.

(Was that some sort of joke…?)

He looked so serious that I couldn’t quite let it go.

(Does Oz know something I don’t…?)

(…But still, why would he tell me not to trust everyone too much?)

Still feeling something tugging at me mind, I closed my door.

To Be Honest

Dorothy: “What a wonderful dance hall. It feels like the one in those princess fairy tales I would read back when I was a kid.”

Chasing after Toto, Dorothy and I had ended up in the castle’s dance hall.

(Just standing in the dance hall makes her feel like a princess in a fairy tale…)

Oz: “Heh. You’re a funny one.”

(She’s about to turn seventeen, but she’s still got dreams as sweet as candy…)

(In that case, let me grand her wish a little.)

I softly offered up my hand and she looked back at me in surprise.

Oz: “Princess, might I have this dance?”

(Am I coming on too thick? Wait, no, I need to act like a prince here.)

Dorothy looked a little hesitant, but took my hand.

(Well, if she’s never danced before, that hesitation is understandable.)

Oz: “I’ll take the lead. Just try to match my steps.”

I winked and started to dance slowly.

Dorothy started to dance, matching my movements.

Oz: “There you go, that’s how you do it. Hey, you’re pretty good.”

Dorothy followed my lead and danced, showing me a bright smile.

(Now that’s a good smile…)

(If we ended up going with the ball, Dorothy might have ended up dancing with someone else…)

When she’d gotten a little used to dancing, I pulled her in towards me.

Our bodies came into contact, and our faces were very close.

Dorothy: “Oz…”

(So in the end, having a banquet instead of a ball and having Toto run out on us…turned out pretty good.)

(Since we got to dance all alone like this.)

Oz: “Yeah?”

I looked into her eyes, giving her a reassuring look.

While making sure to answer in a sweet whisper.

Chapter 4: Cheerful Mates in Oz (14/14)


I woke up to birds chirping outside my window.

(Morning already…?)

I’d awoken in a soft bed in a luxurious room.

(It…wasn’t a dream…)

I leaned up and saw Toto perk his head up from the bottom of the bed.

Toto: “Woof!”

Dorothy: “Good morning, Toto. Sleep well?”

Toto: “Woof!”

Toto answered, wagging his tail. It looked like he’d slept well.

Dorothy: “I didn’t really sleep too well, myself.”

So much happened yesterday that I couldn’t get much sleep, even in the comfortable bed.

(I’m back in Oz, I had to pick a romantic partner all of a sudden, I wore a beautiful dress and went to a huge banquet…)

All those were things that I could never experience back in Kansas.

(I danced with Oz in the middle of the night… Oh, that was so romantic!)

Dreamlike things happened, one after another. I could hardly get to sleep at all.

And those words Oz left me with last night…

Oz: “About those Oz guys…don’t trust them too much.”

I wasn’t really sure how to take that.

Which was another reason I couldn’t sleep last night.


Toto: *Whine*

Dorothy: “You look pretty hungry, Toto. Want to head to the dining room?”

Toto: “Woof!”

I popped out of bed and got changed, then took Toto to the dining hall.

I went to the dining hall to find Solomon and Norton already there.

Solomon: “Good morning, Dorothy.”

Norton: “Good morning, Dorothy.”

Dorothy: “Morning, Solomon and Norton.”

I said my greetings and looked around. The only people in the hall were servants.

Dorothy: “Where’s everyone else?”

Solomon: “It’s about time for them to get up, so I think they’ll be here before long.”

Norton: “Your seat, if you would.”

Norton pulled out a chair for me, so I sat down.

Solomon: “Did you sleep well?”

Dorothy: “So much happened yesterday, I couldn’t sleep too well.”

Solomon: “Well, you’re in a world you’re not terribly used to. That’s hardly surprising.”

Solomon looked worried.


Dorothy: “Oh! But I wanted to tank you for that wonderful room you gave me.”

Solomon: “I’m glad you liked it.”

He smiled in response.

Norton: “Let me know if you need anything> I will see to it that you get it immediately.”

Dorothy: “I will, thank you very much.”

(They really are nice, these two.)

However, Oz’s words flashed through my mind.

(I shouldn’t trust the people in Oz too much, he told me…)

Solomon: “Is something the matter?”

Dorothy: “O-Oh, nothing…”

Solomon: “Really?”

Solomon peered at my face.

Dorothy: “R-Really…”

(I can’t tell Solomon what Oz told me… Oh, what should I do…?”

Dorothy: “Oh, uh… That wardrobe sure was large, wasn’t it? It really surprised me.”

I changed the topic.

Solomon: “The wardrobe is indeed. It is a bit too large, isn’t it?”

Dorothy: “Well, if it’s got that many clothes in it, I think it’s about the right size.”

Solomon: “Point, point.”


Dorothy: “…”

(I…can’t think of anything else to talk about…)

Solomon: “Heh… So, what are you hiding?”

Dorothy: “H-Huh…?”

Solomon: “It’s written all over your face.”

Dorothy: “It is?!”

Solomon: “What happened?”

Dorothy: “N-Nothing…”

(Solomon’s really quick on the uptake…!)

Norton: “Is something worrying you?”

Solomon: “I’d love to hear about it.”

(What should I do…?!)

(Solomon will see through any lie I tell him, so…)

(…I’ll keep what Oz said a secret, and just tell him the truth.)

Dorothy: “Well, I danced with Oz last night in the dance hall.” (Intimacy +7)

Solomon: “You danced? With Oz?”

Dorothy: “Sorry for going into the dance hall without permission.”

Solomon: “Hahaha! THAT’S what you were worried about?”

Norton: “That isn’t something you need to keep a secret.”

Solomon: “You chose Oz to be your romantic partner. Getting along with him is a wonderful thing.”

Dorothy: “Oz took the lead when we were dancing, and I had a lot of fun.”

Solomon: “Well, will you dance with me sometime as well?”

Dorothy: “Gladly!”

(Phew…looks like I made it through.)


Solomon: “Heh…”

Then, someone stepped into the dining hall.

Leonardo: “I. Am. STARVING! Bring on the breakfast!”

Dorothy: “Oh, hi, Leonardo. Good morning.”

Leonardo: “Yo, Dorothy! You’re here before me? Wow, you must be really hungry.”

Dorothy: “I’m not the hungry one. That would be Toto.”

Toto: “Woof!”

Leonardo: “Haha! Well, I’ll believe you for now.”

Dorothy: “Hey, Leonardo…”

Heartmann: “Good morning, Dorothy. You look wonderful today, as usual.”

Next inside was Heartmann.

Dorothy: “Good morning, Heartmann.”

Heartmann: “Leonardo’s surprisingly energetic this early in the morning. Could hear his voice clear across the hall.”

Leonardo: “Pep’s number one, food’s number two, and naps are number three!”

Heartmann: “Wait, what?”

Crowlie: “My, everyone’s here early.”

This time, Crowlie popped into the dining room.

Crowlie: “Good morning, Dorothy.”

Crowlie gave me a polite bow.


Dorothy: “Good morning. You’re always so polite, Crowlie.”

Crowlie: “I try to be a gentleman.”

Wesley: “Gentleman? Never heard of a gentleman scarecrow.”

That’s when Wesley appeared.

Crowlie: “You sure wake up early for a villain.”

Wesley: “Tch. Don’t just assume I”m nocturnal.”

Dorothy: “Good morning, Wesley.”

Wesley: “Morning. Guess what? I’ll take you on a date today.”

Dorothy: “Huh…?”

Heartmann: “Hey, Wizard, leave her alone!”

Leonardo: “We haven’t even had breakfast yet! Leave that ’til after we’ve eaten!”

Crowlie: “Breakfast is more important than a date?”

Leonardo: “What, it isn’t?”

Heartmann: “Well, they’re both pretty important.”

Wesley: “What are you even talking about? Pretty relieving to see you’re all easy to outwit, though.”

Dorothy: “Haha… Come on, everyone, sit down.”

(It really is fun, being around them.)

(But Oz told me not to trust them too much…)

When I thought of that, I got the impression that something dreadful was hiding under the fun atmosphere.

(No way…that…that couldn’t be…)


At the very least, I knew I could trust Crowlie, Heartmann, and Leonardo.

(We’ve been on a journey together, and we really trust each other.)

Then, Oz came into the dining room.

Oz: “Looks like everyone is here.”

(Oh! Oz!)

Oz: “Mornin’, hun.”

Dorothy: “Morning, Oz.”

I felt a little better when I saw his face.

(I wish I could ask him about what he meant, or about that look in his eyes when I picked him…)

Crowlie: “…Did he just call you ‘hun’?”

Dorothy: “U-Uh…yeah?”

Heartmann: “He didn’t call you that yesterday.”

Leonardo: “Did something happen?!”

Dorothy: “Well, uh…”

Oz: “We’re going out now, remember? Nothing to bat your eyes at.”

Oz said with a smug look.


Leonardo: “No, this is really weird!”

Heartmann: “I’m quite curious about it myself.”

Crowlie: “You won’t weasel yourself out of this one.”

Wesley: “Tch. Look, I don’t care what you call her, just quit that smug grin already.”

Oz: “Nope. Not when I’m the boyfriend around here.”

Oz leaned his smug face into Wesley.

Wesley: “Get outta my face!”

Dorothy: “Let’s leave the back and forth at that and have breakfast, yes?”

Solomon: “Haha…a good suggestion.”

The servants brought our food to us, and breakfast began.

Leonardo: “Hey, Dorothy, what’ll you do today?”

Dorothy: “I haven’t made any plans yet.”

Solomon: “You can spend your time until your birthday however you’d like.”

Leonardo: “Then come on over to the grand old forest. I’ll show you around!”

Dorothy: “The forest, huh…? We passed through it on our journey, too… Oh, that brings me back.”

Oz: “Hey, could you quit hitting on my girlfriend?”

Crowlie: “You’re not in this conversation. Take your smug grin elsewhere.”

Heartmann: “Dorothy, you should pay the country of the Winkies a visit. I’ll show you around the place.”

Wesley: “If you’re going west to the Winkies, I’ll take you there. It was my country originally, after all.”

Heartmann: “It’s currently under my regime, so your help won’t be needed, wizard.”

Crowlie: “Dorothy, please pay the Emerald City a visit! I’ll gladly show the best we have to offer!”


Dorothy: “The country of the Winkies and the Emerald City.. Oh, I’d love to go to both.”

Oz: “A little greedy there, little miss. You can’t visit ’em both in a day.”

Dorothy: “True, true…and since I”m in Quadlings, I’d love to check out the town here, too.”

Solomon: “Now there’s a good idea. I’d love for you to see Quadlings City, personally.”

Dorothy: “What to do, what to do…”

Oz: “Well, the choice is yours.”

Dorothy: “I think I’ll give Quadlings City a visit.” (Intimacy +7)

Oz: “Why?”

Dorothy: “All sorts of things happened yesterday, so I didn’t get too much sleep. And since the city’s nearby, it shouldn’t be too tiring, right?”

Oz: “Good point. That’s probably your best choice.”

Dorothy: “And besides, I really want to see the city for myself.”

Leonardo: “Well, if that’s what you want…”

Heartmann: “Yeah. And besides, Quadlings City is a pretty fun place.”

Crowlie: “It is the most bustling city in all of Oz, after all.”

Wesley: “Hmph, do what you want.”

Dorothy: “Looking forward to it!”


Oz: “All right, I’ll go out with you, Dorothy.”

Dorothy: “You’re coming too, Oz?”

Oz: “Well, I’m your boyfriend. It’d be fun to look around town with just the two of us, don’t you think?

(Just the two of us…)

(If we’re alone…I might be able to ask him what he meant, and about his eyes.)

Crowlie: “If Oz is going, then so am I!”


Oz: “Why are you coming with us?!”

Leonardo: “I’m not letting you two go alone! I’m coming, too!”

Heartmann: “I’m coming along, too! I’d be far too worried if it were just the two of you.”

(These three can really work together, can’t they…)

Oz: “There’s nothing to worry about. Wait, why are you guys butting into your business in the first place?”

Wesley: “Fine, fine. If you insist, I’ll tag along.”

Oz: “No one’s insisting! You don’t have to come along!”

Wesley: “Don’t order me around!”

Crowlie: “Dorothy has the last word in who goes with her!”

Heartmann: “Yeah, you’re not calling the shots here.”

Leonardo: “I won’t let you two go out alone! I’ll sue!”

Oz: “Since when were we in court?!”


Charisma Contest

Required Charisma: 2,200

(Oh, wait a minute… I was alone with Oz when we were on our walk last night…)

(And when we danced…)

(Was that, like…a date?)

I glanced at Oz at the thought.

Oz: “Hm?”

He noticed my look, and our eyes met.

(Oh…uh, er…)

My face flushed as I put two and two together on what last night was between us.

Oz: “Heh…”

Oz put on a mischievous grin.

Oz: “All right, then. I’ll allow you all to come with us.”

Heartmann: “Where…where’d that confidence come from…?!”

Oz: “Unfortunately for you…we’ve already had a date with just the two of us.”

With that, Oz doubled the smugness of his grin.

Crowlie: “What was that?!”

Heartmann: “A date?! WHEN!?”

Leonardo: “No way! There’s no way! Say it ain’t so!”

Oz: “Heh heh…”


Crowlie: “That face… That’s the face of a man who’s gone places…!”

Heartmann: “Is it true that you went on a date?!”

Leonardo: “I won’t believe it! I wont!”

The shocked three looked at me with eyes seeking salvation.

Crowlie: “Dorothy, is it true?”

Heartmann: “Did you go on a date with Oz?”

Leonardo: “Please, say it isn’t so!”

Dorothy: “N-No, we just…went on a walk together.” (Intimacy +7)

Oz: “That’s what we call a ‘date’ around here.”

Crowlie: “Walks and dates are different!”

Heartmann: “Why were you on a walk together?”

Dorothy: “Well, I was taking Toto for a walk, but then he disappeared on me all of a sudden…”

Dorothy: “…and Oz helped me look for him.”

Heartmann: “Oh…that’s it?”

Oz: “Heh. That wasn’t all.”

Leonardo: “Wait, there’s more?!”

Crowlie: “What could have happened…?!”

Oz: “That’s a secret between us, I’m afraid.”



I shot Oz a glare, but he winked back at me.

Leonardo: “What’s up with that wink?!”

Heartmann: “I hate to admit it, but..i think there’s a wall there we can’t climb.”

Crowlie: “…”

Leonardo: “Ahh! Crowlie’s out like a light!”


Heartmann: “That was too much of a shock! Come on, Crowlie! Come back to us!”

Oz: “Heh heh…green. You’re all green.”

Dorothy: “Hey, don’t tease them so much.”

As I just stared at the commotion, someone put their hand on my shoulder.


Wesley: “You smell pretty nice.”

Wesley whispered into my ear, having appeared behind me at some point.

Wesley: “How about you leave this pack of fools behind and go on a date with me?”

Dorothy: “Wesley?!”

Oz: “Wesley, what do you think you’re doing?”

Oz glared at Wesley, sloshing a cup of water around in his hand.


Oz: “Someone around here disappears when splashed with water, is that right?”

Wesley: “Tch…where’d you pull that from?”

Oz: “A magician never explains his tricks.”

Wesley: “Heh, that’s more like it. Makes stealing her away that much more fun.”

Wesley went back to his seat, and Oz drank the water.

Oz: “So, everyone finished breakfast?”

Crowlie: “Ah! Wh-Where am I…?”

Leonardo: “Oh, Crowlie’s back!”

Heartmann: “Welcome back, Crowlie.”

Norton: “That was quite the eventful breakfast.”

Solomon: “Haha, and very fun!”

Solomon: “Dorothy, go ahead and enjoy Quadlings City.”

Dorothy: “I will. Come on, everyone, let’s go!”

Oz: “Sheesh… So everyone’s coming with us, then.”

Oz strained out a bitter smile.

New Things about the Land of Oz

Oz: “Dorothy, how does it feel to be back in Oz?”

Dorothy: “I just can’t believe it, really.”

Oz: “I never thought I’d end up back here, myself.”

Dorothy: “There’s something that really surprised me.”

Oz: “Oh yeah?”

Dorothy: “Crowlie and the others! They’re so handsome!”

Oz: “Seriously! Not as handsome as me, of course, but I”m surprised at how well those idiots turned out…”

Dorothy: “It really is surprising, isn’t it?”

Oz: “That’s got to be one of Solomon’s jokes.”

Toto: “…?”

Oz: “You don’t know the three stooges, do you, Toto? How about getting Solomon to turn you into a human, too?”

Toto: “Woof!”

Dorothy: “Hey, cut that out. Toto’s cute just the way he is.”

Oz: “You know, there’s something that really surprised me, too.”

Dorothy: “What was that?”

Oz: “The Wizard of the West is back. Never thought Wesley would come back to life like that.”

Dorothy: “Yeah, I was really surprised at that, too.”

Oz: “Back when I was in the Emerald City, Wesley tried to kill me.”

Oz: “So I was suspicious of him from the start, but…”

Dorothy: “It feels kind of like he’s getting along well with everyone…”

Oz: “Yeah. He keeps complaining, but he doesn’t really cause any problems.”

Oz: “He’s a villain. Can’t he act like one? It’s so unsettling… Weird…”

Dorothy: “Yeah, it’s pretty weird.”

Chapter 5: Magic Show on a Date?! (18/18)


After everyone finished getting ready to go out, we met in front of the castle.

Dorothy: “Is everyone together? All right, roll call time. Numbers, everyone. One!”

I started the call and everyone followed.

Oz: “Two.”

Crowlie: “Three!”

Heartmann: “Four!”

Leonardo: “The number after four!’

Wesley: “Wait, what? You don’t even know numbers?!”

Crowlie: “It’s five, Leonardo.”

Leonardo: “I know, I know… Five!”

Wesley: “Tch. Six.”

Toto: “Woof!”

Dorothy: “Six people and one dog. Looks like we’re all together.”

Oz: “Looks like we’ve got quite the group going.”

Crowlie: “The more, the merrier, right?”

Heartmann: “Feels like we’re going to have the perfect tour around Quadlings City.”


Leonardo: “Well, if we’re going to have a tour, can we at least visit some top restaurants?”

Wesley: “You…you just ate breakfast…”

Dorothy: “Haha, oh…let’s be off.”

When we started moving, Norton appeared with guards.

Norton: “Please wait a moment.”

Dorothy: “Huh? Why?”

Oz: “What’s up with those guards?”

Leonardo: “Someone do something?”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Wesley.

Wesley: “What’re you looking at me for? I’m not doing anything?”

Norton: “Are you going to go out without even a single guard?”

(Wait, guards…?)

Norton: “Dorothy is an important guest about to have her seventeenth birthday, and she’s with our land’s three kings.”

Norton: “You need an escort.”

Oz: “Oh, so that’s what this is about…”

Crowlie: “But Quadlings is a safe place, isn’t it? I don’t think we’ll be needing guards.”


Norton: “That is true, but…with an array of such famous people, I can imagine the people causing a commotion.”

Heartmann: “Oh, point. Dorothy’s a hero around here, and we’re known as her companions.”

Leonardo: “The Great Oz is super famous, and the Wizard of the West is, well…”

Wesley: “Heh. Infamous, you wanna say? I bet they’ll be real surprised to see that I’m back with the living.”

(I thought the same back at the banquet, but I didn’t really…FEEL like a hero…)

Norton: “Essentially, yes. And besides.”

Oz: “A problem of status, huh?”

Dorothy: “What do you mean?”

Oz: “If heroes and kings wander around town without guards in tow, they’ll lose face.”

Norton: “Indeed.”

Norton nodded at Oz’s words.

Wesley: “Hmph, pathetic.”

Leonardo: “If we all have guards, we’ll end up with way too many people.”

Oz: “What’ll you do, Dorothy?”

Dorothy: “M-Me?”


Oz: “You make the decision. Everyone’s fine with that, right?”

Everyone nodded at Oz’s suggestion.

Oz: “So, what’ll you do? Take guards?”

Dorothy: “Let’s not take any guards. I don’t think we’ll need any.” (Intimacy +7)

Oz: “Heh…thought you’d say that.”

Norton: “Why?”

Dorothy: “Oz and the others will protect me, right?”

Oz: “Exactly. So you don’t need to worry.”

Leonardo: “We’ll protect Dorothy, you’ll see!”

Wesley: “Don’t forget I’m here, too.”

Norton: “But…”

Dorothy: “And besides, even without guards, everyone has their kingly dignity. At least, that’s what I think.”

Heartmann: “Well, if you feel that way, I’m sure the people think the same.”

Crowlie: “We’re quite confident in how we carry out our kingly duties. We don’t need to make any empty shows of force.”

Dorothy: “So we don’t need to bring any guards.”


Norton: “I see…very well, then.”

Dorothy: “Norton, thanks a lot for thinking about us.”

Norton: “Actually…I think I now know why Lord Solomon put these five in the running as suitors a little bit better.”


Norton: “Well then, please enjoy yourselves. Do be careful.”

Oz: “All right, let’s go.”

With that, we headed out for Quadlings City.

Quadlings City was far more bustling and booming than I had expected.

Dorothy: “Wow, what a wonderful city!”

Crowds of people, a variety of stores, even children running around happily on the street.

Dorothy: “Look, Toto, it’s so different from our town back in Kansas!”

Toto: “Woof!”

Toto barked in reply, looking like he was ready to dash out and join them.

Oz: “This is the busiest square in all the city.”

Dorothy: “Do you know much about Quadlings, Oz?”

Oz: “I’ve been here once before.”


Leonardo: “Heh, anyone who lives in Oz comes here at least once.”

Crowlie: “I’ve visited it quite a bit since becoming king.”

Heartmann: “I’ve been here quite a few times, even before I was king.”

Leonardo: “Well, you know, I came here a bunch of times before I was even born!”

Wesley: “Are you seriously trying to outdo them here? Bloody bumpkin…”

Oz: “Sheesh…”

(Huh? Are the townspeople…looking at us?)

And everyone was looking at us in surprise.

Young Man: “Hey, look at that. Isn’t that Dorothy?”

Older Woman: “It is! Oh my goodness! Everyone, Dorothy has returned!”


Oz: “Looks like they’ve finally noticed.”

The people started to cheer, gathering into a larger and larger crowd.

Male Merchant: “My, Dorothy’s so beautiful!”

Young Woman: “Oh, I want to be just like her!”

Oz: “I hope they don’t go too crazy on us…”

Dorothy: “Oh, you’re just worrying too much.”

He had a point, though, as more and more people showed up.


Crowlie: “You’re a lot more famous than you think you are, Dorothy.”

Heartmann: “Everyone’s really grateful to you for defeating the Wizard of the West.

Wesley: “Hmph…!”

Leonardo: “We’re pretty famous for being your companions, too!”

Leonardo said as he waved at everyone.

Little Boy: “Hey, it’s the King of the Forest! And the King of the Emerald City, too!’

Little Girl: “The King of the Winkies is here, too! He’s so handsome!”

Heartmann: “Hahaha, why thank you!”

Leonardo: “Heartmann sure is popular with the ladies.”

Crowlie: “If I wore armor like that… A-And no, I’m not jealous…”

Oz: “You think it’s about the armor?”

Older Man: “Hey, that’s the Wizard of the West! Didn’t Dorothy take him down?”

Older Woman: “It’s the Wizard of the West! What’s going on?!”

The people started to panic once they noticed Wesley was with us.

Wesley: “I knew this would happen.”

Dorothy: “This is going to be a big commotion…!”

Oz: “Just leave this to me.”

With that, Oz stepped forward and spoke to the crowd.”


Oz: “At east, everyone!”

Young Man: “It’s the Great Oz!”

Older Woman: “The Great Oz is back, too!”

Everyone looked at Oz.

Oz: “We’ve all gathered here to celebrate Dorothy’s seventeenth birthday!”

Oz: “The Wizard of the West’s revival is nothing to fear!”

Oz: “Not when the hero Dorothy and I am present! We won’t allow him to do anything vile!”

Oz: “So be at ease!”

Little Girl: “Really?”

Oz: “Truly.”

Oz smiled gently, and the people began to smile again.

(Wow..he calmed everyone down with words alone!)

Oz: “People of Quadlings, I beg of you — welcome Dorothy warmly, without clamor or commotion.”

Everyone nodded at Oz’s words with a smile.

Heartmann: “Now that’s the Great Oz for you — he calmed down the crowd so easily!”

Crowlie: “I hate to admit it, but…there’s just no beating Oz in that regard.”

Though he was complaining, Crowlie wore a smile.

(Oz really is reliable!)


Oz looked at me and winked.

Oz; “Now we can take our time looking around town, right?”

Dorothy: “Yeah. Thanks, Oz.”

With that, Oz looked over to Wesley.

Oz: “Wesley, don’t feel bad.”

Wesley: “Heh…don’t worry, I know where I stand with these people. Doesn’t get to me.”

Wesley graced us with a rare smile.

Since Oz came off stronger than Wesley, we managed to get away without causing a panic.

However, that hurt Wesley’s pride.

Yet, Wesley still acknowledged that Oz made the correct decision.

(Oz thinking of Wesley’s feelings, Wesley calmly analyzing the situation…they both really are adults, huh?)

Oz: “What’s the matter, little miss?”

Wesley: “What’re you looking at?”

Wesley and Oz looked my way when they noticed my eyes on them.

Dorothy: “Oh, nothing. I was just thinking that you two get along surprisingly well.”

Oz: “What? You’re kidding, right?”

Wesley: “Who’d get along with THIS guy?”

They both turned away from each other.


Leonardo: “Hey, look! That guy’s juggling!”

Leonardo shouted, seeing a man juggling on the corner.

Oz: “A street performer, huh…?”

Leonardo: “That looks really cool. Let’s go check it out!”

When we approached him, the man bowed with a nervous expression.

Street Performer: “W-Welcome, everyone…”

Dorothy: “Oh, you don’t need to mind us. Just go ahead and juggle.”

Street Performer: “U-Uh, all right… Well, everyone, please take a look at this first.”

He threw two balls into the air and caught them each with the opposite hand, then kept this up.

Wesley: “Heh, a boring technique.”

The performer added in a ball to the mix, then another.

Oz: “He’s pretty used to this. His technique isn’t half bad.”

Dorothy: “Really?”

Oz: “I’m a stage magician. I can tell pretty easily if a technique is good or lousy.”

Heartmann: “But still…he doesn’t have too many guests.”

There were only a few people watching. All children.

The adults didn’t even pay the juggler a passing glance as they walked by.

Yet he went on passionately juggling.


Dorothy: “Hey, can’t we do something for him?”

Crowlie: “Like…like what?”

Dorothy: “Like, you could…teach him how to attract an audience, or something.” (Intimacy +7)

Oz: “How to attract an audience?”

Dorothy: “Maybe you can show him how to do his tricks in a flashy way? Like, a little pizzazz, something outside of pure technique.”

Heartmann: “True, his juggling is kind of lacking something.”

Leonardo: “Yeah, he should be more upfront! Brave about it!”

Crowlie: “Maybe he’s shy?”

Wesley: “He ain’t cut out for this.”

Dorothy: “I don’t think so. I mean, he looks like he really wants to entertain his audience!”

Dorothy: “If he didn’t, he wouldn’t try something like juggling.”

Oz: “So you want us to lecture him on how to be a street performer, then?”

Dorothy: “Yeah, basically!”

Leonardo: “Can we actually pull that off?”

Crowlie: “Well, we do have one person who can…”

Everyone looked at Oz.

Oz: “Heh…yeah, I’m the only one here, aren’t I?”

Dorothy: “Oz, please!”

Oz: “Sure, why not. I’ll teach him how to be a street performer.”


Oz went up to the performer and called out to him.

Oz: “Hey, got a minute?”

Street Performer: “O-Oh, yeah…”

The performer stopped his juggling and answered with a nervous face.

Oz: “No need to be afraid of your audience. No matter how many people there are, they’re all only human — just like you.”

Oz: “The other thing you need to do is guide their feelings.”

Street Performer: “Guide their feelings?”

Oz: “With words and a bit of acting.”

Street Performer: “But, I can’t just…”

He looked completely lacking in confidence.

Oz: “…”

Oz: “Let me show you an example.”

With that, Oz turned to us.

Oz: “Will you all help me?”


Dorothy: “Huh? Us?”

Crowlie: “What will we do?”

Dorothy: “All right, let’s all help out!” (Intimacy +7)

Oz: “That would be a big help.”

Crowlie: “Are you putting on a magic show, Oz?”

Leonardo: “That sounds interesting! I’ll help out, too!”

Heartmann: “Can’t let Dorothy help all by herself, after all.”

Crowlie: “Sure, I’ll help. I’m not doing this for you though, Oz. This is strictly for Dorothy and the juggler.”

Oz: “Sure, I don’t mind.”

Wesley: “I don’t want any part of this. You guys go on ahead, I’ll be watching from here.”

Oz: “An audience member, huh? Fine by me.”

Oz: “Dorothy, you’re our sole lady, so I think I’ll have you be my assistance.”

Dorothy: :”Assistant?”

Oz: “You should probably change into an appropriate costume, too. That’d give you more of a magical sense.”

Oz pulled out a trunk.

Dorothy: “Where’d you pull that trunk from?”

Oz: “Industry secret. And besides, the magic show’s already begun.”

Oz opened the trunk and a large cloth launched out, quickly forming into a square tent.

Leonardo: “Whoa, that was awesome!”

Dorothy: “What’s this?”

Oz: “A simple changing room. Go ahead and change into your assistant’s garb in there.”

Oz said with a wink.

(This is for the performer too, huh? Well, I’ll do what Oz says for now.)

I got into the changing room and picked a costume.


Love Choice

Premium: Fancy Magician Style 400 Coins

Normal: Magician Style 100 Coins or 2,500 Spinels

Now in my costume, I got out of the changing room.

Oz: “My, that looks good on you!”

Dorothy: “R-Really…?”

(It’s a little embarrassing, though…)

Crowlie: “You look great, Dorothy!”

Heartmann: “You look really cool, like a real magician’s assistant!”

Leonardo: “Can’t we just go with Dorothy as the star of the show?”

Dorothy: “But I can’t do any magic tricks.”

By this point, a crowd had gathered around us.

Oz: “All right, Dorothy. Please tie up the three kings with this rope.”

Crowlie: “What?!”

Heartmann: “You’re going to tie us up?”

Oz: “It’s for the magic trick. Just go with it.”

(Haha…this sounds kind of fun!)

I took the rope from Oz and tied Crowlie and the others up with it.

That’s when I noticed there were even more people gathered around us now.

(More people are coming!)

Oz: “Next, blindfold them with these.”

This time, he handed me three blindfolds, which I put on all of them.

Heartmann: “I can’t move. I can’t see…”

Crowlie: “I’ve got a baaaad feeling about this…”

Leonard: “Oh, I’m so excited!”

Oz: “Now, move the three stooges…er, kings, into the changing room.”

Just as directed, I pushed the three into the changing room.

Oz: “All right, now things get serious. I’m going to stab this sword through the changing room. Now, this won’t be easy.”

Oz waved a sharp sword that he pulled out of nowhere.

(Wait, where’d that sword come from?!)

Heartmann: “A sword?! Hey, I didn’t hear anything about a sword!”

Crowlie: “I’m not wearing armor!”

Leonardo: “I’m so excited, I’m so ex-…what?”

Dorothy: “Hey, Oz…really?”

Oz: “That’s the problem. This is the first time I”m performing this trick in public, so I’m not sure if it’s going to work.”

(Wait, WHAT?!)

My eyes went wide in shock, and the crowd let out a surprised cry.

Oz: “And it just so happens that I’ve got three swords, too! You won’t believe how nervous I am!”

Oz waved the sword and it instantly became three.

Oz: “Now, my wonderful audience! Pray for the safety of our three kings!”

Oz readied the first sword and the crowd gasped.

In the next moment, he stabbed the sword through the changing room.

Oz: “And the second!”

He stabbed in the second one.

Oz: “Hm? Feels like I hit something…”


Oz: “Well, no matter. Here’s the third one!”

Then he stabbed in the third sword.

(Are they…are they all right…?)

Everyone stood still, nervous.

Oz: “Whoops!”

Dorothy: “Excuse me?!”

I scrambled to open the tent’s curtain.


Everyone stared in shock.

There was no one in the tent.

(What happened/ Where’d they go?)

Oz: “Heh…”

Then, Oz quickly closed the tent and pulled out the swords with practiced movements.

Oz: “Now, my dear audience, bear witness!”

Oz opened the curtain again, and there were the three, blindfolded and bound in rope.

The crowd went wild with surprised cries and applause.


I pulled the three out of the changing room, took off their blindfolds and undid their ropes.

Crowlie: “What happened?”

Heartmann: “I was blindfolded, so I have no idea what was going on.”

Leonardo: “Now that was super exciting! Was at the edge of my seat and I wasn’t even sitting down!”

Dorothy: “I don’t have a clue what happened, either!”

[Spoiler Warning!] Chapter 5 CG

Oz: “Since Dorothy did such a good job as my assistant, it all went well.”

Dorothy: “Really?”

Oz: “Yeah, really. How about becoming my official assistant?”

Dorothy: “Haha…I’ll give it some thought.”


Street Performer: “Er…wow, everyone, what a great show!”

The performer said after watching the show.

Street Performer: “I feel like I found out what I’ve been lacking.”

Oz: “Learn a bit form that?”

Street Performer: “I did! I now know that I need to play the audience with words and a little bit of acting.”

Egg the audiance on, make them laugh, make them doubt, make them nervous, keep their attention.

For that, you need to talk them up, and you need to be able to act.

Oz: “Listen, don’t forget to make the audience smile. That’s way more important than getting paid.”

Street Performer: “Understood. I won’t forget those words all my life.”

Oz: “In that case, I’ve got nothing left to teach you.”

Street Performer: “It’s been an incredible honor to be taught by Dorothy, the Great Oz, and the three kings!”

Oz: “Boast about it whenever and wherever you can.”

Street Performer: “I will!”

Dorothy: “Wait, Oz, it is really something to b-”

Oz: “If he boasts, it’ll make him more confident. And that’s exactly what he needs.”


Leonardo: “You just need some confidence!”

Heartmann: “We’d be really happy if you became popular.”

Crowlie: “I’d love for you to juggle for the people of the Emerald City next time.”

Street Performer: “Yes, my lord! I’ll practice even harder for that day! Thank you so much, everyone!”

Then, we left the area with a smile.

Leonardo: “But, y’know, I never expected the Great Oz to actually show him how it’s done.”

Oz: “I feel like a bit of a busybody, but this guy wants to be a performer as much as I do. Felt like helping him out.”

Heartmann: “You’ve got a surprisingly good side to you.”

Oz: “Y’didn’t need to say ‘surprisingly’.”

Crowlie: “Even though that side is irritating.

Oz: “Wait, what?”

Dorothy: “Thanks, Oz. That was a wonderful magic show.”

Oz: “Haha! That’s what I can do when I’m serious.”

Wesley: “Serious, huh?”

Wesley came over to us. He’d been watching the show.


Dorothy: “Hey, Wesley, what did you think of the magic show?”

Wesley: “Heh…paltry magic tricks. Nothing compared to real magic.”

With that, Wesley snapped his fingers and conjured up a strong wind.

Oz: “?!”

Dorothy: “Ahh!”

I held back my blowing hair.

Leonardo: “Whoa, what’s up with this wind?!”

Heartmann: “Is this the wizard’s magic?!”

The townspeople all started to panic at the sudden gale.

Crowlie: “Stop this, wizard!”

Wesley: “Hmph…!”

With another snap of Wesley’s fingers, the winds stopped.

Leonardo: “He did that so easily… Man, magic’s amazing!”

Dorothy: “It really is…!”

Oz: “…!”


Wesley: “Heh. See this? this is real magic. Not a joke like your tricks.”

Wesley scoffed.

Oz: “…Hey.”

Hearing a low growl of a voice all of a sudden, the four of us turned around.

Crowlie: “?”

Dorothy: “Oz?”

Oz: “Don’t…don’t mock magic tricks!”

Oz roared.


Oz: “I won’t forgive you if you say anything more about tricks!”

Oz shot Wesley a venomous glare.

Oz’s Favorite Activity

Oz: “Crowlie, got any coins?”

Crowlie: “Of course. Do you need to go shopping?”

Oz: “Could you lend me one? So, I’ve got it in my right hand, and I’m going to close my palm…then open it again.”

Leonardo: “Whoa, it disappeared!”

Heartmann: “A magic trick! Where’s the coin?”

Oz: “And in my left hand…”

Dorothy: “It’s the coin! Wow!”

Oz: “Hahaha! It wasn’t much of a trick, really.”

Dorothy: “So you’re really good at magic tricks, huh Oz?”

Oz: “Well, yeah. I’m a stage magician. This isn’t hobby level — this is my job.”

Dorothy: “Oh, true…so, do you have any special talents, then? Outside of magic tricks?”

Oz: “Hmm…special talents, huh…”

Crowlie: “Oh, come to think of it…”

Leonardo: “Know something?”

Crowlie: “I’m not sure if you could call it a special talent or anything, but there’s all sorts of strange things Oz has made all over the Emerald Castle.”

Oz; “Strange things? Those are my creations!”

Crowlie: “Creations? Those? All they do is get in the way. And they’re weird.”

Oz: “They’re not weird. They’re great inventions!”

Dorothy: “I think I saw those weird things when we were on our journey.”

Oz: “Stop calling them weird things!”

Dorothy: “Haha…so, Oz’s special talent is weird inventions, then.”

Oz: “You know what, just say whatever you want.”

Crowlie: “But more importantly, can you give me back the coin you pocketed?”

Chapter 6: The World with Magic (15/15)


Oz: I’m not going to let you make fun of magic tricks any further!”

Oz glared at Wesley, his face completely serious.

Dorothy: “Oz, why are you…?”

(Why are you so mad?)

Crowlie, Leonardo and Heartmann exchanged puzzled looks.

Leonardo: “This is getting kinda….heavy, don’t you think?”

Heartmann: “Yeah. I’ve never seen Oz get this mad before.”

Crowlie: “Neither have I…but, why?”

As the three whispered among themselves, Oz kept his glare trained on Wesley.

Wesley: “What’re you getting all mad for. I just told the truth, was all.”

Oz: “Mind saying that again?”

Oz growled back.

Wesley: “Hah! You saw my spell, didn’t you? There was no trick, nothing up my sleeve. That was REAL magic.”

Wesley: “And compared to that, your little magic tricks are just child’s play.”

Dorothy: “Wesley, that’s saying too much.”

Wesley: “Hmph…!”


Oz: “Why, you…”

Dorothy: “That’s enough, you two. You shouldn’t fight.”

Yet, Oz showed no signs of calming his rage down.

Oz: “Magic without tricks, without manipulations… Those aren’t real magic tricks!”

Wesley: “Obviously. You don’t even need to say that.”

Oz: “Tricks are different from your wizardly magic. Unlike your snap of the finger powers, tricks come from effort and skill.”

Wesley: “Excuse me?!”

This time, Wesley showed his rage.

Wesley: “You don’t even know the first thing about magic…!”

Oz: “Yeah, because I couldn’t care less about it.”

Wesley: “Oh? That’s an excuse because you can’t use it?”

Oz: “Who’d care about magic you can just use on the fly, to grant any wish you’ve got?”

Wesley: “On the fly? Grant any wish you’ve got?”

Oz: “Magic is too simple. Too easy!”

Wesley: “You’re nothing but a mere illusionist, unfit to speak of true magic!”

Dorothy: “That’s enough, you two!”


I stepped in between them, and Wesley let out a grin.

Wesley: “Dorothy, which wows you more? Real magic, or magic tricks?”

Dorothy: “What? I…well…”

The sudden question put me on the spot.

Oz: “That question isn’t even worth answering.”

Wesley: “I’d say it is. Dorothy isn’t an illusionist or a wizard, so I’d say she’s got a valuable viewpoint to bring to the table.”

Wesley: “Heh…or are you afraid of what she’ll say?”

Oz: “What was that?”

Wesley: “Yeah, I bet. Since anyone would thing real magic’s way better.”

Dorothy: “…”

Leonardo: “Hey, wizard! Don’t put Dorothy on the spot like that!”

Leonardo and the others tried to butt into the conversation.

Wesley: “Get outta here, stooges!”

Wesley shot them a piercing glare.


Then he looked to me and put on a confident grin.

Wesley: “So, which is it? C’mon, be honest.”

Dorothy: “I think they’re both pretty impressive.” (Intimacy +7)

Oz: “…?”

Wesley: “Both?!”

Dorothy: “Well, they’re both really cool and hard to do in their own ways, right?”

Wesley: “Huh?”

Dorothy: “I mean, I can’t do magic tricks, and I can’t use magic, so from where I’m standing, they’re both really impressive.”

Leonardo: “I’m with Dorothy. I think they’re both pretty awesome.”

Crowlie: “Magic tricks make everyone happy, and magic, when used correctly, can be quite beneficial to the people.”

Heartmann: “I can’t use either, so they both seem pretty impressive to me.”

Dorothy: “Magic tricks are great, and so is magic. Isn’t that good enough?”

Crowlie and the others nodded with a smile, too.


Wesley: “Tch. Lumping in tricks with magic. Magic ain’t for show!”

Oz: “What’s wrong with entertaining people?”

Oz and Wesley glared at each other.

Dorothy: “Come on, you guys, act your age!”

Dorothy: “Look around you. Everyone’s worried about you fighting!”

The crowds watching us from afar all had worried looks on their faces.

Wesley: “Tch. Hanging around with a magician makes me look like i”m part of the freak show.”

Wesley spat out those words and started walking off.

Dorothy: “Wesley, where are you going?”

Wesley: “I’m tired of hanging around with this loser! i’m going back to the castle!”

With that, Wesley vanished from sight.

Leonardo: “He disappeared…?! Was that magic, just now?!”

Dorothy: “Oh no, I can’t believe it came to this…”

Crowlie: “Well, they’re both rather proud.”


Heartmann: “Dorothy, it’s nothing to worry about.”

Leonardo: “Yeah, don’t sweat it.”

Dorothy: “All right…”

But, still, Oz kept on an expression that spoke volumes about how sour his mood was.

Oz: “This is why I hate this world and its magic…”

Oz spat out.

(Huh? Wait, Oz…doesn’t like this world?)

Oz: “I don’t feel like staying out here anymore. I’m going back to the castle.”

Dorothy: “W-Wait, Oz…”

I scrambled after him as he started heading towards the castle.

Leonardo: “He looks pretty mad.”

Leonardo and the others came up and walked with me.

Heartmann: “I think he’ll go back to being his usual self if he cools his head a bit.”

Crowlie: “I would hope so, but…he looks like that really set him off, so I’m not so sure…”


Dorothy: “Why does Oz hate magic that much, I wonder.”

(One of them probably knows why. Who should I ask?)

(I know. Oz left the Emerald City to Crowlie, so he probably knows something.) (Intimacy +7)

I whispered Crowlie a question.

Dorothy: “Hey Crowlie, do you know why Oz hates magic so much?”

Crowlie: “Who knows? But, well…his illusions kind of act like magic, right?”

Crowlie: “But if wizard who can actually use magic are around and able to threaten his niche..well, perhaps he’s worried.”

(I see…that does make sense.)

Crowlie: “On top of that, it was a wizard that tried to kill him when he became the King of the Emerald City.”

That I knew.

Crowlie: “He probably doesn’t have too much of a high opinion of wizards in general.”

Heartmann: “I’ve got that feeling, too.”

Leonardo: “But who knows how he really feels?”


Oz: “What’re you all whispering about?”

Oz turned around with a perturbed look on his face.

Dorothy: “N-Nothing…”

Crowlie: “You don’t need to take out your bad mood on Dorothy.”

Heartmann: “Yeah, Dorothy didn’t do anything wrong.”

Oz: “Hmph. I’m not taking anything out on her.”

Leonardo: “Dorothy, don’t worry about him.”

Dorothy: “All right…”

(I hope Oz gets in a better mood soon…)

Even back in the castle, Oz’s mood was just as sour as it had been.

Oz: “That blasted Wesley… Can’t stand having him in the same castle as me.”

Dorothy: “Really? Well, we’re all staying here, there’s really no helping it…”

Crowlie: “Please don’t say you’ll leave the castle.”

Oz: “…Not a bad idea, that.”

Dorothy: “Come on, Oz, you don’t mean that.”


Heartmann: “Kind of surprising to see the Great Oz is the type to hold a grudge…”

Leonardo: “You might not think it, but I’m the type to whip out an umbrella when it rains.”

(Wait, what?! That came out of nowhere!)

Heartmann: “I think everyone does that.”

Leonardo: “The animals back in the forest don’t use umbrellas no matter how hard it rains.”

With that, Leonardo looked at me with a goofy grin.

(Oh! Leonardo’s trying to lighten the mood with a joke!)

Crowlie: “I’ve got a hod on my cloak, so I don’t need an umbrella.”

Heartmann: “The Wizard of the West definitely uses an umbrella. No doubt.”

Crowlie and Heartmann took advantage of the situation to joke around a little too.

Dorothy: “Haha… Well, he’d meld if he didn’t, right?”

Oz: “I’ve had it…!”

Oz snarled, his foul mood tangible.

Oz: “I’m sick of listening to your terrible jokes.”

Leonardo: “Oh, uh…blew it, huh…”

The three let out sighs.


Charisma Contest

Required Charisma: 4,600

Then, Solomon appeared.

Solomon: “Ah, everyone’s back. Have fun in town?”

Dorothy: “W-well…”

The others and I exchanged awkward looks.

Solomon: “Did something happen, perhaps?”

The observant Solomon looked us all over.

Crowlie: “Not exactly…”

Heartmann: “Ahahaha… Y-Yeah, town sure was fun, right?”

Leonardo: “Yeah! Super duper fun!”

Toto: *Whine*

Oz: “Hmph…”

Solomon: “Wesley doesn’t seem to be with you, though.”

Dorothy: “Oh, he left before us.”

Solomon: “Is that so?”

Solomon trained his eyes on me.

(Feels like he’s peering into my mind…)


Solomon: “Well, it seems that something happened after all.”

Dorothy: “H-how, did you…?”

Solomon: “Would you like to tell me about it?”

(I’ve got to tell him something…what should I say?)

Dorothy: “Er, uh… Oh! Oz ended up putting on a magic show, and I helped out!” (Intimacy +i)

(That’s not a lie, so Solomon shouldn’t suspect anything.)

Heartmann: “Y-Yeah! Everyone really liked it. Isn’t that right, Great Oz?”

Oz: “Pretty much…”

Leonardo: “It had me on the edge of my seat!”

Solomon: “But it looks like that wasn’t all, as it?”


Crowlie: “…We really can’t keep it from you, can we.”

Leonardo: “Crowlie, what are you saying?!”

Crowlie: “Allow me to explain.”

Solomon: “I would very much like that.”

Crowlie: “Oz performed a magic trick, but Wesley said something that could be construed as mocking him.”

Oz: “Construed/ He really did mock me!”


Solomon: “What did he say?’

Crowlie: “He said that magic tricks were nothing compared to real magic.”

Solomon: “And that got the Great Oz angry, did it not?”

Crowlie: “It did. The two fell into a fierce argument, and Wesley left us behind for the castle.”

Oz: “His fault for putting illusions in the same category as that simple magic of his.”

Solomon: “Simple, you say?”

Solomon looked a touch sad at Oz’s words.

Solomon: “I see. Very well, understood. Thank you for telling me.”

Dorothy: “Hey, Oz, can’t you forgive Wesley?”

Oz: “Me? Forgive him? Not until he apologizes!”

Oz said, vexed.

Solomon: “…”

Solomon: “There’s something I’d like Oz and Dorothy to hear.”

Dorothy: “Us?”

Oz: “…?”


Solomon: “Would you come with me?’

Solomon looked terrible serious, so Oz and I nodded.

Leonardo: “What about us?”

Solomon: “I’m sorry, but could you stay behind?”

Heartmann: “All right…”

The three exchanged worried looks.

Dorothy: “Can you look after Toto for me? I’m sure he’s parched…”

Leonardo: “Of course. C’mon, Toto.”

Toto: “Woof!”

Solomon: “Well, let us be off.”

Oz and I followed after Solomon.

Solomon had led us out to a greenhouse in Quadlings castle.

Solomon: “This is my favorite place in the castle, you see. I’ve got all sorts of rare flowers and trees from all over Oz in here.”

Dorothy: “Oh, wow!”

Beautiful flowers I’d never seen before and strangely shaped trees surrounded me, giving off the impression that I was in the jungle.

Oz: “So, what did you want to tell us?”


Oz asked, his mood still sour.

Solomon: “About wizards. Do you think they can use magic from the day they’re born?”

Dorothy: “Wait, they can’t? And here I thought they were always able to use magic…”

Solomon: “All wizards have to pay a certain price before they can use their magic.”

Dorothy: “Wow, I hadn’t known. Did you know, Oz?”

Oz: “First I”m hearing it.”

Solomon: “That’s no surprise, seeing as it’s a wizard’s secret.”

Dorothy: “So, what’s the price?”

Solomon: “It differs from wizard to wizard. Dorothy, you remember melting Wesley before, don’t you?”

Dorothy: “Yeah…I threw water on him, and that was that.”

Solomon: “That was the price Wesley paid.”

(Huh? What does he mean?0

Solomon: “If water pours over him, he disappears. That is the price he paid.”

Dorothy: “Really?!”

Oz: “In other words, he took on that handicap so he could use magic?”

Solomon: “Exactly.l The price one pays becomes a massive weakness.”


Dorothy: “So that’s why it’s a secret, huh?’

Solomon: “Exactly. The magic we wizards use is no laughing matter.”

Solomon: “I simply wanted to let you two know that.”

Oz: “…”

Suddenly, I felt worried for Solomon.

Dorothy: “Say…what price did you pay, Solomon? I don’t want to do anything to hurt you by accident…”

Solomon: “I’m afraid I didn’t pay much.”

Solomon replied with a saddened smile.

(So he says, but…it’s got to be something hard on him. I can tell by that look on his face.)

Oz: “…A wizard’s price, huh?”

Oz: “Is that why you called Dorothy back for your prophecy?”

(…Prophecy? What is he talking about?)

Solomon: “Great Oz, what are you saying…?”

Oz: “This is all just so you can use Dorothy, isn’t it?”

Solomon: “…!”

Oz: “It is, isn’t it?!”

Dorothy: “Wait, wait… Oz, what are you talking about?”

Oz: “…All right, I’ll tell you all about it.”

With that, Oz pulled something out of his pocket.

Oz: “It’s all written in this letter here.”

Oz shoved the letter in front of Solomon.

(A letter…? What’s it say?)

What Oz Thinks of Her

Wesley: “Hey, Oz, there’s something I want to ask.”

Oz: “What is it?”

Wesley: “What do you think of Dorothy?”

Oz: “Well, that came out of nowhere.”

Wesley: “I asked those three morons, but they just dolled her up in their minds and it didn’t tell me anything.”

Oz: “Wait, what?”

Wesley: “All they told me was how they felt about her. All one sided, subjective stuff. It was no help at all.”

Oz: “Ah, so that’s why you came to me for an objective answer.”

Wesley: “I don’t know if you’ll give me an objective answer, but just tell me.”

Oz: “Fine, I’ll let you in on what I think.”

Oz: “Well, her personality…she’s pretty cheerful. Determined. Real honest, too.”

Wesley: “Oh, yeah? What else?”

Oz: “You’ll know this from how she went on her journey, but she’s able to deal with most things without fear.”

Wesley: “She melded me, too…”

Oz; “When it comes to relationships…well, she’s barely 17. She doesn’t know too much.”

Wesley: “Oh yeah…?”

Oz: “She might not have fallen in love before, so she’s got a pretty fancy image of it. And that’s pretty much her.”

Wesley: “That’s it! That’s what I wanted to hear!”

Oz: “Glad to hear it. But what do you think about her?”

Wesley: “Me? Well…huh.”

Oz: “What’s up with that grin? C’mon, talk.”

Wesley: “I’ll tell you if I have the chance.”

Oz: “Excuse me?’

Wesley: “Heh…”

Chapter 7: Up and Away (15/15)


Oz: “…All right, I’ll tell you all about it. It’s all written here on this letter!”

Oz shoved the ltter in front of Solomon.

Dorothy: “What’s this letter?”

Oz: “A letter from Solomon. An invitation, you could say.”

(Come to think of it, Oz did say he came back when he got a letter from Solomon…)

Dorothy: “So what does it say?”

Oz: “It says that he’s going to celebrate your 17th birthday here in Oz…”

Oz: “…and it talks about some ancient prophecy, too.”

Dorothy: “An ancient prophecy? Didn’t that get mentioned when I was picking a partner, too…?”

Oz turned to Solomon with a hostile tone.

Oz: “And if what this says about the prophecy is true, well, that’s a pretty sweet sounding deal, isn’t it?”

Solomon: “…”

Dorothy: “Whats the prophecy?”

Oz: “That the person chosen as Dorothy’s partner when she turns 17 will gain an immense power.”

(What?! The person I pick will…gain power…?!)

Oz: “That’s what the letter says. Doesn’t it, Solomon?”

Solomon: “…”

Dorothy: “Solomon, is that true?”

Solomon: “That is what the letter says.”

Solomon answered, expressionless.


Dorothy: “What did you mean by immense power?”

Solomon: “…”

Solomon feel silent again.

Dorothy: “Do you know anything about it, Oz?”

Oz: “Beats me. I don’t know the details either.”

Oz: “But this prophecy’s been around for a while. It’s got to be quite the immense power.”

Even so I couldn’t begin to imagine what it would be like.

Oz: “And you believed it. You believed it and called Dorothy back to Oz.”

Oz: “I bet you really want that power, don’t you?”

Solomon: “…”

(A power he really wants… Just what could it be?)

Oz: “What are you plotting, Solomon?!”

Oz put some more punch behind his speech, but Solmon appeared unmoved.

Solomon: “…”

Oz: “Falling quiet, huh. Then let me tell you what you’re plotting.”

Oz: “Youw izards are trying to use that power to do something about the prices you paid for your magic, aren’t you?”


Solomon: “…?!”

Oz: “Can’t say anything back, can you?”

Dorothy: “Wait, wait! Wheren’t we just going to celebrate my birthday with everyone?”


(If what Oz is saying is true, then…then the reason I got called back here is…)

Oz: “They don’t want to celebrate your birthday. Not one bit.”

Dorothy: “I…I trusted them…!”

Feeling completely betrayed, my vision began to blur.

Dorothy: “That’s just…that’s awful…I was so grateful…!”

I started to tremble from sheer sadness and rage.

Dorothy: “Was everyone lying to me…?”

Solomon: “…”

Oz: “They were.”

Dorothy: “But I trusted everyone…!”

I glared at Solomon.

Solomon: “Dorothy…”

Solomon said, sadness coloring his features.

Solomon: “I really do wish to celebrate your birhtday. I just want you to believe that.”

I couldn’t accept that too easily.

No, instead, I felt more and more suspicious towards Solomon.

(And not just Solomon… Even Nortn, even Wesley…they were all lying to me…!)

Oz: “This farce is over!”

Oz bellowed as he tore up the letter.


(I don’t know who I can trust anymore…)

Dorothy: “…I need to go back to my room.”

Oz: “You all right?”

Oz peered at my face with worried eyes.

Solomon: “Very well… You need your rest.”

Oz: “I’ll walk you to your room.”

Oz gently supported me by bringing an arm around my shoulder.

Dorothy: “Thank you.”

With that, Oz and I left the greenhouse.

Oz: “You look a little pale. You sure you’re okay?”

Oz asked after walking me to my room, looking worried.

Dorothy: “I’ve calmed down a little, so I’m all right…”

I made a show of smiling, but I was still reeling from the shock.

Oz: “That’s understandable, Dorothy. You really did love this land, after all.”

I did. Oz was like a perfect dreamland to me.

However, now I felt a strong distrust for the world around me.

Dorothy: “This is what you were talking about, isn’t it?”

Oz had told me not to trust the people of this world too much.

Oz: “Yeah. I figured something was off ever since I read that letter.”

Dorothy: “Then what brought you back to Oz?”

Oz: “Because I was curious about the great power in the prophecy.”

Dorothy: “You too, Oz…?”


Oz: “Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m not here to take advantage of you, Dorothy.”

I stared right into his eyes, trying to see how serious he was.

Oz: “I just wanted to know what this great power is.”

Oz looked right back into my eyes.

Dorothy: “Really?”

Oz: “I don’t know what kind of power it is, but it’d just go to waste in our world.”

Dorothy: “It would go to waste?”

Oz: “Think about it. Any technology or power will bring disaster if you go too far with it.”

Dorothy: “Disaster…”

Oz: “If you lose control of it, your invention could cause some kind of huge accident. If you use your advanced technology in war, a lot of people are going to die.”

(That does certainly make sense.)

Oz went on, his eyes distant.

Oz: “I don’t know if this great power is magic or whatever, but…we don’t need that kind of stuff in our world.”

Oz: “And besides…”

Oz whispered, lowering his eyes to the floor.

(Is there some other reason…?)

Oz: “There’s…something I regret. I…”

A knock at the door interrupted Oz’s words.


Dorothy: “Who’s there?”

Leonardo: “Dorothy, are you back?”

Leonardo’s voice came from the other side of the door.

Dorothy: “Hang on a little, I’m coming.”

I opened the door to see Leonardo and the others standing in the hall, all worried.

Toto was at their feet.

Toto: “Woof!”

Dorothy: “Oh, you brought Toto with you? Thanks.”

I just remembered that I’d left Toto with them.

Crowlie: “What did Lord Solomon speak with you about?”

Dorothy: “Well…”

(Can I really tell them…?)

I didn’t think Crowlie and the others were taking advantage of me, but they were denizens of Oz, too.

I didn’t want to suspect them, but I couldn’t help putting up my guard.

(They probably don’t know anything, and if i told them, they might be just as shocked as I am…)

Oz: “It’s not a big deal. Doesn’t involve you three.”

Heartmann: “That just makes me all the more curious…”

Crowlie: “Is it something you can’t tell us?”

Oz: “That’s not it. It was just about how things are different in this world than in ours.”

Leonardo: “Wait, what do you mean?”

Oz: “That things that are common knowledge in our world just don’t apply here.”

Oz: “…That’s why I ended up butting heads with Wesley.”


Crowlie: “So a lecture, essentially.”

Oz: “Pretty much.”

Leonardo: “Then there’s nothing to worry about.”

Dorothy: “Yeah, don’t worry about it.”

Heartmann: “We’ll be heading back to our rooms, but…how long do you plan on staying here, Great Oz?”

Crowlie: “You don’t plan on…STAYING here, do you?”

Oz: “Perish the thought. Once we finishing going over what Solomon told us, I’m heading back to my room.”

Dorothy: “So don’t worry about it. Good night, everyone.”

Heartmann: “All right, good night.”

Leonardo: “See you tomorrow!”

Crowlie: “Good night.”

When the three left, I closed the door and let out a sigh of relief.

Dorothy: “Phew…I was worried how that would turn out. Thanks for talking us out of that, Oz.”

Oz: “It was a good idea not to tell them.”

Dorothy: “I can trust them.”

Oz: “It’s best to be cautious. But more importantly…can you trust me.”

Dorothy: “Of course I trust you.”

Right now, I could trust Oz the most.

Oz: “In that case, I have a suggestion.”

Dorothy: “You do?”

Oz: “Yeah. A really important suggestion.”

Oz put on a serious expression.

(What could that be…?)


Oz: “How about coming back to Kansas with me before your birthday?”


I couldn’t believe my ears.

(Back to Kansas? Before my birthday?)

Dorothy: “What do you mean?!”

Oz; “You don’t need to stick around here and play their prophecy power games.

Oz: “Come back to our world. With me.”

Dorothy: “Are you serious?”

Oz: “Of course I am. I wouldn’t joke about this.”

Dorothy: “But that’s…that’s really sudden.”

(I really want them to celebrate my birthday with me, but…)

(…if they’re just using me to gain some sort of power, maybe I don’t need to celebrate my Big Day here.)

(I mean, I really can’t imagine enjoying a birthday party with a background like this…)

Oz: “What’s there to hesitate about? Come back to Kansas with me.”

(Oh, those eyes!)

I looked at Oz’s eyes and gasped.

(They’re the same eyes as when I picked him!)

The strong will in his eyes all but sucked me in.

Oz: “Something wrong?”

(Those strong eyes…that strong will… I’ll give him a chance!)

Dorothy: “All right, I’ll go back with you.” (Intimacy +7)

Oz: “Good, glad to hear it.”

He smiled gently at me.

Oz: “Since I really didn’t want to leave you behind.”

Dorothy: “Why not?”

Oz: “Solomon and the others’d probably lock you away somewhere.”

Dorothy: “Would Solomon really do that?”

Oz: “These are the people who lied to you and tried to use you. He’d probably do it when pushed. With a straight face, too.”

(Really…? Though, it really does seem like they’ve been lying to me…)

(Well, since I’ve made my decision, I’m going to stick to it!)


Dorothy: “So, how are we going to get back?”

We needed to cross over the Rainbow Bridge to get back to Kansas.

Dorothy: “We can’t get back home unless the Rainbow Bridge appears, right?”

Oz: “We won’t need it. I got here on my hot air balloon.”

Dorothy: “Ohhh! You did say that you had your balloon in the storeroom in this castle, right?”

Oz: “Yeah. As long as we get to the storeroom, we’re in the clear.”

Dorothy: “Phew. That means we’ll be home safe!’

Oz: “Now, the question is when we do this. When’s good for you, Dorothy?”

Dorothy: “Right now! I’ll probably be a lot easier to escape during the night.” (Intimacy +7)

Oz: “Heh…was thinking the same thing. Good head you’ve got on your shoulders.”

Dorothy: “I haven’t really brought anything with me, so there’s nothing to pack up. I can go right now.”

Toto: “Woof!”

Dorothy: “Toto’s coming along with us, of course.”

Oz: “Then let’s not waste any time. Let’s get ready immediately.”

Dorothy: “Oh, wait, hold on…I need to say goodbye to Crowlie and the others.”

I would feel awful if I just left for Kansas without telling them anything.

Oz: “I know how you feel, but you probably don’t want to do that.”

Dorothy: “Why not? They’re my dear friends.”

Oz: “You know them. They’ll go crazy if they hear you’re going home.”

Oz: “And if Solomon picks up that something’s going on from that, the plan’s a wash.”

Dorothy: “I can’t even tell them goodbye…?”

Oz: “Just leave a letter behind. They’ll understand.”

Dorothy: “You’re right…”


Charisma Contest

Required Charisma: 7,500

I hurriedly wrote up a letter for them and left it on my table.

It was a simple letter, saying that I was going back with Oz to Kansas while thanking and apologizing to them.

(Sorry, everyone…)

Oz: “All right, let’s go.”

Dorothy: “All right. Come along, Toto.”

Toto: “Woof!”

Oz: “Shh, quiet down. They’ll find us.”

We slipped out of the room and headed for the storehouse with the hot air balloon.”

There weren’t many people about the castle at night.

Oz: “Make sure no one sees you.”

We hurried along the corridor, very cautious about our surroundings.

(Pretty nervous out here…)

Oz: “Wait!”

Oz whispered, holding out his hand.

I could hear someone’s footsteps coming closer form the corridor in front.

(Someone’s here!)

My knees started to quiver with fear.

Oz: “Over here…”

Oz clutched my hand and pulled me behind a large pillar.


Dorothy: “Toto, over here.”

I whispered to Toto, leading him to hide behind the pillar with us.

There wasn’t much space back there, so Oz and I were all but on top of each other.

Dorothy: “What if we’re caught?”

Oz gently put his index finger to my lips.


It felt almost like i was kissing his finger.

Oz: “Shh…don’t say anything.”

I peeked at the corridor over his shoulders to see a servant hurrying this way.

Servant: “Who in the world did this? The cookies in the dining room simply disappeared…”

The servant passed by our pillar, muttering all the way.

(Phew, we’re safe…)

When the footsteps disappeared into the distance, Oz kept his hand on mind and popped out of the pillar.

Oz: “Looks like we’re in the clear.”

I looked at Toto at my feet.

Dorothy: “Toot, it wasn’t you behind the disappearing cookies, was it?”

Toto: “Huff.”

Toto vigorously shook his head.

Oz: “If it wasn’t Toto, it’s got to be that lion…”

(Oh, that Leonardo…well, thanks to that, we weren’t caught…)

I muttered in my mind.


Oz: All right, let’s go.

Oz pulled my hand along as we walked.

Dorothy: “How long are you going to hold my hand?”

Oz: “I’d rather you not get lost on me, see.”

With that, Oz put on a sly grin.

Dorothy: “Hey, don’t treat me like a kid…”

Oz: “Don’t puff up your face like that. Makes it look less cute.”

Then, I heard a few sets of footsteps coming from behind.

Metallic sounds meshed with their footfalls, too.

Oz: “Guards…!”

The metallic sound must have been the swords at their belts.

Dorothy: “Have we been found out?”

Oz: “Beast me… C’mon, let’s hide behind that statue.”

Oz pulled me behind a statue in the corridor.

(It’s pretty tight back here, too…)

Once again, our bodies were at point blank distance.

The soldiers’ footsteps got ever closer.


Guard: “Is it true that someone snuck into the library?”

Guard: “Yeah, it’s true. And word is they found a lot of weird wood shavings in the great hall.”

Guard: “Wood debris?! Was someone making some arts and crafts or something?”

Guard: “Beats me, but cleaning it up is going to be a pain.”

The soldiers’ voices and footsteps disappeared into the distance.

Oz: “…That’s going to be Crowlie.”

Oz said once we’d gotten out from behind the statue.

Oz: “That guy’s such a bookworm. He must have been looking for rare books or something.

Dorothy: “Then what about the wood shavings in the great hall?”

Oz: “That was Heartmann. Guy loves woodworking.”

Dorothy: “Just what are those two up to…?”

Oz: “Whatever it is, it’s good for us.”

Dorothy: “Huh? Why?”

Oz: “That’ means’ no one’s watching the storehouse.”

(Oh, I get it!)

The servants and soldiers had to be in the dining room, the library, and the great hall.

Oz: “Looks like they helped us out without even knowing it. Shame I can’t thank them.”

Dorothy: “My heart was really pounding, though!”

Oz: “Because we’re holding hands?”

Dorothy: “N-No, that’s not it! I was worried we’d get caught!”

Oz: “Heh heh… Look, I’m with you. You’ve got nothing to worry about.”

Dorothy: “Oz…!”


(But, well, he’s right. I feel like I”m in good hands.)

Oz: “What’re you looking at? Something on my face?”

Dorothy: “N-Nothing…”

Oz: “This is no time to be swooning over how handsome I am. C’mon, let’s hurry.”

Oz took my hand and started running.

(I can’t let go of his hand, not until I”m back in Kansas!)

There was a large, old storehouse in the garden.

Dorothy: “The hot air balloon is in this storehouse?”

Oz: “Yeah, it is. I’ll get it ready right away, so stay here.”

Oz opened up the door to the storehouse and headed inside, then started to get to work preparing the balloon.

(That’s a big balloon…)

It looked like a really challenging job for Oz alone.

(Should I help…?)

Dorothy: “Let me help out.” (Intimacy +7)

Oz: “You want to?”

Dorothy: “Well, it’ll be faster with the two of us, right? Or would I just get in the way?”

Oz: “Heh, not at all. Not at all.”

Oz smiled at me gently.

Oz: “I know how good of a worker you are from when you helped out at the magic show, too.”

Oz: “So I’d love to have your help.”

(Oz acknowledge me!)

Dorothy: “I’d love to help you.”


I helped Oz prepare the balloon for launch.

Once we’d gotten the balloon and basket outside, Oz ignited the burner, inflating the balloon.

Dorothy: “Wow, it’s getting bigger and bigger!’

Oz: “Come on, faster, faster…”

The huge balloon stood out, and the burner was rather loud.

Oz panicked that someone would find us, but luckily, no one came around.

Oz: “All right, let’s get on it.”

Heading onto the basket first, Oz offered up his hand.

Oz: “Come on, quickly now. I’m not leaving you behind this time.”


I remembered. I wanted to go home with Oz on his balloon after my last journey.

The first time I’d come to this land, the only thing I wanted to was to go home, so that was my wish to Oz.

Yet, he didn’t let me on his balloon…and simply went off.

I gripped the hand he’d offered up tightly.

(I’m not letting go of his hand this time…)

Oz held onto my hand tight and smiled at me.

Oz: “Let’s go home, together!”

When I got onto the basket, Toto also leaped in.

Toto: “Woof!”

Oz: “Are you ready?”

Dorothy: “I am!”

Oz undid the rope of the weights holding us down, and the balloon started to gently float into the air.

Oz: “Up and away we go!”

With that, our balloon ascended into the starry sky.

Unexpected Side of Oz

Dorothy: “All right, Toto, let’s have lunch!”

Toto: “Woof!”

Oz: “Oh, what’s this? You two here for lunch, too?”

Dorothy: “Oh, what’s the food you’ve got?”

Oz: “This? It’s made from vegetables you can only get in this world.”

Dorothy: “Hey, it looks good. Maybe I’ll order it, too.”

Oz: “I made it myself.”

Oz: “So the chefs in the kitchen won’t be making it for you.”

Dorothy: “Huh? Oz, you can cook?”

Oz: “Anyone can whip together a dish this easy.”

Wesley: “Heh…y’know, I bet it only LOOKS tasty.”

Dorothy: “Whoa, you startled me! When’d you get here, Wesley?”

Oz: “It only looks tasty? Then how about giving it a try?”

Wesley: “Gimme that… Hmm…”

Dorothy: “How is it?’

Wesley: “I-It’s actually good…!”

Wesley: “The spices have been perfectly added to bring out the full taste and potential of every ingredient…!”

Oz: “Heh… Want to have a taste, too, Dorothy?”

Dorothy: “Sure! Om… Oh, this is great!”

Oz: “Food doesn’t lie. If it tastes good, it’ll look good, too.”

Toto: “Woof, woof!”

Oz: “What’s that, Toto? You want some too?”

Dorothy: “Oz, maybe you should be a cook instead of a magician…”

Wesley: “I have to agree…”

Toto: “Om nom nom nom!” *gulp*

Oz: “Gah! Toto! Don’t eat it ALL!”

Chapter 8: Rain and Accident (13/13)


Oz, Toto and I sailed on the wind in his hot air balloon.

Dorothy: “Goodness, the stars are so beautiful!’

The stars all sparkled in the night sky like tiny little gems.

Dorothy: “Is it because we’re closer to the stars, since we’re in the air?”

Oz: “Heh, I wonder about that. In astronomical terms, coming up to this height’s more or less nothing.”

Dorothy: “Really?”

(Oz isn’t terribly romantic, is he…?)

I turned around to see Quadlings City getting smaller and smaller behind us.

Dorothy: “Look, Toto! Look at how small Quadlings is!”

Toto: “Woof!”

Oz: “The wind’s pretty strong… We’re going too fast!”

Oz muttered as he steered the balloon, a difficult expression on his face.

Dorothy: “Is there something wrong?”

Oz: “Nah, we’re all right. Don’t worry about it.”

Trusting what he said, I just looked at Quadlings City, shrinking in the distance.

(I was just there a while ago…)

Since we’d managed to get out of the castle and I’d calmed down, I went over what had happened in my mind.


Toto: *Whine*

The reason that I was made to pick a romantic partner was so Solomon and the others could obtain the great power of legend.

When I found out that I was just being used, Oz invited me to go back to Kansas with him, so I did.

(So we managed to take the balloon out of the castle, but…is this really what I should be doing?)

Dorothy: “Toto, what do you think?”

Toto: “?”

Toto just tilted his head. I didn’t know if he didn’t understand the question, or didn’t know what to tell me.

The faces of Crowlie, Heartmann and Leonardo floated up in my mind.

(I wonder if those three are worried about me right about now?)

(I left a letter, but…I at least wanted to actually say goodbye.)

If I just left to go back to Kansas now, I might not ever see them again.

(I wonder what Solomon and the others are doing? Noticing we’re gone?)

They must be angry, right?

Or maybe depressed, now that they’d lost their ticket to that great power?

(Hmm…it’s kinda cold up here…)

I suddenly felt cold, and my shoulders started to tremble.

Toto: *Whine*


Toto, probably cold himself, nestled up to me.

Oz: “You’ve been awfully quiet. Something on your mind?”

Note: I made the wrong choice here. The correct choice is “Yeah, the cold” (Intimacy +7)

Dorothy: “Yeah, I was thinking about my friends.”

Oz: “Ah, Crowlie and the others. Didn’t want to leave them behind, huh?”

Dorothy: “Yeah. They’re pretty dear friends to me…”

Oz: “Well, we can’t go back now. Try not to think about it much.”

Dorothy: “But I haven’t even said goodbye to them yet.”

Oz: “It might’ve been even harder on you if you had.”

Dorothy: “Well, that’s true, but…was this really the best thing to do?”

Knowing that I’d never see Crowlie, Heartmann, or Leonardo again made the air feel all the more cold.

Oz: “You’re shaking. You cold?”

Dorothy: “I just feel really cold all of a sudden…”

Oz: “It gets colder the higher up you go. There’s a blanket over there, so put it on.”


I opened up the smaller basket he gestured to find blankets, a rope, and food, among other things.

Dorothy: “Wow, we’ve got everything we need here.”

Oz: “we’re going on a bit of a trip, after all.”

Dorothy: “Aren’t you cold, Oz?”

Oz: “I’m pretty used to this, so I’m fine.”

I pulled out a blanket, put it on me and picked up Toto.

Oz: “Something doesn’t feel right…”

Oz muttered, looking up at the actual balloon.

Dorothy: “What’s the matter?”

Oz: “We aren’t climbing.”

Dorothy: “Did something go wrong with the balloon?”

Oz: “No, it doesn’t look like anything’s gone wrong anywhere.”

After checking the balloon, Oz looked up at the empty sky.

Oz: “This wind…yeah, this isn’t good…”

Oz put on a bitter face.

Oz: “This isn’t going to end well…!”

Dorothy: “really? Is it going to rain? Even though it’s so clear out we can see the stars?”

Oz: “You need to know about wind and weather when you’re piloting a hot air balloon, so I’m confident in that department.”

While he said that, the wind strengthened, and gray clouds started to gather overhead.

Oz: “It’s going to shake — grab onto something!”

The strong, howling wind shook the basket.


Dorothy: “Ah, it’s so cold…!”

Something cold hit my face.

(Wait, it’s…raining?!)

Oz: “Blast, now it’s raining!”

A deluge of rain started in an instant, so furious I couldn’t even open my eyes.

Dorothy: “Ahh!”

The balloon tossed and turned in the storm, blasted by strong wind and beaten by powerful rain.

Toto: *whine*

Toto shuddered in my arms.

Oz: “We’re losing altitude…!”

Dorothy: “A-Are we going to fall?!”

Oz: “We’re not going to capsize, but we’re going to smash into the mountains!”

I saw the pitch black shadow of a mountain advancing towards us.

Oz: “We’re going to crash…!”

Oz desperately steered the balloon.

Yet, we drew closer and closer to the dark mountains.

Oz: “This is going to be a crash landing! Dorothy, stay close to me!”

Oz wouldn’t give up and continued to steer our craft.

Dorothy: “Oz, look out! You have to brace for the crash, too!”

Oz: “You’ll bite your tongue if you keep talking — keep quiet!”

Oz shouted with a desperate look on his face.

The bottom of the basket smashed against a tree and shook violently with a loud sound.

In the next moment, the basket tipped over.


Dorothy: “Ahh!”

Oz: “Dorothy!”

Right when the balloon smashed into the ground, Oz held me to shield me from the impact.

Dorothy: “!”

The sheer impact sent us flying out of the basket.

Oz: “Guh…!”

Oz slammed into the ground with me in his arms.


For a moment, I had no idea what had happened.

(What in the world just happened…?)

When I came to, I found myself on the ground, still in Oz’s arms.

Dorothy: “Oz…!”

I was right on top of him.

Oz: “Urgh…!”

Oz winced with a groan.

I softly pulled off of him and touched him with a trembling hand.

Oz: “Nngh…!”

He looked like he was in pain.

Dorothy: “Oz, are you all right?!”


Oz: “I hit my hip hard… You all right, Dorothy?”

Dorothy: “Thanks to you protecting me, I got off with only scrapes.”

Oz: “Glad to hear it…”

When he tried to smile, his expression immediately turned to that of someone enduring great pain.

Toto: “Woof! Woof!”

Dorothy: “Toto, you’re okay! Oh, thank goodness!”

Toto ran up to me and I held him as tightly as I could.

Then, I noticed something I simply couldn’t believe.

Dorothy: “The balloon…!”

Oz: “What about it…?”

Oz only moved his head to see what I was looking at.

Oz: “No…no way…”

A branch had pierced through the basket, and the balloon itself was torn up.

Oz: “…Looks like we’re not getting back to Kansas.”

As utter despair settled on us, so did cold, merciless rain.

Dorothy: “Oz, can you walk?”

Oz tried to get up, but let out a pained groan and went back down.

Oz: “Guh…looks like i can’t. It’d take everything I have just to stand.”

Dorothy: “Oh, no…”


I looked around to see pitch black shadows of trees all around us.

(Looks like we fell deep into the mountains… What should I do?)

Dorothy: “I’ll go look for some shelter from the rain.” (Intimacy +7)

Oz: “By yourself? We’re in the mountains, what if you get lost?”

Dorothy: “Toto’s with me. I’ll be fine.”

Oz: “Nonsense. You know how dangerous mountains are at night, and I don’t want you getting hurt.”

Dorothy: “But we’re just going to get colder and colder out here.”

Oz: “At least wait until morning. And besides…”

Dorothy: “What?”

Oz: “…I want you to stay with me.”

Dorothy: “Oz, that’s…a bit of a surprise, coming from you.”

Oz: “Heh…I’m probably getting weaker, with this wound on me.”

Toto: “Woof, woof!”

Toto had disappeared on me, but he turned around and barked at me.

Behind him, I could see what looked like a cave.

Dorothy: “Look, there’s a cave!”

Oz: “That looks like it’d be a nice shelter. Good job, Toto!”

Toto: “Woof!”

Dorothy: “Can you stand?”

Oz: “Sorry, can you help me out?”

I helped Oz up and lent him my shoulder as we slowly walked to the cave.


Love Choice

Premium: The Shining Cave 500 Coins

Normal: Entrance of the Cave 200 coins or 5,000 Spinels

Dorothy: “I can’t believe it…the rocks are glowing! There’s light!”

The cave’s rocks were dimly glowing, making it far brighter than outside.

(It feels kind of magical in here…)

Oz: “Good thing we won’t need light in here, either.”

Dorothy: “:We’ve got to dry out our wet clothes, though.”

I laid Oz down on his side, and he winced in pain.

Dorothy: “Does it hurt?”

Oz: “I can take it… But more importantly, if we’re going to dry our clothes, we’ll need fire.”

Oz: “There should be some matches in the small basket in the balloon.”

Dorothy: “Got it. I’ll go find them.”

I hurried to the wrecked balloon.

When I came back to the cave, bearing whatever useful things I could fish out, Oz looked at me with a worried face.

Oz: “Rain’s left you soaked.”

Dorothy: “It’s not as bad as it looks. I managed to find some other useful-looking stuff, too.”

Oz: “How considerate of you. You’d have made a great copilot.”

I pulled out matches from the things I’d gathered — a blanket, a map, and other supplies.

Oz: “Can you do it yourself?”

Dorothy: “Yeah, I’ve got this.”

I put a bunch of sticks together and struck a match to them.

Dorothy: “This’ll warm us up, and dry our clothes.”

Oz: “You seem pretty used to this.”

Oz said from behind, sounding very impressed.”

Dorothy: “I grew up on a farm. Of course I’m used to stuff like this.”

Oz: “Good to have in a pinch.”

Oz said with a chuckle.

Dorothy: “Take off your wet clothes and give them here? I’ll dry them over the fire.”

Oz: “Can you help me?”


Oz: “My back and waist really hurt, so I don’t think I’ll be able to take them off myself.”

Dorothy: “Er…you mean…you want me to take off your clothes?”

I felt my face growing hot.

Oz: “Hey, you’re going red.”

Oz put on a mischievous grin.

Dorothy: “It’s because of the fire!”

Oz: “What’s there to be embarrassed about?”

Dorothy: “N-Nothing, I…”

Oz: “You get to see me in the buff when you take off my clothes. How about looking a little happier?”

Dorothy: “Don’t be ridiculous. Wh-Why would I be happy about seeing you naked?”

Oz: “Come on, you know you want to.”

Dorothy: “Stop teasing me! I won’t help you, you know?”

Oz: “Hahaha! Sorry, sorry. Help me out? I really can’t handle it by myself.”

Dorothy: “All right, all right…”

I pulled Oz’s torso up and took off his coat.

Oz: “Ow…! Can’t you do it more gently?”

Dorothy: “Oh, sorry…”

Oz: “Can you take off my shirt, too? It’s wet. Cold.”

Dorothy: “O-Okay…”

[Spoiler Warning!](Chapter 8 CG)

I put my hand on his shirt buttons and slowly undid them.

When I revealed his chest, my heart took a leap.

(This is kinda embarrassing…)

As I took off the entire shirt, I felt even more nervous at the sight of his muscular body.

Dorothy: “Uh, I’ll…go dry your clothes.”

I placed his wet clothes near the fire to dry them off.

Oz: “You should dry your clothes, too.”

Dorothy: “Huh…?”


Dorothy: “But…”

(I can’t just take off my clothes in front of a guy…)

Oz: “Look at you, getting all embarrassed like a proper grown-up.”

He grinned, like he was finding all this funny.

Dorothy: “Are you making fun of me again?”

Oz: “Don’t sulk like that. you really should dry out those clothes.”

Oz: “If you end up catching a cold, I won’t be able to look after you.”

Dorothy: “Well, yeah, but…”

Oz: “If you’re too embarrassed, just cover up with the blanket.”

Oz pointed at the blanket I’d brought.

Dorothy: “You should use it instead, since you’re the one hurt here.”

I put the blanket over Oz.

Oz: “Wait, you sure?”

(Well, yeah…you’re the one who needs it now.)

(It’s embarrassing, but there’s not much I can do…)

Dorothy: “I’ll be fine.”

I took off my clothes and put them next to Oz’s.

(Oh, I’m nearly naked…how embarrassing!)

(And I’m alone with Oz? Like this?)


We’d both fallen completely silent all of a sudden, making the cave sound awfully quiet.

All I could hear was the crackling of the fire and the rain outside.

And crackle away it did.

(Sure is awkward, being all quiet like this…)

(I’ve got to talk about something, but…what?)

Dorothy: “Hey, why’d you protect me?” (Intimacy +7)

Oz: “What’re you talking about?”

Dorothy: “Well, if you hadn’t covered me, you wouldn’t have gotten hurt when the balloon when down.”

Oz: “You’ think I’d let you get hurt like that?”

Dorothy: “And it’s not just today, either. You’ve always protected me.”

Oz: “You’d noticed…?”

Dorothy: “I’d always thought it strange. Why did you always do so much for me?”

Oz: “Because…of my regrets.”

Dorothy: “Regret? What do you mean?”

Oz: “I always regretted leaving you behind.”

Dorothy: “O-Oh…”


Oz: “Back then, I left a little girl who depended on me behind and went off on my own…”

Oz: “I’d gotten back home, but I just couldn’t get you out of my mind. I kept wondering what happened to you.”

Oz: “I always regretted not going back with you.”

Oz: “That was why I went from town to town performing tricks. I was looking for you.”

Dorothy: “Really?!”

Oz: “I went to Kansas time and time again.”

Dorothy: “Oz, you went to Kansas? I…I didn’t know…”

Oz: “Kansas is pretty large, so I couldn’t really find you.”

Oz: “That’s why when I got that letter from Solomon, I was overjoyed.”

Dorothy: “Oh, that invitation?”

Oz: “Yeah, the invitation. With that, I learned that you were doing well.”

Oz: “But the letter also talked about that prophecy. I picked up that it was odd right away.”

Dorothy: “You thought I Was being used to gain that great power?”

Oz: “Yeah, which is what brought me back here.”

Dorothy: “Then the reason you came back to Oz was…”

Oz: “To save you. I don’t care about that power.”

Oz: “This time. This time, I won’t leave you behind.”


Dorothy: “You care that much? You’d even let yourself get so hurt…”

Oz: “Heh. Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m not doing this out of the goodness of my heart.”

Oz: “I’m doing this for myself. Call it atonement.”

Oz: “So don’t worry your pretty little head about me.”

(Oz has been feeling guilty this whole time…)

Which is why he wanted to atone.

(But would he really do all this, just because he feels guilty…?)

(That’s what he’s saying, but I know he’s really just a really good person!)

Dorothy: “Oz…”

I was truly glad Oz cared about me that much.

Yet, I felt a heat spreading through my chest, as well.

(Then I’ve got to let him do what he came for!)

Dorothy: “Let’s go back together this time! We may have lost the balloon, but there’s got to be some other way!”

Oz: “Yeah, I’m finding us another way. That’s why I’m here.”

That strong will appeared in his eyes again.

(Those eyes show how much he really cares about me…)

(He’s always hiding it, but Oz is really strong-willed…and deeply kind, too.)

I knew that for sure now.

Favorite Type of Woman

Solomon: “Hey there, Great Oz. On a walk?”

Oz: “Ah, Solomon and Norton. Need something?”

Solomon: “We’re on a walk, too. Ah, that’s right. Great Oz, could you tell me what type of woman you like?”

Norton: “I would like to know as well.”

Oz: “What’s up with that, all of a sudden? How about you telling me your type, first?”

Solomon: “Haha…my type, you say?”

Norton: “I would like to know as well.”

Solomon: “A girl who’ll smile happily by my side.”

Wesley: “Can you seriously call that your type?”

Oz: “There you are again, Wesley! Boy, you’re just everywhere, aren’t you?”

Wesley: “Don’t pay me mind.”

Solomon: “Well, I told you. Can you tell me now?”

Oz: “Fine, fine… A woman who’ll genuinely enjoy my magic tricks. That’s my type.”

Wesley: “Wait, are you seriously saying that’s your type?”

Oz: “Can you stop following up on us? Geez. And i know your type’s the kind of girl who’ll pull out an umbrella for you when it rains.”

Wesley: “Wait, what?”

Oz: “A certain someone told me.”

Wesley: “Who said that?! I’ll curse them!”

Norton: “I see…”

Oz: “What’s up, Norton?”

Norton: “Both Lord Solomon and the Great Oz would like a woman who’ll smile for them, then.”

Oz: “…Tch, what’re you calmly analyzing this for? I can’t drop my guard around you, can I?”

Norton: “Haha…you needn’t worry. Really.”

Chapter 9: To the Emerald City (/)


I suddenly woke up from my pleasant sleep.

(…Wait, when did I fall asleep?)

I noticed the entrance to the cave on the other side of the dying fire.

(It’s light outside…huh, morning already…)

I tried picking myself up, but for some reason, I couldn’t move.

(Why can’t I move…?)

My eyes wandered around, trying to find out what’s stopping me.

(Huh? Oz? Your…face is really close…!)

That’s when I noticed that Oz had his arms around me.

Dorothy: “?!”

Oz: “Finally awake, huh?”

Oz: “Hey, Oz, what are you…?!”

I hurriedly pushed him away and stood up.

Oz: “Hey, be gentle with me. I’m injured, remember?”

Dorothy: “Wh-What’s going on here?! Oz, why were you…?”

(Was he holding me the whole time I was asleep?)

Oz: “You don’t remember, do you?”


Dorothy: “Explain! Please!”

Oz: “Well, you started to doze off in front of the fire, so I offered you the blanket, but…”

Oz: “…you just ended up falling asleep.”

Dorothy: “But that doesn’t mean you have to hold me like that!”

Oz: “Don’t get the wrong idea. And besides, you slept awfully well for being mostly naked around a guy.”

Oz: “I figured you’d wake up with a cold like that, so I just kept you warm.”

Dorothy: “You…kept me warm?”

Oz: “Yeah. I can’t really move well with these injuries, so this was all I could do.”

(Oh, that’s what this was about? …Wait, wait, even though I know the reason now…!)

He did that much for me with his nearly immobile body, so I couldn’t get angry at him anymore.

And besides, he was right. I didn’t feel cold at all while I was sleeping.

Dorothy: “But you really surprised me!”

(I woke up with his arms around me. I mean, who wouldn’t be surprised at that?)

Oz: “You know the situation we’re in. Can’t be helped.”

Oz said, looking completely unfazed.

Dorothy: “Well, yeah, but…”

Oz: “And I mean, you’re the one who slept so soundly even with my arms around you like that. That’s the odd thing here, if you ask me.”

(Guh…I can’t say anything back to that.)

Oz: “Your guard’s too weak, y’know that?”

Oz said with a chuckle.


Dorothy: “W-Well, anyway…how are your injuries? Do you feel well enough to move?”

Oz: “Just a bit…”

Dorothy: “Try  not to push yourself too much. I don’t have anything to patch you up with if you get even more hurt.”

Oz: “Well, I can’t just stay back here. I’ve got to repair the balloon.”

Dorothy: “You’re going to repair that wreck?”

Oz: “I’d been thinking about it since last night, and..well, we need that balloon to get back to Kansas.”

Dorothy: “But can you actually repair it?”

The balloon itself had been bashed and torn, and the basket was full of holes.

Oz: “I’ve got the bare minimum tools to repair it. If the burner and fuel are fine, we can manage.”

(It sounds like it’ll be really taxing… Can Oz do it, with wounds like that…?)

As if picking up on my worry, Oz reassured me with a smile.

Oz: “Don’t worry, we’ll make it through this. And besides, Dorothy, you’ll help out, right?”

Dorothy: “Yeah, of course, but…”

Oz: “Then we’re going back to Kansas. No matter what.”

Dorothy: “Yeah.”

Oz: “First, though, we’ve got to put on your clothes. They’re about dry now, right?”

Dorothy: “Oh, you’re right!”

I checked our clothes to see that they were, indeed, dry.

Dorothy: “Phew, they’re dry!”

I handed Oz’s clothes to him, then put on my own.

(I can finally wear my clothes again…)


I looked to Oz to see him struggling to get his clothes on. He still had to be in pain.

Dorothy: “Hold on, I’ll help you out.”

Oz: “Thanks…”

(How can he try to repair the balloon when he can’t even put on his clothes…?)

I worried as I put Oz’s clothes on him.

And as I mulled over it, Oz stared me in the face.

Oz: “Something on your mind?”

Dorothy: “Hey, how about we go to a nearby town…?”

Oz’s eyes went wide.

Oz: “A town…?”

Dorothy: “I think if we go down the mountain, we should be able to find a small town, or something. They’ll probably be a doctor there, too.”

Oz: “And you want this doctor to take a look at me?”

Dorothy: “Well, there’s no way you can fix the balloon with injuries like that.”

Oz: “Heh, I don’t need any doctor. I’ll be right as rain before you know it.”

Dorothy: “You couldn’t even put on your clothes by yourself.”

Oz: “I don’t have a problem being naked. I just put on clothes because I didn’t want you to get embarrassed.”

Dorothy: “Why, thank you. Thank you very much. But, really, I think you should try to get those injuries looked at before repairing the balloon.”

Oz: “…”

Oz went into thought with a serious expression.

Oz: “Yeah…that’s probably the most realistic course.”

Dorothy: “What do you mean?”

Oz: “We can’t go back to Quadlings now, and we’ve got food to worry about, too.”

Dorothy: “Food…”

Oz: “All I’ve got in the basket are a few emergency rations.”

Oz: “And with these wounds, it’ll take a few days to fix the balloon…meaning food’ll be a problem.”

Dorothy: “Oh, you’re right!”

Oz: “I thought about having you go call a doctor from a nearby down, but that’s god problems of its own.”

Dorothy: “Like what?”

Oz: “I’m worried about making you go alone. If you get lost on the way, I’ll end up waiting in the cave forever.”

(Guh…I wouldn’t like that, either…)

Oz: “And besides, since I’m the injured one, it’ll be quickest if I go with you.”

Dorothy: “True, true.”

Oz: “So to get back to Kansas, it’s most realistic for us to go down the mountain and find a nearby town.”

Dorothy: “Got it.”


Oz: “Well, that’s settled. Let’s get ready.”

Dorothy: “Can you walk?”

Oz: “If you shoulder me a bit, yeah. Is that fine by you?”

Dorothy: “Yeah!”

I stood him up, letting him lean on my shoulder.

Oz clutched the map I’d brought in his hand.

Dorothy: “Hey, wait. Where’s Toto?”

I noticed I hadn’t seen Toto since I’d woken up.

Oz: “Him? He ran out of the cave at dawn.”

Dorothy: “Wait, he went outside?”

Oz: “Yeah, probably for a walk. Call his name outside, he’ll come right back.”

I couldn’t imagine Toto going too far.

Dorothy: “You’re right — let’s go.”

I stepped out of the cave to be bathed in bright sunlight, which made me squint my eyes.

Oz: “Makes you forget how bad the weather was yesterday.”

What was covered in a shroud of darkness yesterday was now revealed to be a quiet mountainscape, full of trees and shrubs.

Oz: “Now this is terrible…”

Oz let out a sigh as he saw the carcass of the hot air balloon.

(I don’t think this can be repaired…)


Oz: “Heck, we’re lucky to be alive. It’s probably a miracle I got off with bruises.”

Dorothy: “Oh, that’s right! I hadn’t actually thanked you yet.”

Oz: “Hm?”

Dorothy: “Thank you, Oz. I got out all right thanks to you.”

Oz: “Don’t worry about it. This is my role here. Anyway, go ahead and call Toto.”

Oz was right. I shouted Toto’s name.

Dorothy: “Toto! Where are you?”

Then, Toto sprung out of some nearby bushes.

Dorothy: “Toto, what’s that in your mouth?”

Toto came bearing a white bag.

Oz: “That’s my bag of emergency rations!”

Dorothy: “You saved us the trouble of looking for it, Toto. Thanks!”

I took the bag and Toto flashed me a proud look.

Toto: “Woof!”

Dorothy: “Just like someone I know…”

Oz: “Haha! I like him. Toto, how about becoming my assistant?”

Toto: “Huff!”

Toto turned his face away.

Dorothy: “Haha…doesn’t look like he wants to.”

Oz: “Well, that aside…”


Oz opened up the map and checked the mountain around us.

Dorothy: “What are you doing?”

Oz: “Trying to puzzle out where we are, judging from the mountains.”

Dorothy: “You can do that?”

Oz: “Well, I can get a general idea. Couldn’t pilot a balloon if I couldn’t.”

(I’m really impressed at just how much Oz knows about things…)

As I mulled over that, looking into the distance, I noticed something that looked like a town.

Dorothy: “Oz, look at that!”

Oz: “Found something?”

Oz gasped when he looked where I was pointing.

Oz: “Wait…that can’t be…!”

Oz quickly looked for the town on the map.

Dorothy: “Do you know that town?”

Oz: “Yeah, I know it well. Since I used to rule over it.”

Dorothy: “Wait, you mean it’s…”

Oz: “Yeah. The Emerald City. There’s no mistaking it.”

Dorothy: “The Emerald City?!”


Oz slid his finger over the map.

Oz: “The wind sure blew us far away.”

Oz’s finger stopped where it said “Emerald City”

Oz: “So, what’ll we do…”

Dorothy: “Let’s go to the Emerald City” (Intimacy +7)

Oz: “But…”

Dorothy: “Well, there aren’t any towns nearby, are there?”

Oz: “Not exactly…”

Dorothy: “So we should go to the Emerald City.”

Oz: “Solomon’s probably already let them know about us.”

Oz: “So the second we step into town, we’ll probably end up caught.”

Dorothy: “But there’s definitely a doctor in the Emerald City.”

Oz: “True. It’s got excellent doctors.”

Dorothy: “And we don’t know if Solomon’s told anyone about us yet.”

Oz: “True…and this is the city I used to be in charge of. They’ll probably help us out.”

Dorothy: “Then it’s settled!”

Oz: “Sure, why not.”

I let Oz lean on my shoulder and started to walk slowly.

Oz: “The ground’s slippery after that much rain, so be careful.”

Dorothy: “All right, I’ll…Ahh?!”

In that exact moment, I slipped.


Oz: “Look out!”

Oz quickly held me up.

Oz: “Guh…!”

However, he winced in pain.

Dorothy: “Oh, sorry! Are you all right?”

Oz: “I’ll be fine. Just be careful.”

Toto: “Woof, woof!”

Toto tried to let us know something with his barking.

(What’s he trying to say?)

Toto starts walking, looking back again and again.

Oz: “Hey, isn’t he walking over the least slippery ground?”

I looked more closely at Toto to see that, indeed, he was walking across less wet parts of the ground.

Dorothy: “Wow, he is! Thanks, Toto!”

With that, I walked behind Toto, shouldering Oz as I did.

After a bit of walking, we ended up in a small clearing.

Dorothy: “Phew…let’s take a little break here.”

Oz: “Sorry…you’ve got to be tired, hauling a big guy around like this.”

Oz said guiltily as I sat him down on a rock.

Dorothy: “I’m fine, really. This isn’t much compared to work on the farm.”

Oz: “Now that’s reassuring.”


Toto: “Woof, woof!”

Dorothy: “What’s the matter, Toto? Are you hungry?”

Toto: *Whine*

Oz: “Looks like he is. You’re hungry too, aren’t you?”

Come to think of it, I haven’t eaten anything since last night.

Dorothy: “Well, yeah…”

Oz: “This is why we brought the emergency rations. C’mon, let’s share.”

Dorothy: “Good idea.”

The bag contained biscuits, raisins, and canteens.

Oz, Toto, and I divided up the rations and ate them.

Oz: “If I knew this would happen, I would’ve brought a lot more food. Better stuff, too.”

Dorothy: “Haha…well, I think it’s tasty enough. Maybe it’s because I’m so hungry.”

Oz: “Being able to say that with a smile…you really are a tough one, huh?”

Oz said, seeming a little surprised.

After our break, we walked for a few more hours.

Oz: “This is bad…it’s already high noon.”

On top of Oz’s injuries, the trail in the mountain was so bad that we hadn’t gotten too far along, even with the time we’d taken.

Oz: “If we keep taking our time, the sun’s going to set on us…”

That’s when Toto, walking in front of us, stopped with a flustered look.

Dorothy: “Hey, that’s…!”


A small cliff blocked our way forward.

It was about as tall as I was, but Oz wouldn’t be able to climb down it with his injuries.

Oz: “It’s not too far down. I can just jump it.”

Dorothy: “You’ll hurt yourself. I’ll head down first and support you from below.”

Oz: “You really don’t need to do all that.”

Dorothy: “If you’ve got a problem with that, I’ll just push you down.”

Oz: “Wait, isn’t that just the same as me jumping down?!”

Dorothy: “What’ll you do?”

Oz: “Fine, fine, I’ll do what you want.”

I cautiously pulled myself down the cliff.”

Dorothy: “All right, lower your leg.”

Oz lowered a leg over the edge of the cliff, and I put both arms around it, easing its passage down.

Oz: “You all right down there?”

Dorothy: “Yeah…just slowly climb down, now.”

I quickly felt Oz’s body weight in both arms.

I stood down and endured it, somehow managing to bring Oz down from the cliff.


Dorothy: “Phew…looks like we made it.”

Oz: “You really are tough, you know that?”

Oz said, sounding really impressed.

Dorothy: “I’ve been on a real doozy of a trip before, so I’m used to this.” (Intimacy +7)

Oz: “True…nothing makes a person grow like a good journey.”

Dorothy: “I think it has to do with who you take the journey with, though.”

Oz: “Heh, you were with the three stooges, huh?”

Dorothy: “It was a really rough trip, but I managed to get through it thanks to those three.”

Oz: “So that’s why you trust them, huh.”

Dorothy: “They’re my dear friends.”

Oz: “Y’know, I wouldn’t mind going on a trip like that myself.”

Dorothy: “Aren’t you on one right now?”

Oz: “Heh…you’re right.”

Dorothy: “I think we’re almost out of the mountain, so let’s hold out for a little bit more.”

Toto: “Woof!”

Toto barked from the top of the cliff.


Dorothy: “Oh, I’d forgotten Toto!”

Then, Toto suddenly dove down at me.

Dorothy: “Ahh!”

I scrambled to catch Toto.

Dorothy: “Hey, you scared me!”

Toto: “Woof!”

Oz: “Hahaha! Looks like Toto trusted you just as much as I did, Dorothy.”

Dorothy: “Toto, you’re a dear friend to me, too.”

I let Toto down to the ground and noticed there were some familiar looking berries there, too.

I picked them up to see what they were.

Dorothy: “Hey…I’ve eaten these berries before!”

Oz: “I’ve never seen those in our world.”

Dorothy: “Crowlie told me about these on our journey. They’re kind of sour and really good.”

A lot of them were on the ground around us.

Dorothy: “We won’t need to worry about food if we’ve got these!”

Oz: “You really are a tough one. Totally different from all the women I’ve met ’til now…”

Oz looked at me with a face equal parts surprised and impressed.

Dorothy: “Hey, you called me tough again!”

Oz: “Haha…well, let it slide this time, yeah? Anyway, let’s eat these and head out again.”

Dorothy: “All right!”


With my mind freed from food worries, I felt a lot more relaxed.

And at the same time, I felt a sliver of hope shining on our situation.

Finally managing to get down from the mountain, we ended up out on a road and continued down it.

Oz: “Are you all right?”

Dorothy: “I’m fine. I mean, you’ve got it a lot rougher than me, Oz.”

(And the road we’re walking now…it brings back so many memories.)

The brick-laid road was the same one I walked down with my three friends last time.

(I walked down this road to see Oz before…and now I’m walking it with him.)

(What a strange turn of events…)

Toto: “Woof, woof!”

Toto barked from up ahead.

Oz: “Dorothy, look at that! We’re at the Emerald City!”

I looked at the end of the road to see the Emerald City gate.

Dorothy: “We’re finally here!”

Oz: “I’m back, city of mine!”

Oz shouted, then looked at me with a smile.

Oz: “And welcome, Dorothy, to our beloved Emerald City!”

Two Kings

Crowlie: “I never imagined the day would come when I would play against you in chess, Oz.”

Oz: “Me too. Never thought I’d be playing chess with a scarecrow.”

Crowlie: “Underestimate this sentient scarecrow at your own peril.”

Oz: “Heh…I wonder about that.”

Crowlie: “See? I took your queen. Now you’re in a tight spot.”

Oz: “What’s that? Huh. Not bad.”

Crowlie: “…You know, there’s something I’ve been wondering about this whole time.”

Oz: “What?”

Crowlie: “Why did you pass on the Emerald City to me, out of the three of us?”

Oz: “I figured anyone would do. What, not satisfied with being the Emerald King?”

Crowlie: “Please, leave out your jokes. I can’t imagine you would choose me as your successor without a reason.”

Oz: “You were the best man for the job.”

Crowlie: “I was?”

Oz: “The people of the Emerald City aren’t the type you can rule over with power.”

Oz: “But they’ll follow a leader who’ll tell them what they should do.”

Oz: “That’s why I decided that you, with the brains, would be the best man for the job.”

Crowlie: “I was the most suitable, then… I see.”

Oz: “Find the answer you were looking for? Feel better?”

Crowlie: “Yes, I’m glad I asked!”

Oz: “We don’t get too happy — checkmate.”

Crowlie: “Wait, when did you…!”

Oz: “Heh… you’re still green, Emerald King.”

Chapter 10: Warm Welcome (14/14)


Oz and I managed to descend the mountain and finally made our way to the Emerald City.

(This gate, it’s just like I remember it!)

The guard, upon noticing us, gave us a suspicious look.

Oz: “Keep your guard up…”

Oz whispered into my ear.

Orders from Quadlings to capture us might have reached the Emerald City, after all.

Dorothy: “Yeah, I will.”

When we got close to the gate, the guard stopped us.

Guard: “Halt. Are you travelers?”

Dorothy: “We are. We came down from the mountains…”

Guard: “The mountains? What were you doing in the mountains?”

(I probably shouldn’t be too detailed…)

The guard shifted his eyes towards Oz.

Guard: “Hey, are you hurt?”

Oz nodded his head a little, keeping his eyes down.

Oz: “I hit my back and waist pretty hard…”

Guard: “I don’t know what happened, but come on in.”


Dorothy: “Thank you.”


Toto: “Woof!”

Guard: “Is this dog with you?”

Dorothy: “He’s my pet. Can I bring him in?”

Guard: “Of course you can.”

Dorothy: “Come along, then, Toto.”

Toto: “Woof!”

We crossed through the gate and got into the Emerald City.

Oz: “Looks like we managed to get into the city.”

Dorothy: “I was so nervous!”

After letting out a sigh of relief, I looked around the city and my eyes widened in surprise.

Dorothy: “Wait, this is the Emerald City?!”

There were far more buildings, people and things to see than before, and it was simply bustling with activity.

Dorothy: “It looks completely different!”

Oz: “Now this is a surprise… It’s developed a lot more than when I was in charge.”

Oz couldn’t hide his surprise at the city, either.

Oz: “Heh…that scarecrow sure is doing a good job of running the place.”

Dorothy: “And who was it that made him the King of the Emerald City, again?”

Oz: “I can’t quite remember, but whoever they were, they knew how to pick ’em.”

Oz said with a chuckle. He looked quite pleased.


Of course, Oz was the one who passed on the torch to Crowlie.

That must have been why he was so happy about how much the Emerald City had grown.

Guard: “Hey, you too! Hold on a moment!”

The guard from before scrambled up to us.

Oz: “…!”

(Wait, is our cover blown?!)

Oz and I tensed up, nervous.

Guard: “Is that dog named Toto?”

(Oh no!)

When I walked through the gate, I called Toto’s name without actually thinking about it.

He might not be the Toto I traveled with, but his name was the same.

Guard: “Say, you wouldn’t happen to be…”

The guard scrutinized our faces.

Guard: “I knew it! You’re Dorothy and the Great Oz!”

Oz: “Tch…!”

Oz clicked his tongue and wore a look of inconvenience.

Dorothy: “U-Um…”

Guard: “It’s Dorothy and the Great Oz! They’ve returned to the Emerald City!”

The guard shouted, and the people on the street all looked towards us.



Older Man: “Dorothy and the Great Oz?!”

Older Woman: “Really?”

More and more people started to gather.

Oz: “This is bad…”

(Wh-What should we do…?)

Young Woman: “It’s true! That’s really the Great Oz!”

Young Man: “Dorothy! She’s grown, but that’s definitely Dorothy!”

The calamity only grew and grew.

Oz: “With a commotion like this, we’re not going to be able to run…”

Elderly Man: “The Great Oz has returned to us with our hero, Dorothy!”


Older Woman: “Welcome back! We had waited so long for your return!”

The people all cheered, welcoming Oz and me.

Dorothy: “What’s going on?!”

Oz: “Looks like they’re giving us an awfully warm welcome…”

Dorothy: “Word hasn’t gotten out from Quadlings, then?”

Oz: “Yeah, looks like they haven’t heard anything yet.”

A smile came about Oz’s face.

If there weren’t any messages from Quadlings, that meant we didn’t have to worry about being captured.

(Thank goodness!)


Guard: “Hey, someone get word to the castle!”

Dorothy: “Oh, w-wait!”

Dorothy: “Please, call a doctor first!” (Intimacy +7)

Oz: “Hey…”

Dorothy: “They’re being this welcoming to us — I’m sure it’ll be all right.”

Oz: “Oh…you were thinking of me that much?”

Dorothy: “Of course I was.”

Oz: “In that case…can you all take me to the castle?”

Dorothy: “To the Emerald Castle?”

Oz: “It’s staffed by good doctors, and we can find out what’s going on in Quadlings from there.”

(Oh, I get it!)

Dorothy: “Everyone, Oz is really hurt. Can you carry him to the castle?”

Guard: “Leave it to us!”

Everyone hoisted Oz up.

(Thank goodness! Oz will get treatment!)

As we walked towards the castle, the crowds would part and open the roads for us.

(Everyone’s so nice! Coming to the Emerald City was the right choice.)

When we got to the Emerald Castle, the servants and guards welcomed us in utter surprise.


Guard: “Great King Oz?! Welcome back, my lord!”

Oz: “Looks like you’re doing well. Got promoted to guard captain, have you?”

Oz smiled, looking at the guard’s insignia of rank.

Guard: “Yes, my lord. King Crowlie recognized my service under you and graced me with the title.”

Oz: “Good for you, good for you.”

Servant: “Dorothy, welcome back!”

A familiar-looking servant said happily.

Dorothy: “Oh, it’s been so long! I remember you.”

Servant: “It is an honor!”

Then, I saw a familiar face behind that servant.

Dorothy: “Hey, you’re…!”

Green-clad Maid: “How long it’s been, Dorothy!”

It was the maid who had taken care of me the last time I came to this castle.

Dorothy: “It’s been so long! Have you been doing well?”

Green-clad Maid: “Very well, my lady. And my, how you’ve grown!”

Green-clad Maid: “Now, I heard that the Great Oz is injured?”

She looked worried.

Dorothy: “Yeah, we really want a doctor to look at him…”

Green-clad Maid: “Worry not, I’ll see to it right away.”


Guard: “What in the world happened?”

Dorothy: “Well…”

Dorothy: “The hot air balloon we were riding in crashed in the mountains…” (Intimacy +7)

Oz: “Last night’s weather was awful…and we ended up like this.

Guard: “You crashed?! Skies above, thank goodness you’re all right!”

Green-clad Maid: “Unfortunately, King Crowlie is currently staying in Quadlings.”

Dorothy: “We’ve already met with Crowlie.”

Green-clad Maid: “Then you’ve come from Quadlings?”

Oz: “More or less. Say, have you gotten any messages from Quadlings?”

Servant: “I’m afraid we’ve heard nothing from them…”

Oz: “Nothing, huh…”

(Great, there weren’t any messages. Thank goodness…)

Which meant we could focus on getting Oz his treatment.

Green-clad Maid: “But, why were you riding a hot air balloon at night?”

(Can we tell them…?)

I looked over at Oz and he answered me with a little nod.

Oz: “Well, there’s no use in hiding it. We’re fleeing from Quadlings.”

Green-clad Maid: “Fleeing?!”


The maids all exchanged shocked looks.

Oz: “I came back since I heard Dorothy was celebrating her 17th birthday here, but…”

Oz: “It looks like that was nothing but a wizards’ plot. That’s why we escaped.”

Servant: “Oh, my…!”

Green-clad Maid: “But, what of King Crowlie.”

Dorothy: “No need to worry about him. He’s fine.”

Oz: “The wizards are after Dorothy. They won’t bring any harm to Crowlie.”

Hearing that, the maids all looked relieved.

Green-clad Maid: “Thank you for explaining what’s going on. Please, allow me to assist the two of you.”

Servant: “Indeed. We’re all here today thanks to Dorothy and the Great Oz, after all.”

Guard: “As long as you are in the Emerald City, we will protect you!”

Oz: “My thanks.”

Dorothy: “Is that really all right, though?”

Green-clad Maid: “Were King Crowlie here, he would have made the same decision.”

Dorothy: “Thank you, everyone!”

(And yet…)

Dorothy: “Oz, I really didn’t think you’d tell everyone the truth.”

After all, Oz told me I shouldn’t trust the people of this world too much.


Oz: “Heh… Well, everyone here used to work for me.”

Oz: “And besides, they protected me when that wizard came after me.”

Oz: “I didn’t think I’d end up relying on them,k but they’re people i can trust. That hasn’t changed.”

The maids nodded proudly at Oz’s declaration.

Green-clad Maid: “Well, please carry the Great Oz to the infirmary. Dorothy, I will prepare you a room.”

Dorothy: “Well, I’ll be waiting in my room, so go ahead to the infirmary.” (Intimacy +7)

Oz: “Think you can handle waiting alone?”

Dorothy: “I’m not a kid. I can handle staying still in my room.”

Oz: “Haha, it was just a joke. I know just how tough you are.”

Dorothy: “Well, Oz, try not to cry if you have to get a shot, all right?”

Oz: “What am I, a kid? Though I do hate shots…”

Dorothy: “That’s quite enough, Oz. Go get your shot.”

Oz: “Yeah, yeah, I will. You’re tired, too, aren’t you? Go rest.”

Dorothy: “All right, I will.”

With that, Oz was carried off to the infirmary.


The maid led me to a rather luxurious room.

(It’s not as fancy as the room back in Quadlings Castle, but I really like the relaxed feel of the room!)

Toto: “Woof!”

Toto seemed to like it, too.

Green-clad Maid: “Please rest easy, my lady.”

Dorothy: “Thank you, I will.”

The maid left the room, leaving Toto and me behind.

Toto: *Whine*

Since I’d been with Oz for so long, I felt very lonely all of a sudden.

Dorothy: “I mean, sometimes his constant jokes kind of get on my nerves, but…”

Dorothy: “…when he’s gone, I feel like something’s missing. I feel lonely…”

Toto: *Whine*

Dorothy: “But it looks like he’ll finally get those bruises looked after! Really glad about that.”

Toto: “Woof!”

Dorothy: “All we need to think about next is how to get back to Kansas…”

Even if Oz got his wounds treated, repairing the balloon would be an immense task.

Dorothy: “But, well, this is Oz we’re talking about. He’ll make it work, somehow.”

(I’ll do anything I can to help, too…)

(Is there anything I CAN do, though…?)


As I pondered that, however, I suddenly felt very sleepy.

Dorothy: “I really am tired, aren’t I…? I feel like curling into bed for a bit…”

I laid down on my bed and immediately fell asleep.

I awoke to the sound of someone knocking on the door.

(Evening already…?)

I looked out the window to see the sun sinking over the horizon.

Dorothy: “It’s open.”

With my permission, the green-clothed maid entered my room.

Green-clad Maid: “The Great Oz’s treatment is complete.”

Dorothy: “Can I see him?”

Green-clad Maid: “Of course you can, but all means. However, I would suggest changing, first.”


I looked at my clothes to notice they were caked in mud.

Dorothy: “Oh, well, I did walk through a mountain… I can’t believe I just fell asleep without noticing, though!”

Green-clad Maid: “Please, choose whichever of these outfits you’d like.”

The maid opened the closet to reveal a bounty of beautiful clothes.


Love Choice

Premium Story: Classic Lolita Style 700 Coins

Normal Story: Sheer Sleeve Dress (White) 300 Coins or 11,500 Spinels

Green-Clad Maid: “My, what wonderful taste you have! It looks splendid on you.”

Dorothy: “Thank you.”

Green-clad Maid: “Now, allow me to take you to the Great Oz.”

Then, with Toto in tow, I headed off to see Oz.

Oz was in an even more luxurious room.

Oz: “Oh? And just who might this beautiful woman be?”

Oz, laying in the bed, smiled when he saw me.

Dorothy: “Does it hurt so much you lost your memory?”

Oz: “Haha, I just couldn’t recognize you in that beautiful outfit.”

Dorothy: “Well, my clothes were really dirty, so I borrowed some new ones.”

Oz: “They look really good on you! I’d say you’re about fifty percent more beautiful.”

Oz said with a chuckle.

Dorothy: “SO, how are you feeling?”

Oz: “See for yourself.”

Oz stood up and slowly walked around the room.

Oz: “I’m feeling better enough to stand and walk on my own two feet.”

Dorothy: “Wow! That’s great, Oz!”

Oz: “Did you manage to rest up, Dorothy?”

Dorothy: “Yeah. I was so tired, I sort of dozed off.”

Oz: “Oh. Sorry for the trouble of hauling me from that mountain.”

Oz stood in front of me.

Oz: “If it weren’t for you, I’d still be stuck in the mountains about now.”

Oz gazed down at me with gentle eyes.

Oz: “Thanks for everything.”

Dorothy: “…?”

(I’ve never seen him sounding this nice before… or saying such a genuine thank you…)

As I lost myself in that soft smile, I felt my pulse quickening.

(Why is my heart beating like this…?)

(Am I…starting to think of Oz…THAT way?)

(But, he just…he always treats me like a kid, so…)

Oz: “Heh…”

He smiled at me with gentle eyes.

(When he looks at me with those eyes, that makes me think about him even more…)

Dorothy: “It’s kind of embarrassing to hear such a straight thanks…”

[Spoiler Warning!] (Chapter 10 CG)

I smiled, trying to hide my embarrassment, but Oz’s face drew close to mine with no warning and he kissed my lips.


I froze up at his ambush of a kiss.

(Wait, is this a kiss? Did he just kiss me?!)

His lips on mine felt endlessly soft and impossibly gentle.

A sweet numbness took over my body, and I found myself closing my eyes.

(This is…my first kiss.)

His lips softly pulled away.

I opened my eyes to be greeted with his own.

The time we spent gazing into each others’ eyes felt longer than it was.

Oz: “Your fault for making such a cute face.”

Oz said with his usual easygoing tone.


Yet, he looked just a little bashful.

Oz: “At first I thought you were like a little sister. Someone I had to protect. But now…”

Oz: “Didn’t think I’d end up feeling like this… I’m pretty surprised myself.”

(Wait, what does he mean? He doesn’t…does he?)

The sudden kiss had thrown me into confusion.

Oz: “Dorothy…?”

Dorothy: “…”

I felt like he called my name, but I couldn’t even make that out properly.

Oz: “Hey…”

He gently poked my forehead.

Dorothy: “Oh…!’

When I finally came back to my senses, I saw Oz up close, looking exasperated.

Oz: “Are you listening?”

Dorothy: “Y-Yeah…”

Oz: “Dorothy, I want you to always be by my side.”

Those words made my heart sing. Great joy and a comforting warmth engulfed me.


Dorothy: “I want to always be with you, too.”

When I finally said the words, Oz repaid me with a pleased smile.

Oz: “Really?”

Dorothy: “Really, but…”

Oz: “What?”

Dorothy: “This isn’t a dream, right?”

Oz: “It isn’t.”

Oz looked completely serious when he said that.

Oz: “I want to become your real boyfriend.”

I had absolutely no reason to refuse him. I nodded.

Oz: “Thank you. Now…we can always be together.”

He was right. We could stay together, even back in Kansas.

(Because we really are…a couple, now.)

With a happy smile, Oz kissed my lips again.

Meanwhile, back at Quadlings…

Leonardo: “Hey, is it true that Dorothy and Oz are in the Emerald City?!”

Crowlie: “According to a messenger pigeon that just flew in, yes.”

Heartmann: “We don’t know the details, but the Great Oz is hurt.”

Leonardo: “Seriously?! Is Dorothy all right?”

Crowlie: “Dorothy appeared fine.”

Leonardo: “Well, that’s a relief! All right, let’s head over there!”


Heartmann: “I’d love to, but if we start now, the sun’ll set on us on the way.”

Leonardo: “So what? I ain’t afraid of the dark!”

Heartmann: “No need to rush.”

Crowlie: “Even now, the people of the Emerald City deeply trust Oz.”

Crowlie: “As do the people of the castle. We don’t need to worry.”

Heartmann: “So I’m thinking we should go once dawn breaks.”

Leonardo: “Got it, let’s do that! Just wait for us, Dorothy!”

Wesley: “Heh…so, word’s finally out, huh…”

(…Though, I knew where they were the whole time, thanks to my divination.)

(Still, that storm that hit their balloon…that was weird. Really weird…)

(Can I really just call that a coincidence?)

(Or maybe…)

Wesley: “No way. No how…”

Wesley peeked out the ceiling window, looking up at the night sky.

Solomon was alone, sitting quietly with his eyes closed.

(Thank goodness Dorothy is unharmed…)

Solomon: “There is little time left before the birthday of the destined child…of Dorothy.”

Norton: “The Emerald City, is it…?”

Norton closed his eyes, thinking of something.

(It seems that fate has chosen to take Dorothy’s side. In that case…)

Norton: “It seems I have been left with no choice.”

Norton whispered, opening his eyes, his pupils like ice.

After Becoming a Couple

Oz: “Plainly but, I didn’t expect this to happen.”

Oz: “Expect what to happen, you say?”

Oz: “You know hat I mean. ACTUALLY falling in love with you.”

Oz: “When I first met you, you were still just a little girl.”

Oz: “We were supposed to get on my balloon together and go back to our world, but I left you behind…”

Oz: “I’d always regretted that.”

Oz: “I didn’t imagine we’d meet again like this, but…I’m really glad we did.”

Oz: “You’ve grown, become beautiful, and turned into a strong, kindhearted woman. You really surprised me.”

Oz: “I mean, it’s a little boastful to say this, but I’ve gone out with my share of women.”

Oz: “But they’ve all been completely different from you.”

Oz: “I’ve never met a girl like you, Dorothy.”

Oz: “And I felt like…the guilt I had towards you made me consider you kind of like a little sister.”

Oz: “But becoming your actual boyfriend…that saved me.”

Oz: “So I’m truly grateful for this surprise turn.”

Oz: “Dorothy, I love you. We’re definitely going back to Kansas, together!”

Oz: “We’ll build a bright future together!”

Chapter 11: Oz and the Three Kings (13/13)


Though we’d managed to escape Quadlings on Oz’s balloon, it ended up crashing.

I had walked the desperately wounded Oz down the mountain until we had finally reached the Emerald City.

After his treatment, Oz confessed his love for me, making us a true couple.

Oz: “A nice morning, this.”

Oz said, putting his arm around me as he looked at the beautiful flowers of the garden.

Dorothy: “Sure is.”

Though we were an official couple now, I couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed when he was nice to me like this.

Dorothy: “Do you really feel well enough to go on a walk this early in the morning, though?”

Oz: “Well, it’s been so long since I’ve been in the Emerald Castle.”

Oz said, turning his eyes from the garden to my eyes.

Oz: “So I wanted to walk through its beautiful garden. With you.”

His words made me want to smile more than usual.

(Is it because we’re a real couple now?)

Dorothy: “Haha… And you know, the garden really looks like it did back then.”

Oz: “Yeah, it’s the same as before. They’re taking really good care of it.”

It looked like Crowlie had succeeded taking care of the garden, as well.

Oz: “You’re far more beautiful, though, Dorothy.”

My face turned red at his compliment.

Dorothy: “Hey, that’s really embarrassing to hear. I don’t even know what to say back.”

Oz: “Hahah! Ah, that look on your face is adorable.”

Dorothy: “Ozzz…”

I couldn’t tell when he was serious and when he was joking, as usual.”


When I turned to the garden, I saw Toto running around energetically.

Toto: “Huff! Huff! Huff!”

Oz: “he’s definitely a morning dog… Toto! Time for breakfast.”

Toto: “Woof!”

He ran right for us.

Oz: “Let’s all go to the dining hall, shall we?”

He included Toto, I noticed.

(How nice. He considers Toto part of the group.)

Toto had helped us out a lot when we were lost in the mountains. Oz must’ve still remembered that.

Dorothy: “Isn’t that nice, Toto?”

Toto: “Woof!”

When we went to the dining hall, the servants prepared a fanciful breakfast for us.

Dorothy: “This is a little big for breakfast…”

I couldn’t help but be surprised at the masses of food on the table.

Oz: “I don’t think I can handle this much, either…”

Oz’s expression was grave.

(Was Oz always a small eater?)

Oz: “I can barely walk. You think I can eat by myself?”

Dorothy: “Huh? Really?”

Oz: “Guh…back and waist hurt. Guess i shouldn’t have taken that walk.”

Oz put on a near-theatrical display of pain.


Dorothy: “Oz, are you all right?!”

I hurried to massage his back.

Oz: “Dorothy, can you feed me?”

(Wait, eh wants me to feed him?)

Dorothy: “Fine, fine…I”ll feed you, then.” (Intimacy +7)

Oz: “I appreciate it.”

I moved to feed Oz his breakfast, a little embarrassed all the way.

Dorothy: :”Say ahhh.”

Oz: “Ahhh…”

The servant and maid watching us chuckled a little.

Green-clad Maid: “My, how close you are!”

Servant: “Just like a couple.”

(Gah! They were watching!)

My face flared in embarrassment.

Oz: “Haha! We’re not like a couple — we ARE a couple.”

Oz let out a pleased laugh.

Green-clad Maid: “Oh my, is that true?!”

Servant: “This is wonderful news for the populace!”

Oz: “Let them all know, I say! Let all the Emerald City share this joy!”

Oz waved his hands dramatically, getting carried away.

Dorothy: “Hey, wait a minute, I thought your back really hurt!”

Oz: “Oops…”

Dorothy: “You look awfully healthy.”

Oz: “Uh… Ouch! S-So, c’mon, ahh…”

Oz opened his mouth, remembering that he was supposed to be in pain.

Dorothy: “You know, I thought something was odd. I knew you were just kidding when you said you couldn’t eat by yourself.”

I glared at Oz, and he repaid me with a sly grin.

Oz: “Saw through me, huh?”

Dorothy: “It was painfully obvious!”

Oz: “Then why were you feeding me?”

Dorothy: “Well, I…thought that since we’re a couple, it…might be nice…”

Oz: “Now that puts a smile on my face. So, feel like continuing? Ahhh…”

(He just doesn’t know when to quit…)


(You know, seeing him act all cute like this isn’t actually half bad…)

I couldn’t help smiling, and Oz smiled back at me.

Oz: “yeah, you really do look best with a smile.

I felt a mix of embarrassment and joy when I heard that.

That’s when I heard someone hurrying down the hall.


And the moment I took notice of the sound, the dining hall door flew open and someone charged in.

Crowlie: “Where’s Dorothy?!”

Heartmann: “Oh! There she is!”

Leonardo: “Dorothy, I love youuuuu!”

Crowlie, Heartmann and Leonardo had burst into the room, and right when I turned to look at them, Leonardo leapt off the ground towards me with open arms.

Dorothy: “Ahhh!”

Leonardo: “I was so worried, Dorothy!”

Heartmann: “Leonardo, what are you doing?!”

Crowlie: “Get away from Dorothy!”

Heartmann and Crowlie scrambled to pull Leonardo off of me.

Dorothy: “Wh-What are you doing here, everyone…?!”

I looked at the three with surprise, but felt happy to see them, too.

Oz: “What’re the three stooges doing here…?”


Crowlie: “We hurried over once we learned that Dorothy was in the Emerald City!”

Leonardo: “Why were you going to go back to Kansas without telling us anything?”

Dorothy: “I’m sorry…”

Heartmann: “I heard that the Great Oz was injured, but you’re not hurt, are you?”

Dorothy: “Not, not a single scratch on me.”

Heartmann: “Oh, thank goodness! I’m so glad to hear that!”

The three breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Crowlie: “Well, I’m glad to see you’re all right!”

Leonardo: “I’ve been so worried I was even anxious in my dreams last night!”

Heartmann: “In your dreams, too? W-Wait, you slept?!”

Leonardo: “Well, uh…l-let’s just forget I said that!”

Crowlie: “That aside, I’d like to know some details. Just what is going on here?”

Heartmann: “Yeah, you were really vague in your letter.”

Dorothy: “Well…”

Oz: “I put her up to it. I asked her to come with me back to Kansas.”

Crowlie: “But why do that out of the blue? It’s almost Dorothy’s birthday, too.”

Leonardo: “Weren’t we all going to celebrate it together?”

Oz: “We realized we couldn’t have that birthday in Oz.”

Heartmann: “What do you mean?”

Leonardo: “Yeah, tell it to us straight! Or, what, is it something you can’t talk to us about?”


Oz: “…Were you the only ones who came?”

Crowlie: “We are.”

Oz: “Where are Solomon and the other wizards?”

Crowlie: “They know you’re here, if that’s what you’re asking, but…what of it?”

Oz: “…”

Dorothy: “Oz, we can trust them. Go ahead and tell them.”

Oz: “…All right, then.”

Oz turned his eyes to the three.

Oz: “Do you three know of this land’s old prophecy of legend?”

Leonardo: “Huh? Prophecy?”

Crowlie: “I…do recall reading about it in an old tome.”

Heartmann: “So, what kind of prophecy is it?”

Crowlie: “I can’t recall all the details, but I do remember it saying that when the chosen one’s special day comes, something will happen. Or won’t.”

Leonardo: “Wait, which is it?!”

Oz: “The chosen one is Dorothy here.”

Crowlie: “What, really?!”

Oz: “According to the prophecy, when Dorothy’s 17th birthday comes along, her romantic partner will gain an immense power.”

Leonardo: “Seriously?!”

Heartmann: “So her birthday is that special day?”

Crowlie: “Then, that’s why she had to pick a partner in the beginning…?”

Oz: “Solomon and the others want to use Dorothy to gain that power — for who knows what.”

Crowlie: “Lord Solomon?!”


Leonardo: “I…I can’t believe Lord Solomon’d do something like that…”

Heartmann: “But, he didn’t tell us anything about any prophecy.”

Oz: “Yeah. He was using you guys, too.”

Crowlie: “But what would Lord Solomon try to do with that great power?”

Oz: “Wizards have to pay a price to gain their magic. Something that gives them an immense limitation, a weakness.”

Dorothy: “Like how Wesley melts when you throw water at him.”

Leonardo: “So that’s where the Wizard of the West’s weakness came from!”

Oz: “Solomon and the others are plotting to do something about their weaknesses with that power.”

Heartmann: “The others? Do you mean Lord Solomon is conspiring with the other wizards?”

Oz: “You can tell just by looking at how Norton’s following him, can’t you?”

Leonardo: “Oh! So that’s why he revived the Wizard of the West and put him in the running, too!”

Crowlie: “He wanted to have Wesley cooperate in exchange for his revival, then…”

Heartmann: “If this is true, I feel really bad for Dorothy…”

The three looked at me with saddened eyes.

Leonardo: “You looked so happy to celebrate your birthday in Oz, too…”

Crowlie: “If we knew you were just going to be used…we wouldn’t have gone to get you, Dorothy.”

Dorothy: “I know it’s not your fault, you guys.”

Oz: “That’s why I tried to take Dorothy back to Kansas.”

Dorothy: “Since I had to get back to Kansas before my birthday.”

Leonardo: “Ohh…”


Oz: “We tried to leave on my hot air balloon, but we got hit by a bout of sudden bad weather and crashed in the mountains.”

Dorothy: “Oz got pretty banged up, but we managed to get to the Emerald City.”

Crowlie: “I understand why you did what you did, but…”

Crowlie: “…Oz, that was far too reckless!”

Crowlie: “Dorothy may have made it out all right this time, but what if she had gotten seriously injured?!”

Oz: “…”

Heartmann: “I’m grateful to you from the bottom of my heart for granting my wish, Great Oz.”

Heartmann: “But I have to agree with Crowlie on this.”

Leonardo: “Seriously> How could you put Dorothy in danger like that?!”

Oz: “…”

Crowlie: “That isn’t like you at all, either. It’s far too hasty.”

Crowlie and the others started to criticize Oz.

Oz: “True. I’ll admit that it was hasty of me…”

Dorothy: “Wait, hold on, everyone! Oz did all that…”

Dorothy: “Oz did all that for me.” (Intimacy +7)

Oz: “no need to cover for me, Dorothy. They’re right.”

Dorothy: “no, let me at least say this. Oz was more worried than anyone about me being used.”

Dorothy: “So he came all the way to the Land of Oz just to help me.”

Crowlie: “He did…?”

Dorothy: “He’s always been watching over me, always been helping me!”

Heartmann: “Did he become one of your suitors to protect you, too…?”

Leonardo: “That makes sense…since he could always be around her and protect her if he ended up getting picked.”

Dorothy: “He was just in a hurry to get me to a safe place, so please…don’t hold it against him.”

Heartmann: “True. Even though we didn’t actually know the truth, the person thinking of Dorothy the most here…”

Heartmann: “…was probably the Great Oz.”

Dorothy: :”And Oz only got hurt because he protected me.”

Crowlie: “Wait, really?!”

Dorothy: “If he hadn’t, I’d be the injured one.”

Leonardo: “Well, you could’ve told us that earlier…”

Oz: “It’s not something she needs to point out. I just did what was natural.”

Leonardo: “…”

Leonardo: “All right! If Dorothy’ll cover you that much, I won’t attack you anymore.”

Heartmann: “I’ll believe what Dorothy says, too.”

Dorothy: “Thanks, everyone!”

Crowlie: “Oz…thank you so much for protecting Dorothy.”

Oz: “It was nothing, really. Sorry for worrying you three.”


Leonardo: “But I gotta ask…what’re you going to do about Lord Solomon?”

Heartmann: “Well, he does know that Dorothy’s here…”

Crowlie: “Right. I can’t imagine he’ll just let Dorothy go back.”

Oz: “There haven’t been any movements in Quadlings, have there?”

Crowlie: “None before we left, no.”

Oz: “None, huh…”

Leonardo: “We’re on your side! We’re going to protect Dorothy!”

Heartmann: “Yeah, that’s right!”

Crowlie: “As long as you’re in the Emerald City, I won’t let anyone lay a finger on you!”

Oz: “Heh…what a reliable bunch.”

Dorothy: “Thanks, everyone!”

Oz: “Phew…”

Oz exhaled a tired breath.

Dorothy: “Oz, are you tired/ You look like you could use some rest.”

Oz: “Yeah, you’re right… I’ll rest a little in my room.”

Helping Oz up, I moved to get us out of the dining hall.

Leonardo: “Let’s tag along.”

Crowlie: “Indeed.”

Crowlie and the others came along with us.


Oz: “Why’re you guys tagging along?”

Heartmann: “Because w’ere so worried about the Great Oz, aren’t we?”

Leonardo: “Yeah, super worried.”

Crowlie: “Quite worried about leaving the two of you alone, as well.”

Oz: “You guys…”

Leonardo: “Wow, this is a really nice room!”

Oz: “Sorry, but I’m occupying your room here.”

Crowlie: “I don’t mind at all. After all, this castle was built during your reign.”

Dorothy: “Oz, lie down right here?”

Oz: “Ah, thanks.”

I put sheets over Oz once he lay down and softly stroked his hair.

Dorothy: “Get well soon, okay?”

Oz: “You’re by my side, so I’ll be right as rain real soon.”

Heartmann: “…”

Heartmann just stared at Oz and me.

Heartmann: “Something seems odd…”

Leonardo: “What’s wrong, Heartmann?”

Heartmann: “Oz and Dorothy…really look like they’re going out…”

Leonardo: “Huh? Really?”

Crowlie: “Wait, you can’t be serious.”

The three of them focused their eyes on me.


Charisma Contest

Required Charisma: 16,000

Oz: “Heh…noticed, have you?”

Crowlie: “What?!”

Oz: “Dorothy and I are officially going out.”

Oz announced in the smuggest voice he could possibly muster.

Crowlie: “Wait, what did you just say?!”

Heartmann: “Officially going out?! Wh-What do you mean?!”

Leonardo: “That can’t be! Say it ain’t so!”

Dorothy: “Well…we’re going out.” (Intimacy +7)

I said, my face red.

Oz: “Sorry, boys. We fell in love and have come together at last!”

Crowlie: “Y-You fell in love? And you came together?!”

Heartmann: “Dorothy and Oz became an ACTUAL couple?!”

Leonardo: “That can’t be! That isn’t true! Say it ain’t so!”

Crowlie: “…”

Leonardo: “Whoa, Crowlie’s out like a light…!”

Heartmann: “Crowlie, come back!”

Crowlie: “Ah! …Wh-Where am I?!”

Dorothy: “Everyone, calm down!”


Oz: “At ease, my friends. I’ll make Dorothy happy, guaranteed.”

Leonardo: “Nnngh…I wanted to be the one to say that…!”

Crowlie: “This is the worst day ever…I can’t believe this!”

Heartmann: “Dorothy, are you really all right with this?”

Dorothy: “I am. I love Oz from the bottom of my heart. My feelings…they’re real.”

When I answered honestly, the three exchanged looks before nodding.

Heartmann: “Well…I’ll watch you two and cheer you on, then.”

Leonardo: “Yeah…Dorothy’s made her decision, so…congratulations!”

Crowlie: “If that is your wish…I’ll give you two my blessing, as well.”

Dorothy: “Thanks!”

After saying that, the three exchanged looks again and turned back to me with sly grins.

Crowlie: “Well, Dorothy, since you’ve come all this way to the Emerald Castle, allow me to show you around.”

Crowlie took my hand.


Leonardo: “And I’ll come with you, too!”

Leonardo said, putting his arm around my shoulder.

Heartmann: “I’ll be joining as well, of course!”

Heartmann took my open hand.


Oz: “Hey, what do you think you’re doing?!”

Crowlie: “Oz, you’re so terribly injured, so don’t push yourself. Please, rest.”

Oz: “Dorothy’s my girlfriend! Quit touching her like that!”

Leonardo: “You’ve been with Dorothy this whole time, haven’t you? At least let us borrow her for a while.”

Oz: “Dorothy, be my bedside nurse! You guys can get lost!”

Heartmann: “Hm? Is it just me, or does the Great Oz seem s little more nervous than usual?”

Oz: “I-I’m not!”

Crowlie: “And as banged up as you are, you can’t stock us by force, of course.”

Oz: “Crowlie, what’s up with that smug face?”

Crowlie: “Ah, forgive me. Did it get under your skin?”

Oz: “Shut up! And get away from Dorothy!”

Leonardo: “Nnnope! We’re gonna have lots of fun around town!”

Oz: “You call yourselves kings?! Don’t hit on other people’s women!”

Heartmann: “We’re Dorothy’s friends before we’re kings. Isn’t that right, Dorothy?”

(Haha…I wonder why it always ends up like this?)

Oz: “Dorothy, don’t just stand there laughing! Stay back and take care of me, come on!”

Oz and His Friends

Dorothy: “Oz, can you tell me what you think about the people of this world?”

Oz: “Sure, I will.”

Oz: “Crowlie used to be a scarecrow. He’s really studious and pretty active, but he gets really jealous. That’s the problem.”

Oz: “Leonardo used to be a lion. He’s a really passionate friend, and a fun guy to be around. A bit lacking in class, though.”

Oz: “Heartmann used to be the Tin Woodman. He’s nice and the most down to earth of the three, but the guy cries at the drop of a hat…”

Oz: “So, Dorothy and these three fools suddenly showed up at the Emerald City.”

Oz: “Then they came begging for brains, courage, and a heart. You know, hard stuff to give someone.”

Dorothy: “Haha…and now they’re all kings, huh?”

Oz: “Yeah, and they’re humans, too. Stupidly handsome ones, at that.”

Dorothy: “Does that worry you?”

Oz: “Hah, not at all! They’re pretty much the same inside, so I’m totally fine with it.”

Dorothy: “How about Wesley?”

Oz: “That’s the Wizard of the West. Terrible guy. Tried to kill me once.”

Oz: “You obliterated him when you threw water on him, Dorothy, but the guy got resurrected and ended up as one of your suitors.”

Dorothy: “Personally, I kind of want to see where things go with Wesley.”

Oz: “Heh, who knows how that’ll turn out…”

Dorothy: “So what about Solomon and Norton?”

Oz: “Solomon is the great Wizard of the South. He’s pretty much the very top of the Land of Oz.”

Oz: “I’d say he’s the only guy around good enough to be my rival.”

Oz: “Norton is the Wizard of the North. He’s always with Solomon, and that’s suspicious.”

Dorothy: “It is?”

Oz: “They’re both good wizards and rulers of their own kingdoms, but…”

Oz: “I feel like they’re hiding something, so I’d be on my guard around them.”

Dorothy: “R-Really…?”

Oz: “The two of them won’t reveal their true intent so easily. They’re both tough that way.”

Dorothy: “But I think everyone’s really appealing.”

Oz: “What’re you talking about? Obviously I’m the most appealing of them all.”

Dorothy: “Right, right…and please. Please stop that smug face…all right?”

Chapter 12: Plot of the Wizards (13/13)


The next morning, as soon as I woke up, I paid Oz’s room a visit.

Dorothy: “Good morning. How do you feel?”

Oz: “Ah, morning.”

Oz smiled at me from his seat on the bed.

Oz: “I’m feeling a lot better. Figure if I keep this up, I should be moving again in a few days.”

Dorothy: “Well, that’s great to hear.”

I sat down next to Oz, and he gently put his arm around my shoulder.

Oz: “When I get better, I’ve got to fix the balloon.

Dorothy: “You still want to leave on it?”

Looked like Oz hadn’t given up yet.

Oz: “Even if we end up staying here past your birthday, we’ll still need it to get back to Kansas.”

Dorothy: “Oh, you’re right…”

Oz: “If I can bring just the burner and fuel down from the mountains, we’ll manage.”

He’d be able to find the materials he needed in the Emerald City, and the people here would help, too.

???: “Well, don’t leave without telling us this time!”


I looked over to the doorway to see Leonardo standing there.

Leonardo: “Thought you’d be here.”

Dorothy: “What brings you here, Leonardo?”

Oz: “Come to bother us again?”

Leonardo: “I went to Dorothy’s room to ask her to breakfast, but she wasn’t there.”


Dorothy: “So you came here?”

Leonardo: “And I find you arm and arm, whisperin’ away about something…”

Dorothy: “I’m going to make sure to say goodbye before I leave this time.”

Leonardo: “Yeah. Even I’d get mad if you just left us without a word.”

Dorothy: “Yeah…”

Leonardo: “All right!”

Leonardo said with a grin.

Leonardo: “If you need to repair the balloon, just ask. No need to hesitate!”

Oz: “Heh…that’s a big help. But you really just want to be around Dorothy, don’t you?”

Leonardo: “Seen right through me, huh? That’s Oz for you, haha!”

Heartmann: I’ll help out, too. I may not look it, but I’m quite good with my hands.”

Heartmann said, stepping into the room.

Oz: “Even you’re here, huh…?

Dorothy: “Oh, that’s right. Heartmann, you like woodworking, right?”

Heartmann: “Did the great Oz tell you? It’s true. I picked it up as a hobby after becoming king.”

Dorothy: “With help like this, it shouldn’t take too long to fix the balloon, huh?”

Oz: “I guess not…”

Then, Crowlie hurried into the room.

Oz: “Even the scarecrow’s shown up now…”

Oz said with a face of pure exasperation.

Crowlie: “This is no time to be looking flustered! We’ve an emergency on our hands!”

Crowlie looked serious.

Dorothy: “What’s wrong?”

Crowlie: “Lord Solomon…has arrived in the Emerald City!”



Oz: “So, here’s here…!”

Leonardo: “Wait, seriously?!”

Crowlie: “Yes — and he’s come with Lord Norton and the Wizard of the West, as well.”

Heartmann: “The three wizards are all here, huh…”

Crowlie: “I have them waiting at the front of the castle, but I cannot hold them for long.”

Leonardo: “What are you going to do?”

Crowlie: “I…”

Oz: “…”

Leonardo: “If we’re going to fight them, well, I’m ready.”

Heartmann: “If I knew this was going to happen, I’d have brought my axe…no, my sword.”

Dorothy: “Wait, wait!”

Oz: “Got an idea?”

Dorothy: “We…we should meet the wizards.” (Intimacy +7)

Leonardo: “Wait, are you serious?! They’re just going to snatch you up and drag you back to Quadlings!”

Dorothy: “If they wanted to catch me, i think they would have already done it with their magic.”

Heartmann: “You…do have a point there.”

Crowlie: “Does that mean they have some sort of other goal?”

Oz: “We could go see them in person to find out.”

Leonardo: “Should we…really be doing this…?”

Oz: “If we ran away, Wesley would just find us with his divination.”

Heartmann: “Oh, you’re right…”

Oz: “They’re not people we can beat in a fight, either. Not with their magic.”

Crowlie: “Then we’ll meet them all together and show them some hospitality — using that to get them away from Dorothy.”

Heartmann: “I get it. And that way we can find out what Lord Solomon and the others are after, right?”

Oz: “Can you give it a try?”


Leonardo: “No problem! We really want to know if Lord Solomon’s actually trying to use Dorothy, too.”

Oz: “Then it’s settled. Let’s get going to see Solomon.

We went out to see the wizards, finding a golden carriage stopped in front of the castle.

Solomon and the others were standing in front of it.

Crowlie: “Lord Solomon, I apologize for the wait.”

Crowlie apologized to Solomon, seeming as normal as he could be.

Crowlie: “Welcome to the Emerald City. I’m glad from the bottom of my heart to see you.”

Solomon: “Thank you. So, where is Dorothy?”

Dorothy: “I’m here…”

I took a step forward, and Solomon turned a gentle smile to me.

Solomon: “Thank goodness. It’s such a relief to see you.”

Dorothy: “Sorry for making you worry…”

Norton: “Why did you leave the castle without a word?”

Norton asked with a worried voice.

Dorothy: “Well, I…”

Oz: “I took her out of the castle.”

Norton: “Why would you do such a thing? What if the worst had happened to Dorothy?”

Norton accused Oz with harsh eyes.


Heartmann: “Oh, we sure left the castle without permission, too, didn’t we?!”

Leonardo: “Aw, nuts! We’re going to get yelled at, too?!”

Heartmann and Leonardo made a loud show of their concern.

(They’re a little bit too dramatic, but I guess this works…)

Crowlie: “If you’re going to punish Oz, then you should punish us too….right?”

Norton: “You three…”

Norton was about to scold them, but Solomon stopped him.

Solomon: “In any case, it truly is a relief to see Dorothy all right.”

Solomon: “The Great Oz is injured. I’d like to hear about that later.”

Norton: “Great Oz, how do your injuries find you?”

Oz: “I won’t say I’m fine, but I can walk by myself.”

Wesley: “Tch…lucky guy.”

Oz: “…”

Oz and Wesley locked eyes, each glaring at the other.

(Oh yeah! They were fighting!)

Crowlie: “Well, Lord Solomon, I have prepared a table and meal for you. We will show you the utmost hospitality, so please, right this way.”

Solomon: “Hmm…?”

(I hope it all goes according to plan…)


Solomon: “Haha…why, I’m honored> i just happened to be thirsty, truth be told. Aren’t you, Norton?”

Norton: “That I am, sir.”

Norton and Solomon agreed with smiles.

Leonardo: “Mind if we join in, too? I’m starving.”

Crowlie: “But of course.”

Heartmann: “Oh, say. Great Oz, shouldn’t you rest back in your room, instead?”

Oz: “Yeah. Sorry to dip out like this, but I need to catch up on my rest.”

Dorothy: “All right, can everyone go on ahead? I’ll catch up after I put Oz to bed.”

Crowlie: “Very well. Lord Solomon, right this way.”

Solomon, Norton, Heartmann, and Leonardo followed Crowlie into the castle.

(Phew…so far, so good.)

Oz: “…”

Oz turned to me and gave a slight nod.

(Now it’s all up to Crowlie and the others to puzzle out what Solomon’s really after…)

Wesley: “Hey, your dog went off with ’em. Just gonna let him go?”

Dorothy: “Well, you know Toto. First sign of food and he’s off.”

(…Wait, what?)

Dorothy: “Wesley! Why didn’t you go with them?!”

Wesley: “Tch, like I’d hang around them.”

(I wasn’t expecting Wesley to stay behind…what should I do?)


Wesley: “What? Got a problem with  me staying behind?”

Oz: “Yeah, I don’t like having you around. I hate wizards.”

Wesley: “What was that?!”

Oz and Wesley glared again, giving way to the sparks that always flew between the two.

Dorothy: “Hey, you guys!”

(Gah, this is the worst of the worst! What am I going to do?!)

(They’re staring daggers at each other… I think if I step in, that’ll just make things worse…)

(All I can do is watch and wait…) (Intimacy +7)

Oz: “I hate magic. I hate wizards. So, yeah, I don’t like you either.”

(Oz, WHY are you pouring gas on the fire?!)

Wesley: “Hmph. And I hate illusionists, got it? Including you, of course.”

Oz: “You know what a real fool is? Someone who judges someone they don’t even know off of their worthless preconceptions.”

Wesley: “Sounds a lot like you, pal.”

Oz: “So…I’ll apologize.”

Wesley: “…”

Wesley: “What?”


Wesley: “…What was that?”

Oz: “I’m apologizing for talking bad about magic, is what I’m saying.”

Wesley: “…!”

Oz: “Sorry. Forgive me.”

(Oz apologized to Wesley?!)

Wesley: “Tch. Well if that isn’t the smuggest apology I’ve ever heard.”

Dorothy: “But, wait…Oz apologized. Isn’t this a step forward?”

Oz: “A step forward?”

Dorothy: “O-Oh, sorry for butting in…”


Oz: “Even I try to admit my mistakes and make good on them.”

Wesley: “…What do you mean?”

Dorothy: “Well…we heard about the price you have to pay for magic from Solomon.”

Wesley: “What…?”

Oz: “I found out that using magic isn’t nearly as easy as I thought.”

Wesley: “Tch, can’t believe Solomon ran his mouth.”

With that, Wesley trained his eyes on Oz.

Wesley: “So, what do you think of people who make fun of hard-won skills?”

Oz: “I think they’re fools.”

Wesley: “Heh. Good answer. I’ll apologize to you too, then.”


Wesley: “Sorry. Forgive me.”

(Wesley apologized, too! This..could this mean…!)

The two grinned at each other with matching confidence.

(Thank goodness, they made up!)

Wesley: “So, did you sneak out of the castle because you heard about the cost of magic?”

Oz: “Yeah.”

Wesley: “…You know, there was something on my mind, too.”

(There was something on Wesley’s mind, too? What could that be?)

Dorothy: “Are you wondering…if the prophecy is true or not?” (Intimacy +7)

Wesley: “Yeah…Solomon told me about it, but he’s seemed strange ever since.”

Oz: “I think so, too. It feels like he’s still hiding something.”

Oz: “Solomon and Norton can already use magic. Why would they go out of their way to get this vague ‘great power’?”

Dorothy: “Do you think the prophecy itself is fake?”

Oz: “I can’t tell…there’s no way to know.”

Wesley: “But you heard about the price of magic and thought they might be using Dorothy, then…”

Oz: “Well, Wesley, you would think about doing something about your weakness if you got your hands on this big power, right?”

A smile came to Wesley’s lips.


Wesley: “Heh…the price you pay for power, to grant your wishes…it’s not so easily undone.”

Dorothy: “What do you mean?”

Wesley: “The greater your wish, the bigger the price.”

Wesley: “To do anything about the price you’ve paid…you’ve got to pay even more.”

Oz: “So you mean that even if you got this great power, that would come with a cost of its own?”

Wesley: “Something that can grant your wishes, cost-free…that isn’t magic.”

Wesley: “That’s a miracle. Am I wrong?”

Oz: “You’ve got a point, but…in that case, just what are they after?”

Wesley: “Search me. I can’t even wrap my mind around why they went out of their way to revive me.”

Dorothy: “It was Norton who brought you back, right? Under Solomon’s orders?”

Wesley: “Heh. He may have done it under Solomon’s orders, but come on. I’m crazy infamous.”

Wesley: “So I can’t help but feel suspicious that Norton would just bring me back from oblivion without complaint.”

Dorothy: “Hey, wait a minute…”

Oz: “What?”

Dorothy: “The prophecy said that whoever becomes my boyfriend will get that great power, right?”

Dorothy: “So why weren’t Solomon and Norton choices?”

Oz: “What…?”

Dorothy: “Well, isn’t it weird that they gathered up a bunch of suitors to begin with?”

Oz: “Well, yeah. I said I found that strange from the start.”

Dorothy: “Wait, you did?!”

Wesley: “Come on, keep it together here. Remember, they’re after you.”

(Guh… This is kind of complicated, but tripping up like that’s still embarrassing…)


Dorothy: “But, well…you’ll work together and protect me, right?”

Oz: “Work together?”

Wesley: “Us…?”

Oz and Wesley looked at each other, then jerked their heads away.

Oz: “I don’t really like working with a wizard, but…the situation calls for it.”

Wesley: “Heh, I don’t think a magician’ll come in handy, but…sure, why not?”

Dorothy: “Haha, oh you two… We’ve got Crowlie and the others with us, too.”

(Wesley’s a wizard. We’ve gained a powerful ally!)

Oz: “I wonder if the three stooges are handling Solomon well?”

Wesley: “Talking about that fiasco of a play a while ago?”

Dorothy: “You saw through it, huh?”

Wesley: “It was painfully obvious. I’d eat my own bangs if Solomon and Norton hadn’t picked up on it.”

Oz: “Now that is not good…they’re trying to puzzle out what Solomon’s after, so…”

Dorothy: “Are they going to be all right in there…?”

Wesley: “Don’t worry. Solomon’s drinking his tea, pretending not to notice.”

Wesley said after slightly adjusting his eyepatch.

Wesley: “Trust me. I see everything.”

It looked like Wesley used his divination to peek on them.

Dorothy: “Thank goodness.”

Wesley: “But don’t drop your guard. Solomon and Norton are definitely hiding something, so be careful.”

Dorothy: “I will…”


Oz: “Now we’ve got to decide — what do we do from here on?”

Wesley: “I’ll look into Solomon and Norton.”

Dorothy: “Can you handle it alone?”

Wesley: “I wouldn’t worry. No one’s going to suspect me if I start wandering and poking around.”

Oz: “Heh…true, true.”

For some reason, everyone seemed to accept that Wesley went wherever and did whatever he wanted.

Wesley: “I’ll let you know if I find anything.”

With that, Wesley disappeared like fading mist.

Oz: “I don’t like magic or wizards, but he’s a handy ally. No denying that.”

Dorothy: “Haha, he really is.”

That’s when a servant showed up.

Servant: “Ah, there you are, Great Oz. It is time for your checkup.”

Oz: “What? I’m fine now, really.”

Servant: “The doctor awaits in your room.”

Dorothy: “Oz, you really should get that checkup. I’ll be waiting in my room, okay?”

Oz: “You sure you want to go back alone?”

(Hearing him ask that makes me feel a little bit nervous, but…)

(…I can’t worry Oz! He needs to get better soon!)


Charisma Contest

Required Charisma: 22,000

Dorothy: “I’ll be fine, don’t worry about me.”

When I smiled at him, Oz reached out for my cheek.

Oz: “All right. I’ll go to your room as soon as my checkup’s over, so…wait for me.”

Dorothy: “All right.”

I nodded at him, and Oz put a light kiss on my lips.

(Oz, I love you…)

With that, and the servant were off.

Now alone, I started moving back to my room.

(Times like e I really miss Toto…)

???: “Alone, Dorothy?”


I turned back in surprise to the voice behind me.

Norton: “Ah, forgive me. It was not my intention to startle you.”

(Norton?! What’s he doing here?!)

Norton: “Where is the Great Oz?”

Dorothy: “…He’s having a checkup now.”

Since Wesley had just told me to be on guard, I felt a bit nervous.”


Norton: “I see. I do hope he gets better soon.”

Norton put on a look of worry.

Norton: “Though I am quite thankful that you are unharmed.”

Dorothy: “Thanks for your concern.”

Norton: “Yet, I must say, the Great Oz is quite the handful.”

Dorothy: “Huh?”

Norton: “I can scarcely believe he would take you out of the castle and put you in danger like that…”

Norton’s face took on a color of exasperation.

Dorothy: “Oh, but the balloon crashed because of that sudden storm. It wasn’t Oz’s fault.”

Norton: “Indeed, that is the problem —  Oz not being the only issue here.”

Norton smiled, a hint of it seemed strained.

(…What does he mean?)

Norton: “That, however, told me what I needed to know.”

Norton’s smile vanished, and his cold eyes fixated on me.


This wasn’t the Norton I was used to, so I tried to pull away.

Dorothy: “H-Huh…?”

Suddenly, my vision plunged into darkness, and my consciousness rapidly faded.

Norton: “Hmph…”

The last thing I saw before I fainted was Norton’s icy smile.

Behind the Scenes

This happened one evening.

Toto: “Woof!”

Toto decided to take a look around Quadlings Castle.

Toto: “?”

He went to the great hall to find Crowlie sleeping there.

Crowlie: “ZZZZzzzz”

Toto had no idea why he was sleeping in the great hall.

Toto: “…”

Toto, being the nice pup that he was, left Crowlie to his sleep.

Toto then went to the dining hall to find Leonardo talking with his second-in-command, ;Hedgehog.

Leonardo: “Dorothy’s come all the way out to Oz! I can’t leave until the birthday party.”

Hedgehog: “Yet, my king…”

Leonardo: “You taking care of things in the forest means I can stay here without worrying. So c’mon, I know you can do this.”

Hedgehog: “You would trust me so deeply…?! Oh, I’m so happy I can’t help rolling about!”

Toto: “!”

Toto looked in shock as Hedgehog curled into a ball and started to roll.

After leaving the dining hall, Toto peeked into Heartmann’s room.

Heartmann: “Hmm…”

He seemed troubled over something.

Toto: “…Huff!”

Toto didn’t like dealing with other people’s problems, so he left him be.

When Toto peeked into the dance hall, he saw Wesley with his eyepatch off.

Wesley: “I can see it…I can see it…!”

Toto: “…!”

It felt a little creepy, so Toto slowly backed away.

For some strange reason, the door was open, so Toto trotted outside to see Oz taking care of his magic show tools.

Oz: “Heh…I’m gonna surprise everyone with this trick!”

Oz grinned to himself as he fixed up his gear.

Toto: “…Huff!”

Thinking the whole affair unpleasant, Toto decided to visit the greenhouse.

Solomon: “Oh, it’s Toto.”

Solomon, for some reason, struck a pose when he noticed Toto.

Toto: “Woof!”

He didn’t really understand why, but Toto thanked him and left anyway.

Back in the castle, the scent of sweet cookies wafted to his nose.

Toto: “…!”

Toto went right in that direction.

Toto peeked into the room the smell was coming from to see Norton, holding a cookie and–

Norton: “…So you saw, did you?”

Toto: “?!”

Chapter 13: Dramatic Escape (/)


My consciousness slowly floated back from the dark depths it had fallen to.

Dorothy: “Ah! Where am I…?”

I woke up in a completely unfamiliar room.

I crept up to the window and looked outside to see a large city beyond castle walls.

(Hey, that’s…Quadlings! Why? I as in the Emerald City!)

I was shocked at the realization that I was in Quadlings.

Dorothy: “Am I…in Quadlings Castle…?”

I looked down from the window to see that I was quite high up.

The only building tall enough to give you a view of all of Quadlings was Solomon’s palace.

I took a better look around the room. It had a desk, a bedchamber, and more. It seemed like someone lived in this room.

(Well, let’s get out of here, for starters!)

I needed to get help from anyone I knew, like a servant or a maid in the castle.

I ran up to the door and tried to open it, but…

Dorothy: “It won’t open! The door’s locked!”

I realized I was locked in the room and felt a wave of worry attack me.

(What am I going to do? Oz isn’t here…and neither are Crowlie or the others!)

They had to be back in the Emerald City. I knew it.

(I wish Toto was here with me, at least…)

Lacking my ever-present companion, I felt even lonelier.

Then, I heard the sound of the door unlocking, and someone opened it.


Norton: “How are you feeling, Dorothy?”

Into the room came Norton, bearing a tray of food.

Dorothy: “Norton! What’s going on here?!”

Norton: “I am sure you have realized this already, but I brought you here with magic.”

With that, Norton laid the tray on top of the desk.

Norton: “I have brought you breakfast. I imagine you must be hungry by now.”

Dorothy: “I don’t need any breakfast — take me back to Oz!”

Norton: “I am afraid I cannot comply. You will stay here until your birthday.”

Dorothy: “Are you locking me away…?”

Norton: “Indeed. Please, do stay here quietly.”

Dorothy: “You think I’ll just stay here quietly?”

Norton: “Even if you scream and shout, I’m afraid the outside world won’t hear you. There is a barrier around this room, you see.”

(The door’s locked, and I’m so high up there’s no way I can escape through the window…)

Dorothy: “You know Oz and the others will come looking for me.”

Norton: “I imagine they will. However, I have taken the necessary countermeasures. They will not find this room.”

Dorothy: “This is Quadlings Castle, right? Is this your room?”

Norton: “I cannot say I imagined I would end up inviting you to my room like this, but here we are.”

Dorothy: “Why are you doing this?”

Norton: “Heh…you’ve no need to know, Dorothy.”

(What is Norton after…?)

Dorothy: “Are you doing this for the prophecy…?” (Intimacy +7)

Norton: “Oh my. Who did you hear about the prophecy from?”

Dorothy: “Oz and Solomon told me about it.”

Norton: “Lord Solomon told you…?”

Dorothy: “Are you trying to counter the price you paid for your magic with that great power?”

Norton: “Heh…great power, you say…”

Norton let out a cunning chuckle.

Dorothy: “Well, listen, Wesley said that wouldn’t work out at all.”

Norton: “So, you’ve even made an ally of Wesley…”

Norton looked a little surprised to see that.

Norton: “I should have locked you away sooner.”

Dorothy: “Do you really want to get that great power this much?”


When I asked that, Norton’s attitude completely changed.

Norton: “This is not for a reason as paltry as power!”


Norton glared at me, vexed.

Norton: “That prophecy is nothing but lies! There IS no great power!”

(Wait, the prophecy was a lie? There’s no great power?)

Norton: “How wonderful it would be if such an easily obtainable power truly existed.”

Norton said coldly, his tone completely different from usual. It was as though he’d turned into a different person.

Dorothy: “It was all a lie…?”

Norton: “There is a prophecy, that much is true. But the great power — that is a lie of my creation.”

Dorothy: “Why?”

Norton: “Can you not tell?”

(Why would Norton make up a false prophecy?)

Dorothy: “Was it to draw Oz’s attention?” (Intimacy +7)

Norton: “Precisely. He would be fascinated by promises of great power, wouldn’t he?”

Dorothy: “Oz doesn’t care about your power!”

Norton: “Then why did he return to this world?”

Dorothy: “He was suspicious about the prophecy and came because he was worried about me.”

Norton: “Hmph, pointless details — none changing the fact that he was drawn to this world by a lie.”

Norton: “All I needed to do was call Oz here and have the resurrected Wesley participate.”

(I knew it! I knew Wesley was being used, too!)


Dorothy: “But, why would you do that? What are you after?”

Norton: “…”

Norton stepped up to me, put his hand to my chin and lifted it.


I could see his handsome face right in front of me.

Norton: “I realized something, watching Oz.”

Norton’s finger gently touched my lip.


Norton: “One should try to get what one wants at any cost.”

Norton’s cold eyes sent a chill down my spine.

Dorothy: “Stop this!”

I smacked away Norton’s hand and stepped back, putting distance between us.

Norton: “If you simply stay here quietly, then my wish will be granted.”

Norton spoke with his usual tone and politeness, but his eyes were as cold as ice.

Norton exited the room, leaving me alone with my worry.

(What should I do?)

The sound of the door being locked sounded louder than it should have.

Meanwhile, at the Emerald City…

Oz: “Where’d Dorothy go?”

Oz looked out the window with a worried expression.


Oz: “I told her I’d go and get her in her room, but she wasn’t there…”

Oz: “And I can’t imagine she’d go to see Solomon and the others alone.”

Oz: “Wait, did something happen?! I’ve got to search the castle!”

Oz: “Where? Where is she…?”

Oz: “I’ve looked everywhere, but I just can’t find her…”

Leonardo: “Hey, Great Oz! What’re you doing here?”

Heartmann: “Is Dorothy not with you?”

Oz: “Oh, you guys! Weren’t you with the wizards?”

Leonardo: “Since we’re suspicious of Lord Solomon, we just got so nervous…”

Heartmann: “It was hard to be around him, so we slipped out.”

Oz: “Well, what was Solomon like?”

Heartmann: “More or less the same as usual…right?”

Leonardo: “Yeah, for now. Crowlie’s still tending to him, trying to puzzle him out.”

Oz: “Got it. But, hey, have either of you seen Dorothy?”

Leonardo: “Uh, I haven’t. Something up with her?”

Oz: “I can’t find her anywhere.”

Heartmann: “Wait, what? You can’t?”

Oz: “Yeah. She disappeared while I was having my checkup.”

Leonardo: “What, that’s big! We’ll help you look for her!”

Heartmann: “She wouldn’t leave the castle, so she’s still got to be in here somewhere!”

Oz: “All right, let’s split up and look for her.”

That’s when Wesley suddenly appeared.


Wesley: “Hey, wait!”

Leonardo: “Whoa, don’t scare me like that !Where’d you pop out from?!”

Heartmann: “It wasn’t you who took Dorothy away, was it?”

Wesley: “Gah, I knew it. Dorothy’s gone…!”

Heartmann: “Wait, what do you mean?”

Oz: “We can trust Wesley. He’s just as suspicious of Solomon as we are.”

Leonardo: “Since when are you on the same team?”

Oz: “I’ll get to that later. Wesley, what happened?”

Wesley: “I was watching Solomon and Norton with my divination, but…”

Wesley: “…I got curious about Dorothy and looked for her with my power, but couldn’t find her anywhere.”

Oz: “What?!”

Leonardo: “You couldn’t find her even with your divination?!”

Wesley: “She should be easy to find, but I couldn’t. It’s fishy. Real fishy.”

Heartmann: “Wait, is…someone using magic to…?”

Wesley: “that’s all I can come up with.”

Oz: “Guess we’d better ask Solomon and Norton directly.”

Wesley: “Yeah, that’s the ticket.”

Oz: “All right, let’s go to them!”

Oz: “Sorry to interrupt your tea party!”

Oz and the others stomped into the dining room.


Crowlie: “What is going on here?!”

Leonardo: “Don’t worry, Crowlie. Just calm down.”

Heartmann: “We’ll explain everything.”

Crowlie: “But…”

Solomon: “Heh…”

Norton: “…”

Oz: “Dorothy’s vanished from the castle.”

Crowlie: “Vanished?!”

Wesley: “I can’t find her even with my powers. What’s going on?”

Solomon: “I’d imagine she’s in a place protected by a barrier, then.”

Norton: “Is there an area like that in this castle?”

Crowlie: “No, I…I’ve never heard of such a room in this castle.”

Oz: “i need to know if she’s all right, and I need to know now, so I’ll just ask. Where is she?”

Oz looked right at Solomon and Norton.

Solomon: “…”

Norton: “Do you suspect us of something?”

Crowlie: “Lord Solomon, have you done something to Dorothy?!”

Leonardo: “Oh, and the Wizard of the West is on our side, too.”

Crowlie: “Huh?!”


Heartmann: “We’re not too sure, either.”

Crowlie: “Excuse me…?”

Oz: “Come on, out with it.”

Solomon: “If you’re after Dorothy, I think Norton knows where she is.”

Norton: “!”

Oz: “He does…?”

Crowlie: “What do you mean?!”

Everyone’s eyes gathered on Norton.

Norton: “Lord Solomon… Up to your jokes again?”

Solomon: “I’m afraid not.”

Solomon waved his hand, and Norton vanished.

Oz: “?!”

Leonardo: “He’s gone!”

Heartmann: “What’s going on?!”

Wesley: “Tch, that was an illusion! When’d he switch out?!”

Crowlie: “Lord Norton was an illusion?!’

Solomon: “It seems that Norton conjured and illusory double of himself and disappeared on us on the way here.”

Crowlie: “I hadn’t noticed at all!”

Leonardo: “Then was it Lord Norton who took Dorothy away?!”

Wesley: “Who does he think he is…?!”

Oz: “Solomon, had you noticed?”


Solomon: “…”

Solomon quietly nodded.

Oz: “You knew and you didn’t do anything about it?! Why didn’t you tell us?!”

Solomon: “Did you not do the same when you took Dorothy away?”

Solomon trained his vivid eyes on Oz.

Oz: “…Just what are you after?”

Solomon: “I will tell you when we have Dorothy back.”

Crowlie: “Do you know where she is?”

Solomon: “Quadlings Castle, I would imagine.”

Heartmann: “Quadlings!”

Leonardo: “We have to go save her!”

Solomon: “Wesley, can you teleport everyone here to Quadlings Castle?”

Wesley: “Why’re you asking me? Should be way easier for you.”

Solomon: “I…don’t have the power to do that, now.”

Solomon slowly said, lowering his sad eyes.”

Wesley: “…Tch. Fine, fine.”

Oz: “Dorothy… please be safe.”

Wesley waved his hand and snapped his fingers, making everyone in the room disappear.


Locked away in Norton’s room, I desperately though of ways to escape.

(How can I get out of this room…?)

Dorothy: “Oh, I know! I can make a rope from the bedsheets and escape through the window!” (Intimacy +7)

I quickly pulled the sheets off the bed and started to tear them.

(They’re kind of resilient…and it’s hurting my hands.)

That’s when I noticed a pair of scissors placed on the desk.

(Oh, how lucky! Scissors!)

I used those scissors to cut up the sheets.

When I’d cut out a bunch of thin strips of cloth, I tied them together to make a long rope.

Dorothy: “It’s done! I can use this to escape through the window!

I tied one end of the makeshift rope to a leg of the bed, then dropped the other end out the window.

(It can’t reach the ground, but it’s close enough to the window of the room under me!)

If I got into the room below, I should be able to call for help.

(All right, let’s do this!)

With a deep breath, I grabbed onto the rope and crept out of the window.

(Ahhh! I didn’t think I was THIS high up!)

My hair blew in the whispering night wind.

I slowly lowered myself, taking care not to look down.

(I hope this works out…)

The moment I thought that, though, I heard something tear.


Charisma Contest

Required Charisma: 29,000


I saw the rope above me tearing down towards me.

(No way! Am I THAT heavy?!)


The instant my rope tore apart, I reached up, desperate for help.

Dorothy: “!”

And someone grabbed that hand.

???: “I got you!”

(This voice!)

I looked up to see Oz with a reassuring smile, holding on to my hand.

Oz: “I’m not letting you go again.”

Dorothy: “Oz!”

Oz: “Kept you waiting, little miss.”

I could feel tears of sheer joy fighting to get out, but I held them back.

Dorothy: “Took you long enough!”

Oz: “I don’t think my timing could’ve been better.

Dorothy: “Haha, probably couldn’t. Mind pulling me up, Mr. Hero?”

Oz: “Yeah, I’ll pull you up…right…now…”

When he tried to pull me up, his face twisted in pain.


Oz: “Guh!”

Dorothy: “What’s wrong? Does your back hurt?!”

Oz was gravely injured on his back and waist.

Oz: “Yeah, it might be too much for me to pull you up by myself…”

Dorothy: “W-Wait, what are we going to do? You’re going to fall, too!”

Then, familiar faces popped out from the window.

Leonardo: “Forgetting someone?!”

Heartmann: “We’re here, too!”

Crowlie: “You don’t need to worry anymore!”

Toto: “Woof!”

Dorothy: “You guys!”

Wesley: “Leave the tearful reunion for some other time. Oz looks like he’s going to keel over.”

Oz: “Come on, help me out here! My knees are killing me!”

Crowlie: “All right, grandpa.”

Oz: “Hey, who just called me grandpa?! Was it the scarecrow?!”

Leonardo: “Gotten hard of hearing, too?”

Heartmann: “You really are high maintenance now.”

Oz: “Quit treating me like an old timer!”

Dorothy: “Guys, just pull me up! Come on!”

And that’s how I was finally rescued and reunited with Oz and the others.

Unexpected Side of Heartmann

Oz: “What do you guys think of me coming back to this world?”

Leonardo: “I’m really glad to see you, of course! I mean, I owe you so much for granting my wish!”

Heartmann: “And I want you to see our kingdoms and our new human forms.”

Crowlie: “There is, however, one thing I can’t quite accept.”

Oz: “And what would that be?”

Crowlie: “The fact that Dorothy picked you to be her boyfriend!”

Leonardo: “Yeah, seriously! If you hadn’t come back, she’d probably have picked one of us!”

Oz: “hey, that’s totally different from what you just said!”

Heartmann: “You should’ve just come after the partner picking day…”

Oz: “Hey, come on, don’t say that.”

Leonardo: “And you didn’t even bring any gifts! I mean, you call yourself an adult?”

Oz: “I had too much luggage! I couldn’t get it all on the balloon!”

Crowlie: “Yeah, the same balloon you left Dorothy behind on.”

Oz: “Guh…I-I…”

Heartmann: “And she still picked you to be her boyfriend. I can’t quite accept that either.”

Oz: “Enough out of you. This time, I’m going back with Dorothy! You’ll see!”

Leonardo: “Now that wouldn’t be good for us!”

Oz: “Why not?!”

Heartmann: “If you take her away, we’ll really miss her!”

Crowlie: “Go back alone!”

Oz: “You guys just aren’t making any sense…”

Oz: “But, listen. I love Dorothy, and we’re going home together!”

Crowlie: “That resolution is really irksome!”

Oz: “Don’t get irked! Cheer me on!”

Chapter 14: New World in My Hand (12/12)


Oz swooped in at the last minute to save me from plummeting to my death, and my other friends helped pull me into the room.

Dorothy: “Oz…everyone! Oh, thank you so much!”

Oz: “Heh…well, good thing we showed up on time.”

Crowlie: “You’ll be all right now.”

Heartmann: “We’re here for you!”

Leonardo: “All right, time for the counterattack!’

Wesley: “Give me a second to catch my breath, at least…warping you all here’s left me beat.”

Oz: “Thanks for that, by the way. We wouldn’t have made it without you, Wesley.”

Wesley: “No need to thank me. If I don’t pull out a huge spell like this every once in a while, I’ll get rusty.”

I looked to the face of my beloved Oz, and my reliable companions and felt a rush of courage.

I couldn’t feel even a hint of the dark, oppressive worry that was assailing me up until a moment ago.

Oz: “But still…why’d Norton lock you up in here?”

Dorothy: “Oh! Norton told me something big. He said that the great power in the prophecy was just something he made up!”

Oz: “What? Are you serious?”

Crowlie: “It was a lie?”

Wesley: “Tch, I knew it!”

Heartmann: “Then what did he kidnap Dorothy for?”

Dorothy: “I don’t know, but…he did say there was a real prophecy.”

Leonardo: “A real prophecy?”

Oz: “Looks like this all has something to do with that real prophecy, then.”

That’s when I heard the door opening.


Norton: “…!”

Norton stepped into the room, and his eyes went wide when he noticed everyone.

Oz: “Sorry, but we decided to crash in your room for a bit.”

Norton: “How did you get in here?!”

Wesley: “Heh…you’re not the only wizard around.”

Crowlie: “Lord Solomon dispelled that illusion of you.”

Heartmann: “Lord Norton, why did you kidnap Dorothy?”

Leonardo: “I can’t forgive this — even coming from you!”

Norton: “This would have all gone well if you’d just sat quiet for a little longer…”

Norton tensed up, looking at us with cold eyes.

Oz: “Give it up, Norton!”

Oz and the others took up positions in front of me.

Wesley: “Leave this to me.”

Crowlie: “What? Weren’t you tired, Wesley?”

Wesley: “You’re up against a wizard! This isn’t someone you can b–”

Heartmann: “So what if he’s a wizard? With the three of us here, there’s nothing to fear.”

Leonardo: “Yeah, we’re not gonna lose this one!”

Oz: “See? Stupid, right? But when they get serious, they’re pretty tough.”

Crowlie: “We have you with us too, Oz.”

Oz: “I’m just tough…without the added stupid.”

Wesley: “So we’ve got a strong stage magician, a tough pack of fools, and an evil wizard all together.”

Wesley: “This is a pretty tough team, all things considered.”

Heartmann: “Former evil wizard.”

Leonardo: “Since Lord Norton’s filling the evil wizard role right now.”

Norton: “…”

Things could get ugly at the drop of a hat.

(What’s going to happen?!)


???: “That is enough!”

A noble voice echoed through the room, and everyone held their breath.

Solomon: “Let’s put an end to all this. The fighting, and the doubts.”

The noble voice had come from Solomon.

Dorothy: “Solomon?!”

Oz: “He’s finally here…”

Norton: “Lord Solomon…”

When Solomon appeared, the tense air of the room instantly dissipated.

Dorothy: “Solomon,k is it really true that there’s no great power?”

Solomon: “It’s true. The real prophecy is something completely different, I’m afraid.”

Oz: “You said you’d put an end to all the fighting and the doubt. So, how about telling us everything?”

Dorothy: “Yeah, let us in on this.”

Solomon: “Dorothy, I’m sorry for putting you through this painful experience.”

Solomon: “First, let me talk about the true prophecy.”

Everyone looked at Solomon with nervous eyes.

Solomon: “On the day that the chosen one turns seventeen, this world will be born again anew.”

Crowlie: “Wait, are you saying…”

Leonardo: “…that our world…”

Heartmann: “…will be reborn?”

Solomon: “Correct. The birth of a new world. Oz will become something completely different.”


Dorothy: “It will?!”

Norton: “…”

Oz: “How’ll it change?”

Solomon: “It will be reborn based on the will of the chosen one.”

Oz: “And the chosen one is Dorothy, right?”

Dorothy: “Then that means I’LL change the Land of Oz?!”

Solomon: “That’s right. Dorothy is the chosen one of our land, the one who will bring new life to our world.”

(That’s WAY too much responsibility!)

Oz: “So, that’s the real prophecy, huh. Why’d you keep it a secret?”

Solomon: “Because the prophecy will only come true under a certain condition.”

(A certain condition? What could that be?)

Dorothy: “Is that condition…true love, maybe?” (Intimacy +7)

Solomon: “Why do you think that?”

Dorothy: “Well, you made me pick a romantic partner, right? I’d always thought that was strange.”

Oz: “Oh, I get it. It’s like he was telling us to fall in love.”

Dorothy: “Right, so maybe he had me get together with someone because he needed love to bloom for the prophecy to work out.”

Oz: “Makes sense…so that’s why he gathered us up as suitors, then.”

Solomon: “Correct. Since even with magic, one can’t force love.”

Oz: “And if you needed true love coming about of its own accord, you had to hide the true prophecy… Is that what you’re getting at?”

Solomon nodded sadly.


Solomon: “No matter my reasons, I used Dorothy, and that will not change. Forgive me for not telling you the truth.”

Wesley: “…If that prophecy’s true, I would’ve kept it a secret, too.”

Oz: “The responsibility of changing the world is massive. Can’t think of falling in love when you’ve got that on your shoulders.”

(He’s right…Solomon must have been in a lot of pain, not being able to tell me the truth…)

Solomon looked over at Norton.

Solomon: “Nothing you do to Dorothy will stop the prophecy’s power.”

Norton: “…”

Dorothy: “Huh? What do you mean?”

Solomon: “Norton here, you see, was trying to prevent the prophecy from coming to fruition.”

(But, why…?)

Norton: “So you noticed, Lord Solomon.”

Leonardo: “And that’s why he locked Dorothy away?!”

Crowlie: “But why did Lord Norton try to prevent the prophecy from coming true?”

Heartmann: “And here I thought he was trying to use the prophecy himself…”

Solomon: “Norton truly loves our world, so he did not want to see it change.”

Norton: “…”

Dorothy: “So you locked me in this room and wanted to wait until my birthday passed, didn’t you?”

(So that’s how much Norton loves the Land of Oz…)

Solomon: “Norton, what you’ve done…it will bring about the opposite of what you desire.”

Norton: “…What do you mean?”

Solomon: “If you harm Dorothy, her wish will become twisted.”

Norton: “Become…twisted…?”


Solomon: “Should her birthday come about while she’s locked away and scared…”

Solomon: “…the wish she holds in her heart will twist, bend, contort, and that will affect our world.”

Dorothy: “You mean that will make Oz itself become twisted, too?!”

Norton: “…!”

Norton’s face paled.

Solomon: “And you don’t want a world like that, do you?”

Norton: “My efforts would bring about the corruption of Oz…?”

Norton put on a pained face.

Norton: “Then…then what am I to do?!”

When I saw Norton looking like that, I couldn’t help but feel pity for him.

(Norton did this all because he loved the Land of Oz so much…)

He created a false prophecy and put Wesley in the running in an attempt to foil its fruition.

He even went against the man he looked up to most, Solomon, and locked me away.

(All because he loved this world…)

Solomon: “The prophecy can be stopped by no one. Now, it’s all up to Dorothy.”

Hearing that, Norton looked at me with eyes desperate for salvation.

Norton: “…”

His eyes lacked the icy coldness they boasted before.

Oz: “That’s a pretty big responsibility…”

(Yeah, it really is. But…but, I…)


Dorothy: “It’ll be all right, don’t worry! I don’t want to change Oz.”

I said with a smile.

Norton: “…?!”

Oz: “That’s your wish, Dorothy?”

Dorothy: “Yeah, it is.”

Norton: “Why…?”

Dorothy: “Well, I love the Land of Oz.” (Intimacy +7)

Norton: “…!”

Oz: “Haha! Yeah, you sure do.”

Dorothy: “I love Oz the way it is, and I love the people who live here.”

Crowlie: “Dorothy…!”

Heartmann: “Haha…glad to hear it!”

Leonardo: “We love you too, Dorothy!”

Wesley: “Pretty airheaded reason, but it’s not half bad. I like it!”

Toto: “Woof!”

Dorothy: “So I don’t have any reason to change this world. None at all.”

Norton: “Do you mean that…?”

Dorothy: “Every word. There’s no way I would change the Land of Oz!”

Leonardo: “I believe in you, Dorothy!”

Crowlie: “I believe in you, too!”

Heartmann: “Me too!”

Oz: “Dorothy’s a strong-willed girl. I think you can trust her.”

Dorothy: “I promise!”

Norton: “Thank you, Dorothy… Thank you so much!”

Solomon: “Now, we just need to wait for that fateful hour.”

Solomon said with a smile.

Solomon: “Tomorrow, it will be Dorothy’s birthday at last.”


Then, that fateful day was upon us.

Today, I would turn 17.

Toto: “Woof!”

Dorothy: “Good morning, Toto. Did you sleep well?”

Toto: “Woof!”

Toto energetically wagged his tail.

Dorothy: “So, it’s finally my birthday… I mean, I’ve got a birthday every year, but this one is super special.”

Since I’m going to end up deciding this world’s fate.

The responsibility was immense, but i was ready to take it on.

Dorothy: “I love Oz so much, I don’t want it to change…so I’ll have to make sure I keep it the way it is!”

???: “Nice pep talk you’re giving yourself there.”

I looked over at the door to see Oz peeking through.

Dorothy: “Hey, could you at least knock?”

Oz: “Haha! Sorry, sorry.”

With that, Oz stepped into the room.

Oz: “I wanted to play a little trick on you if you were asleep. I’m just reeling with disappointment.”

Oz sat down next to me with that easygoing light tone of his, then looked me right in the eyes.

His lips were smiling, but his eyes were worried.


(He’s joking around to calm me down, isn’t he?)

Happy that he was thinking about me, I leaned on him.

Oz: “Oh?”

Dorothy: “Haha…I just felt like leaning on you.”

Oz: “So you did.”

Oz put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me towards himself.

Oz: “I feel like doing this, too.”

His warmth reassured me so much. I felt a lot safer.”

Oz: “Happy birthday. You’re 17 now.”

He put out his free hand in front of my eyes.

And in the next moment, he was holding a small flower.

Dorothy: “Oh, what a cute flower. Thank you.”

I took it from him.

Oz: “Not quite as beautiful as you, though.”

Dorothy: “Haha…a smooth talker, as always.”

Oz: “I try. Now…I’d love to stay like this all day, but we can’t.”

Dorothy: “What’s up?”


Oz: “What, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten. You’ve got your birthday party today, remember?”

Dorothy: “Oh, yeah!”

Oz: “All right, question. There’s something you need for your birthday. What is it?”

Dorothy: “Something I need?”

Dorothy: “Oh, I need a dress!”

Oz: “Correct.”

Dorothy: “What should I do? I haven’t prepared anything…”

Oz: “Don’t worry, just wear a dress from the wardrobe.”

Dorothy: “Wait, I can just…take one?”

Oz: “Got permission from Solomon already. Don’t worry, I’ve got it all worked out.”

Oz said with a proud look.

Dorothy: “Thanks, Oz. That really helps out. But, uh…could you not look so smug?”

Oz: “Hahaha! Well, let’s head for the wardrobe.”

Dorothy: “Come along, Toto.”

Toto: “Woof!”


Love Choice

Premium: Glamorous Ball Gown (Green) 900 Coins

Normal: Mature Gown (Purple) 490 Coins or 19,000 Spinels

I put on my dress and headed to the dance hall to see a large crowd already gathered.

(There’s so many people!)

The sheer classiness of the hall and its crowd overwhelmed me.

(Last time I came here with oz, it was night and totally empty…)

Then, Crowlie and the others showed up.

Crowlie: “Dorothy, that’s a beautiful dress!”

Heartmann: “You look good in anything, Dorothy!”

Leonardo: “You’re beautiful, Dorothy!”

Dorothy: “Thanks, you guys. Hey, have you seen Oz around?”

Oz should have gone to the dance hall while I was changing.

Crowlie: “Oh, I saw him speaking with guests over there.”

Heartmann: “The Great Oz is really famous, so everyone wants his attention.”

Then, the band started to fill the hall with music.

Leonardo: “Hey, Dorothy! Could you dance with me?”

Crowlie: “I think you should dance with Heartmann, Leonardo.”

Leonardo: “Why should I?”

Crowlie: “Because I’m going to be the one to dance with Dorothy! Isn’t that right?”

Heartmann: “Nonsense, nonsense. I’M the one dancing with Dorothy. Right?”

The three of them offered up their hands.

Wesley: “Get out of here, you lot!”

Wesley pushed through and offered me his hand.

Wesley: “Dorothy, I’ll dance with ya.”

(Wesley, too?!)

Crowlie: “Wesley, didn’t you hate balloon dancing?”

Heartmann: “You really don’t need to force yourself to dance. Really.”

Leonardo: “So go ahead and get lost, yeah?”

Wesley: “Shut up, stooges! Want me to blow you away with a spell?!”

Four eager hands were right in front of me, and I had no idea what to do.

(I’m really glad they’re all offering, but…who do I pick?)

???: “No need to wrack your brains, because your dance partner has arrived.

I turned around to see Oz.

Dorothy: “Oz!”

Oz: “…!”

When Oz looked at me, really looked at me, he let out a startled gasp.

Oz: “You picked a wonderful dress. It looks amazing on you.”

Dorothy: “Thank you.”

Oz: “You’ve grown so much…”

Oz’s compliments brought forth a wave of embarrassment.

Dorothy: “Well, I am 17.”

Oz: “True… Hey, let me do that dance offer over.”

Oz put on a serious face and slowly extended his hand toward me in a gentlemanly manner.

Oz: “Might I have this dance, princess?”

This was the second time he had asked me to dance.

And this was the second time I would give him this answer.

Dorothy: “It would be my pleasure.”

I took Oz’s hand.

Heartmann: “She picked the Great Oz again?!”

Leonardo: “Let us dance with her, too!”

Oz: “Sorry, but Dorothy’s going out with me.”

Oz said with his usual look.

Then, leaving the bitter three behind, Oz took me to the center of the dance hall.

Dorothy: “This is the second time we’ll dance like this, huh?”

Oz: “Do you remember what I taught you?”

Dorothy: “of course. Hart to forget when I’ve got such a good teacher.”

Oz: “then let’s dance.”

We started to dance gracefully, our motions matching the music.

The eyes of the crowd focused on us.

Oz: “This time we’ve got a big audience.”

Dorothy: “yeah, a lot bigger than just Toto this time.”

Oz: “I liked it better when it was just the two of us, though. That was romantic.”

Dorothy: “Haha…it was only a few days ago, but it feels like it’s been so long.”

Oz: “Well, a lot happened.”

Dorothy: “yeah, a lot happened, but…since we can dance together like this, I’m really happy about thieving.”

Oz: “We really changed over these past few days.”

Indeed, our relationship had changed a lot.

Oz: “Right now, you’re so important to me, Dorothy. I love you from the bottom of my heart.”

Oz smiled gently at me as we danced, a sight that warmed my heart.

(And you’re an important man to me, Oz. One I love from the bottom of my heart as well!)

As if my feelings had gotten through to him, his soft hand on mine held me tighter.

Our dance steps matched up as perfectly as our feelings.

Dorothy: “I’m glad I came back to Oz.”

Even if it was only to fulfill the prophecy, I’m truly glad I returned.

(Because I was able to fall in love, true love!)

Oz: “Yeah. I’m really glad I came back to Oz, too.”

We continued to dance, gazing into each others’ eyes.

Everyone watching our dance let out a sigh of awe.

Oz: “How are you feeling now?”

Dorothy: “I feel like a princess in a fairy tale.”

Oz: “Haha! Good to hear!”

Dorothy: “How do you feel?”

Oz: “Like a prince in a that same fairy tale.”

Dorothy: “Haha…you’re my very own prince, Oz.”

Oz: “And you’re my very own princess, Dorothy.”

Time flew by like I was in a dream.

Eventually, the music stopped, ending our dance as well.

The party guests all clapped and cheered for us.

(Thank you, everyone!)

I waved back to them and saw Crowlie and the others as well, waving at us with smiles.

Dorothy: “Let’s go back to everyone.”

[Spoiler Warning!] (Chapter 14 CG)

When I said that and turned to move back to my friends, Oz hugged me from behind.

Oz: “I promise you…”

Oz: “…we’ll go back. Together.”

Oz whispered in my ear.

I put my hand on the one he had around me.

Dorothy: “Yeah. We’re going back together.”

I said with a smile. Oz smiled back at me, then slowly brought his face towards mine.

I closed my eyes and felt a soft, warm sensation at my lips.

Oz: “Let this kiss seal that deal.”

Our feelings were the same.

We were going to do what we needed to do here in Oz, then go back to our world together.

Wonderful days were waiting for us ahead.

So to keep that promise, I had to step up to the duty that had been given to me.

We held hands and started walking.

Oz: “Don’t worry. I’m with you.”

He gazed at me with decisive eyes.

Just like the eyes he showed me with I picked him.

(If he’s with me, I’ve got nothing to be afraid of.)

I firmly held onto his hand.

Dorothy: “Yeah!”

The moment of destiny was slowly drawing closer.


Crowlie: “I don’t want to admit it, but you two were beautiful on the dance floor!”

Heartmann: “You were so perfectly in touch with each other, there was no way we could butt in.”

Leonardo: “Seriously…”

Oz: “Of course it was. Who do you think I am?”

Wesley: “Heh, a mere magician.”

Oz: “Hush up, wizard.”

Wesley and Oz glared at each other, then grinned.

Dorothy: “Thanks, everyone.”

Then Solomon and Norton came along.

Solomon: “Dorothy, happy 17th birthday.”

Norton: “it is finally here…the moment of destiny.”

Since the day that Oz would be reborn had come, everyone looked nervous.

Solomon: “Our Land of Oz will change from Dorothy’s true love and deeply-held wish.

Solomon turned his gaze to me.

(It’s time…!)

Oz: “Dorothy, will you be all right?”

Dorothy: “Yeah.”

I prepared myself. It was time to decide the fate of the Land of Oz.

Boys Talk among Unchosen Ones

Leonardo: “When I look at Dorothy’s smiling face, sometimes I feel really…weird. Complicated.”

Heartmann: “Yeah, I really get that.”

Heartmann: “I mean, on one hand, you want to cheer on Dorothy and Oz, but on the other, you really wish she picked you.”

Crowlie: “If she had picked me, I would have taken her on a tour in the Emerald City.”

Leonardo: “If she had picked me, I’d have taken her out on a walk while we ate great food.”

Heartmann: “If she had picked me, I wanted to cut down trees with her…”

Leonardo: “Hahaha! Why not a date. Why take her to work?”

Heartmann: “I think it’s pretty nice, though, enjoying work together.”

Crowlie: “Dorothy would probably gladly lend you a helping hand.”

Leonardo: “Yeah, I bet. She was quite the go-getter back in our last journey, too.”

Heartmann: “Yeah, you know it. And I mean, we’re all friends from that journey, too.”

Crowlie: “So we’ve got to give her our blessing with smiles on our faces.”

Wesley: “I bet you’re still torn up inside, aren’tcha?”

Crowlie: “The Wizard of the West…when’d you get here?”

Heartmann: “What’s the matter? You look pretty down.”

Wesley: “I ain’t down…”

Crowlie: “Wait…could it be that you’re disappointed you didn’t get picked, too?”

Wesley: “Wh-What’re you blathering on about?”

Leonardo: “No way, there’s no way you’d get picked.”

Wesley: “Hey, you don’t know that! I had a chance!”

Crowlie: “Nope, not happening. The possibility is zero.”

Heartmann: “Yeah. You can imagine whatever you want, but…that’ll stay a fantasy.”

Wesley: “Tch…I shouldn’t have talked to you guys!”

True Ending


Solomon: “Everyone!”

Solomon’s voice echoed throughout the dance hall.

The crowd all fixed their eyes on him.

Solomon: “On this day that Dorothy turns 17, Oz will be reborn as a new world!”

Cries of surprised and eager anticipation rose from the crowd, as well as those of worry.

Solomon put out a hand to quiet the crowd, then continued.

Solomon: “There is nothing to fear!”

Solomon: “Dorothy, the one who would change our world, promised she would keep it the way it is!”

Everyone turned their expectant eyes towards me.

Then, with a gentle smile, Solomon made his request.

Solomon: “Dorothy, your prayer, if you would.”

Dorothy: “Okay!”

I turned to Oz, standing next to me.

Oz: “Believe in your conviction and our love and pray.”

Oz said with a soft smile.

Crowlie: “Dorothy…!”

Crowlie, Heartmann and Leonardo were watching me nervously as well.

Norton: “Dorothy, I trust our fate to you…!”

Norton said as if he were praying and Wesley silently nodded.

Wesley: “Don’t worry. You can do it.”

(I’ve got to meet everyone’s expectations.. No, I will! Definitely!)

Oz: “I’m right here with you. You’ve got nothing to worry about.”

Dorothy: “Thanks, Oz.”

Calming myself down, I softly closed my eyes.

I clasped my hands at my chest and began to pray from the heart.

(Please, let Oz stay the way it is!)

(Let it say a place that my beloved friends can be happy in!)


(Let me true love grand this wish!)

I wished strongly in my mind, and the core of my body started to get warmer.

Oz: “What in the…?”

Crowlie: “Dorothy’s glowing…!”

Heartmann: “No, she’s being wrapped in light!”

Leonardo: “But, why?!”

That’s when I noticed I was covered in rainbow colored light.

Solomon: “The prophecy is coming true… It’s the start of a miracle…!”

Norton: “…!”

Wesley: “The world’s going to change…!”

Toto: “Woof?!”

I calmed myself down and kept on praying.

(I wish Oz stays the same, that everyone becomes even happier!)

Oz: “The light’s spreading…!”

The rainbow light spread farther and farther out from me.

Leonardo: “It’s too bright to see!”

Heartmann: “Just how far is this light going to go?!”

Norton: “The castle…no, all of Oz is being bathed in light!”

The wave of rainbow light swallowed up Quadlings City and moved further, engulfing the mountains, the sea, even the sky.

Solomon: “What a beautiful light…!”

Light engulfed everything.

Eventually, the light gathered together and quietly disappeared.

(What happened to the Land of Oz…?)

I looked out the window to see a beam of gentle light pouring in.

Oz: “Say…!”


Countless rainbows spread through the clear sky, and the wind blew like music.

Solomon: “So, this is the new Oz…!”

The forests were full of flowers and green vegetation, and birds fluttering about as if to celebrate the dawn of their new world.

Crowlie: “It doesn’t look like the world has changed much…”

Heartmann: “But…it is different from before.”

Leonardo: “I’ve seen a world like this before when I was dreaming!”

Wesley: “Looks like no one disappeared, or anything.”

Dorothy: “Then that means the Land of Oz is the same?”

Solomon: “It is. However…”

Solomon: “Norton, have you ever seen Oz this radiant?”

Norton: “I have not. It’s…it’s wonderful!”

Oz: “So this is the new world, huh…it’s beautiful. It’s filled with hope, with kindness, with love.”

Oz turned to me after he whispered that.

Oz: “It’s like a world of dreams.”

(A world of dreams…)

That’s how I had always felt Oz to be.

Solomon: “Dorothy, your prayer changed our world.”

Solomon: “Your love for the Land of Oz and the Great Oz changed the world into a wonderfully pleasant one.”

Dorothy: “My prayer changed the land of Oz…”

Solomon: “Thank you, Dorothy. You allowed our world to be reborn into something far more beautiful.”

Norton: “Thank you very much.”

Solomon and Norton bowed their heads and thanked me.


Dorothy: “Are you sure about this…?”

Norton: “Of course. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Leonardo: “Dorothy, thanks for giving us such a great world!”

Heartmann: “I’m so happy! Thanks!”

Crowlie: “Good thing we believed in you, Dorothy! Thank you so much!”

All the guests in the dance hall, too, showered me with praise and thanks.

Oz: “It all turned out all right, huh Dorothy?”

Dorothy: “Yeah. If the people of the Oz can have even better lives now, I’m really glad.”

Solomon: “Since it was prophesied…this might have been bound to happen.”

Wesley: “It was all predetermined, huh?”

Oz: “What do you mean?”

Wesley: “I’m talking about that storm that crashed your balloon. I can’t think that was just a coincidence.”

Dorothy: “Huh? Someone was behind that?”

Wesley: “It probably happened because you were trying to leave this world.”

Dorothy: “Who did it, though?”

Wesley: “The world itself.”

Solomon: “The Land of Oz must have wanted this to happen.”

Oz: “So, this is the will of Oz…huh.”

Norton: “I was thinking along those lines, as well.”

Wesley: “And that’s why you resorted to locking her away?”

Norton nodded quietly.


Norton: “I should have trusted in both Dorothy and the prophecy from the start.”

Dorothy: “That’s all right, Norton. The Land of Oz has turned into the best place its ever been — we’ve all got to celebrate it together.”

Oz: “Yeah. Today’s your birthday, and the birthday of this new land.”

Solomon: “I would love to do just that, but it seems that we do not have the time.”

Dorothy: “What…?”

Solomon gazed at Oz and me.”

Solomon: “There is no time left for the two of you in this world, I’m afraid.”

Dorothy: “Wait, what do you mean?”

Leonardo: “Are you leaving, Dorothy?!”

Heartmann: “That’s way too sudden!”

Crowlie: “No one told us about this!”

Oz: “Is this the will of this world, too?”

Solomon: “Indeed. There is nothing I can do about it.”

Dorothy: “Then this means I”ll have to say goodbye?”

Solomon: “All that I can do is open the path that will take you back home.”

Wesley: “Because she’s from another world, huh…”

Solomon nodded at Wesley’s words.

Dorothy: “Oh, no…”

Oz: “Dorothy…”

Oz said in a soothing tone.


Oz: “You did what you had to do as the chosen one. Leaving everyone behind will be hard, but…you have to go home.”

Dorothy: “But…”

Oz: “Oz is a dream world, Dorothy. It’s not a place we should be. And besides…”

Oz: “We promised to go home together, didn’t we?”

I hadn’t forgotten that promise.

Dorothy: “Yeah…”

Solomon: “Then it is time to open the door between our worlds.”

Solomon stretched his arms out wide.

Solomon: “Come forth, door that links our lands!”

Particles of light gathered together then flashed, leaving behind a golden door.

Solomon: “You can go through this door to return to Kansas.”

The golden door began to open with a heavy groan.

Leonardo: “Dorothy, you’ve got to actually tell us goodbye this time!”

Heartmann: “Yeah, it’d be awful to just leave without a word this time!”

Crowlie: “Dorothy…!”

The three closed the distance between us, tears in their eyes.

Dorothy: “Everyone, thank you for everything! I’m so happy we got to meet again!”

Heartmann: “We feel the same! I mean, we’re friends.”

Dorothy: “Yeah, and we always will be.”

Heartmann: “T-Take care, Dorothy… Ohhh…”

Heartmann burst out into tears and wiped his eyes with his handkerchief.

Dorothy: “You take care too, Heartmann.”

Crowlie: “I Don’t want to say goodbye, but…I’ll see you off with a smile. I hope you live happily with Oz.”

Dorothy: “Thank you, Crowlie. I hope you’ll be happy, too.”

Crowlie: “Oz, there’s something I need to tell you.”


Oz: “What’s that?”

Crowlie: “I’ll never forgive you if you make Dorothy unhappy.”

Oz: “Heh, I’ll promise, then. I’ll make her happy, no matter what. Take care, Emerald King.”

Leonardo: “Dorothy, I love youuuu!”

Dorothy: “Oh, Leonardo, I love you, too. Tell the animals back in the forest I said hi, okay?”

Leonardo: “I definitely will! Take care, and never let go of the Great Oz, okay?”

Wesley: “Tch…this is too cheesy. I’m going to bed.”

Dorothy: “Wesley, come on. We finally became friends. Are you really going to walk out on us?”

Wesley: “Excuse me? FRIENDS? I don’t need any friends.”

Dorothy: “Well, you’ve got Crowlie and the others now, haven’t you? Come on, no need to hide it.”

Wesley: “…Don’t order me around!”

Oz: “C’mon, don’t say that. You helped out a lot. Farewell, friend.”

Wesley: “Tch…yeah, bye. …Take care.”

Norton: “Dorothy, I did something truly terrible to you. I must beg your forgiveness.”

Dorothy: “I already have. Keep on loving the Land of Oz, all right?”

Norton: “Thank you so much. I will be praying for your happiness.”

Solomon: “Dorothy, allow me to thank on you behalf of all the people of this land. I am truly grateful.”

Dorothy: “You take care too, Solomon.”

Solomon: “Great Oz, I am grateful to you, too. Thank you.”

Oz: “That’s what I want to say to you. I found something incredibly important, all thanks to you.”

Solomon: “Haha…well, I’ll be praying for your happiness. Take care, the both of you.”

Oz and I stood in front of the golden door.


Dorothy: “Goodbye, everyone! I hope you stay happy!”

Oz: “Take care, everyone! Goodbye, Land of Oz!”

The people watching us all said their goodbyes and farewells.

Oz: “Well, let’s go home!”

Oz took my hand.

Dorothy: “Yes, let’s.”

I held onto his hand tight.

The two of us stepped through the door, and Toto hurriedly leapt through the door after us.

Toto: “Woof!”

Dorothy: “Oh, sorry, Toto! I almost forgot you!”

I heard the door starting to close and turned back.

My beloved friends were all waving at me.

Crowlie: “Goodbye, Dorothy!”

Heartmann: “Take care!”

Leonardo: “See ya, Dorothy!”

Dorothy: “Goodbye, everyone!”

The door closed, and I could no longer see them.

All of the loneliness I had been holding back all came up at once.

(Goodbye, my beloved Land of Oz…)

Oz: “Look, it’s the Rainbow Bridge!”

The Rainbow Bridge stretched out in front of us over the blue sky below.

Oz: “Kansas is waiting for us just over this bridge.

Dorothy: “Yeah, let’s go!”

Still holding each other’s hands, we started walking.


Oz: “It’s pretty strange, walking on a rainbow.”

Dorothy: “You think it would be safer on the balloon?”

Oz: “Yeah…but you know, one of these days I want to try making a new hot air balloon. One that goes farther, faster than the one I have now.”

Dorothy: “Oh yeah?”

Oz: “Yeah. And I can do it. Illusionists are pretty good with new technology.”

Dorothy: “So they can use them in their new tricks?”

Oz: “Exactly. So you know I can pull it off.”

Dorothy: “Wow, that sounds like a vessel right out of a dream .I’d love to give it a ride.”

Oz: “Haha! You will one day. We’ll ride it together!”

That, however, is when it happened.

Dorothy: “Huh…?!”

We were pulled apart, as if by an invisible force.

Oz: “What’s going on…?!”

No matter how much I struggled or held my ground, it pulled me away.

Dorothy: “Oh, our hands…!”

I panicked, seeing our hands about to slip apart.

Oz: “Don’t let go…!”

Oz reached out with everything he had.

Dorothy: “Oz! Oh no, I can’t hold on!”

We came to a point where our fingers were just barely touching.

They would pull apart at any moment.

Dorothy: “Ahh!”

Our hands finally came apart, and Oz went flying away.

Oz: “Dorothy…!”


(We’re going to get separated!)

Oz: “Dorothy, just wait! I’ll come for you!”

Oz’s desperate voice was the last thing I heard before my consciousness started to fade.

(Oz…I’ll be waiting…)

Unable to say that out loud, I fainted.

Toto: “Woof, woof!”

(Toto’s…calling me…)

Toto: “Woof, woof!”

Toto: “Woof!”

When I came to, I saw Toto peering into my face.

Dorothy: “Where am I…?”

That’s when I noticed my house in Kansas, the one I’d seen so many times.

Dorothy: “I’m…I’m back…”

(Oh! Oh, where’s Oz?!)

I hurriedly pulled myself up and looked around the area.

Oz, however, was nowhere to be seen.

Dorothy: “Oh, no…we really did end up separated!”

A deep sadness and a boundless worry engulfed me.

Toto: *Whine*

Dorothy: “We managed to stick together, huh Toto?”

That was the only silver lining this cloud had.


I noticed something and looked up.

Dorothy: “If Toto’s back with me, that means that Oz should be back in this world, too!”

A small ray of hope shone through my vortex of sadness and worry.


Toto: “Woof!”

Toto barked, like he was trying to cheer me up.

(Now, right before I fainted, Oz said something…)

Oz: “Dorothy, just wait! I’ll come for you!”

Dorothy: “Oh, that’s right! He told me to wait till he’d come to me!”

Toto: “Woof!”

Dorothy: “I believe in him! He’s the man who came to save me when I was locked away!”

(Oz will come for me, I just know it!)

My hope grew and grew, pushing away the sadness and anxiety.

Dorothy: “Oh, but…”

Then, another idea floated into my mind.

Dorothy: “Hey, Toto, should I just…stay still? Really?”

Toto: “?”

Dorothy: “I mean, I don’t know when he’ll come, right?”

Dorothy: “Then shouldn’t I look for him? To see him again sooner?”

I thought that was a great idea.

Toto: “Woof, woof!”

Toto barked and wagged his tail, as if to agree with me.

Dorothy: “I’ve decided it, then! I’m going to look for Oz!”

My hope obliterated any negativity lingering in my mind, morphing into courage surging through my body.

Dorothy: “Well, I’d better get ready right after I go see Aunt Em and Uncle Henry!”

Toto: “Woof!”

(Oz, I’ll find you again! I just know it!)

Then, a few days later.

I’d been searching for Oz since then, but I couldn’t find him anywhere.

Dorothy: “He’s really nowhere to be found, huh…?”

Toto: “*Whine*”

Toto, who’d been helping me look, let out a defeated whine.

Dorothy: “So he isn’t in this town, is he…”

He wasn’t in the town i looked around in yesterday either.

Or the one in the day before that. Or the one the day before THAT.

(I’m going to go crazy if I don’t get any clues…)

Toto: “*Whine*”

Dorothy: “You tired, Toto? We can take a little break.

I looked around for a place we could rest, but…

(Wait, which way did I come from again?)

I’d never been to this town before, so I didn’t know the lay of the land.

(Wait, I’m not…lost, am I…?)

It was a big town, and the roads were almost maze-like.

(Wait, I really AM lost! Oh, what am I going to do…?!)

(I might not even be able to get back home…)

Thinking that just made things scarier.

???: “What’re you doing?”



Hearing a voice all of a sudden from behind, I got so shocked I thought my heart would stop.

The moment I was about to scream, someone covered my mouth with their hand.


???: “Whoa, no screaming now.”

A familiar voice whispered into my ear.

(Wait a minute…?!)

The hand over my mouth slowly pulled away, and I quickly turned around.

Oz: “Howdy, little miss.”

Standing behind me was Oz.

Dorothy: “Oz…?!”

I knew he was Oz, but I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Oz: “You all right?”

He peered into my face with a worried look.

Dorothy: “Is it really you, Oz?”

Oz: “I don’t think there are any other Ozs around.”

Dorothy: “Oz! I thought my heart would stop!”

Oz: “Did I startle you that much?”

Dorothy: “Well, I…I didn’t think we’d meet in a place like this.”

Oz: “Sorry about that. Wasn’t trying to scare you.”

Oz: “But, what were you doing here, anyway?”

Oz: “I told you to wait because I’d come get you, didn’t I?”

Oz said in mock exasperation, smiling.

I was really happy to see that smile again after so long.


Dorothy: “But you didn’t even tell me when you’d come to get me.”

Oz: “C’mon, don’t ding me on that. I was looking for you every day.”

Dorothy: “I didn’t want to just stand around and wait, so I went looking for you, too.”

Oz: “Heh…that’s totally like you. You really are tough.”

Oz said, looking at my feet.

Oz: “You dirtied your shoes that much…”

Then, he turned his eyes back to mine and smiled gently.

Oz: “You’ve come a long way, but don’t worry. I’ll never leave you again.”

Dorothy: “Oz…!”

Unable to contain the emotions bursting out of me, I flung my arms around him.

Oz: “I’m not letting you go, ever again.”

Oz held me tight too.

Dorothy: “I’m never leaving you again!”

We might have met in the Land of Oz, a dreamland in its own right, but this wasn’t a happy dream.

Oz: “Thank goodness…we really did get back together, just like we promised.”

I never forgot that promise.

Dorothy: “We sure did.”

Oz: “This…is where my journey ends.”

Dorothy: “It isn’t over yet.”

Oz: “It isn’t?”

Dorothy: “No. It starts now — with the two of us.”

Oz’s journey of atonement may have finished, but this is where the journey of our life together began.


Oz: “Heh…you’re right. Let’s have a fun one!”

Dorothy: “That’s a promise, Oz.”

Oz: “Yeah, I promise. If I let you down, those three stooges’ll never let me hear the end of it.”

Oz: “But, you know…”

I could feel Oz holding me tighter.

Dorothy: “Oz…?”

Oz: “I didn’t think I’d see you again so soon…”

Oz: “I was ready to find you wherever in the world you’d ended up. No matter how many days, months…years it took.”

Dorothy: “Oz…”

I could tell from his voice just how much Oz loved me.

Oz: “And if you ended up back in Quadlings…I was going to go back to Oz.”

Dorothy: “But, without the Rainbow Bridge or your balloon, you can’t…”

(You can’t get back to Oz, right?)

Oz: “That doesn’t matter.”

Oz: “If you’d been sent back to Oz, I’d have gone back no matter what it took.”

Oz: “Because I promised you I’d find you.”

When Oz loosened his grip on me, he took my hand.

And just like when he played his magic trick, he laid a kiss on the back of my hand.

Oz: “Dorothy, you’re the only woman I’ve ever loved. I vow to never let go of this hand.”

Dorothy: “I do, too.”

I held Oz’s hand, too. Then, we found ourselves gazing into each other’s eyes.

[Spoiler Warning!] (True Ending CG)

Oz: “Let me show you that love…”

Oz’s face drew closer, and I quietly closed my eyes.

His gentle lips on mine made me remember that long journey.

(I’m going to live with Oz… I may not see all of my friends from that world again, but…)

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to miss them.

(But they’re still in our hearts.)

Along with the Land of Oz that I loved so much.

As they would be forever.

The True Ending Completed!

Oz: “Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end!”

Dorothy: “I’m so happy we made it safely back to Kansas! Congratulations!”

Toto: “Woof, woof!”

Dorothy: “Toto’s congratulating you, too!”

Oz: “Yeah…living happily in our world really is the best ending.”

Dorothy: “You’re right! Oh, but…”

Oz: “What?”

Dorothy: “We might just be able to stay in Oz, you know?”

Oz: “You mean…another ending?”

Dorothy: “Yeah, and I hear the other endings have different pictures, too.”

Oz: “Different pictures for different endings, huh…”

Dorothy: “Aren’t you curious about them?”

Oz: “I have to admit, I am… I feel like something crazy will happen in some of them, too.”

Dorothy: “Want to take a look?”

Oz: “You’re really selling these hard, aren’t you? Do you know what happens? If you do, tell me a bit.”

Dorothy: “I don’t know either. We’ll know if we see them, though! Right?”

Oz: “That’s true, but…”

Toto: “Woof, woof!”

Oz: “Hey, Toto just ran off!”

Dorothy: “We went to another ending! Let’s go after him!”

Oz: “Heh…so that’s how it is, huh? Well, let’s go to that other ending!”

Friends Ending (14/14)


A tiny hint of dread squirmed about in my heart. Now, of all times.

(What am I worried about? Why now…?)

Oz: “Pray, Dorothy. Believe in your feelings and the true love between us and pray.”

Oz said with a gentle smile.

His smile and words wiped the worry in my heart away.

Crowlie: “Dorothy…!”

Crowlie and the other two were looking at me with concern in their eyes.

(I won’t be alone in changing the world. I’ve got my friends, too…)

Solomon’s voice rang through the dancing hall.

Solomon: “Everyone!”

Everyone in the hall had their eyes on Solomon.

Solomon: “On this day that Dorothy turns seventeen, the Land of Oz will become a new world!”

Cries came from the crowd. Surprise, anticipation, and worry.

After calming them, Solomon continued.

Solomon: “There is nothing to fear!”

Solomon: “Dorothy, the one who will change our world, is a hero! She will bring Oz to even greater glory!”

The crowd turned to me with expectant eyes.

Then, a gentle smile at his lips, Solomon made his request of me.

Solomon: “Dorothy, your prayer, if you would.”

Dorothy: “All right!”

Norton: “Dorothy, it is in your hands!”

Norton said with a reverent look, and Wesley nodded quietly.

Wesley: “No worries. You can do it.”

(Everyone’s counting on me. I have to come through… No, I WILL come through! No matter what!)

Oz: “There’s nothing to worry about. I’m right here.”

Dorothy: “Yeah.”

I gave Oz a confident nod and quietly closed my eyes.

Then, clasping my hands at my chest and focusing on my love for Oz, I started praying.

(Please, let Oz stay the way it is, and let everyone become even happier!)


(Let me true love grant this wish!)

I wished strongly in my mind, and the core of my body started to get warmer.

Oz: “What in the…”

Crowlie: “Dorothy’s glowing…!”

Heartmann: “No, she’s being wrapped in light!”

Leonardo: “But, why?!”

That’s when I noticed I was covered in rainbow-colored light.

Solomon: “The prophecy is coming true… It’s the start of a miracle…!”

Norton: “…!”

Wesley: “The world’s going to change…!”

Toto: “Woof?!”

Oz: “The light’s spreading!”

The rainbow light spread farther and farther out from me.

Leonardo: “It’s too bright to see!”

Heartmann: “Just how far is this light going to go?!”

Norton: “The castle…no, all of Oz is being bathed in light!”

The wave of rainbow light swallowed up Quadlings City and moved further, engulfing the mountains, the sea, even the sky.

Solomon: “What a beautiful light…!”

Light engulfed everything.

Eventually, the light gathered together and quietly disappeared.

(What happened to the Land of Oz…?)

I looked out the window to see a beam of gentle light pouring in.

Oz: “Say…!”


The new Oz shone, full of bright light.

Solomon: “So this is the new Oz…”

The forests were full of flowers and green vegetation, the birds fluttering about as if to celebrate the dawn of their new world.

Crowlie: “It doesn’t look like the world has changed much…”

Heartmann: “But…it is different from before.”

Leonardo: “I can’t really explain it myself, but it’s like…brighter. Nicer than before.”

Wesley: “Looks like no one disappeared, or anything.”

Dorothy: “Did the land of Oz change? Or did it stay the same?”

Solomon: “It is the same. However…”

Solomon: “Norton, have you ever seen Oz this radiant?”

Norton: “I have not. It’s…it’s wonderful!”

Oz: “So this is the new world, huh… It’s beautiful. It’s filled with hope, with kindness, with love.”

Oz turned to me after he whispered that.

Oz: “It’s like a world of dreams.”

(A world of dreams…)

That’s how I had always felt Oz to be.

(This is the Land of Oz I’d always loved!)

Solomon: “Dorothy, your prayer changed our world.”

Solomon: “Your love for the Land of Oz and the Great Oz made the world’s change a wonderfully pleasant one.”

Dorothy: “My prayer changed the Land of Oz…”

Solomon: “Thank you, Dorothy. You allowed our world to be reborn into something far more beautiful.”

Norton: “Thank you very much.”

Solomon and Norton bowed their heads and thanked me.

Dorothy: “Are you sure about this…?”


Norton: “Of course. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Leonardo: “Dorothy, thanks for giving us such a great world!”

Heartmann: “I’m so happy! Thanks!”

Crowlie: “Good thing we believed in you, Dorothy! Thank you so much!”

All the guests in the dance hall, too, showered me with praise and thanks.”

Oz: “It all turned out all right, huh Dorothy?”

Dorothy: “Yeah. If the people of Oz can have even better lives now, I’m really glad.”

Solomon: “Since it was prophesized, this might have been bound to happen.”

Wesley: “It was all predetermined, huh?”

Oz: “What do you mean?”

Wesley: “I’m talking about that storm that crashed your balloon. I can’t think that was just a coincidence.”

Dorothy: “Huh? Someone was behind that?”

Wesley: “It probably happened because you were trying to leave this world.”

Dorothy: “Who did it, though?”

Wesley: “The world itself.”

Solomon: “The Land of Oz must have wanted this to happen.”

Oz: “So, this is the will of Oz, huh…”

Norton: “I was thinking along those lines, as well.”

Weesley: “And that’s why you resorted to locking her away?”

Norton nodded quietly.


Norton: “I should have trusted in both Dorothy and the prophecy from the start.”

Dorothy: “This is all right, Norton. The Land of Oz has turned into the best place it’s ever been — we’ve all got to celebrate it together.”

Solomon: “I would love to do just that, but it seems that we do not have the time.”

Dorothy: “What…?”

Solomon gazed at Oz and me.

Solomon: “There is not time left for the two of you in this world, I’m afraid.”

Dorothy: “Wait, what do you mean?!”

Leonardo: “Are you leaving, Dorothy?!”

Heartmann: “That’s way too sudden!”

Crowlie: “No one told us about this!”

Wesleu: “Because she’s from another world, huh…”

Solomon nodded at Wesley’s words.

Dorothy: “Oh, no…”

Oz: “Dorothy…”

Oz said in a soothing tone.

Oz: “You did what you had to do as the chosen one. Leaving everyone behind will be hard, but…you have to go home.”

Dorothy: “But…”

Oz: “Oz is a dream world, Dorothy. It’s not a place we should be. And besides…”

Oz: “We promised to go home together, didn’t we?”

I hadn’t forgotten that promise.

Dorothy: “Yeah…”

Solomon: “Then it is time to open the door between our worlds.”

Solomon stretched his arms out wide.

Solomon: “Come forth, door that links our lands!”

Particles of light gathered together, then flashed, leaving behind a golden door.


Solomon: “You can go through this door to return to Kansas.”

The golden door began to open with a heavy groan.

Past the door, I could see a deep blue sky above the great Rainbow Bridge.

(Kansas is just over the Rainbow Bridge…!)

(But if I cross it…I’ll be leaving the Land of Oz.)

Sadness assailed my mind when I thought that.

(Should I really just…leave like this?)

Crowlie: “Dorothy…”

Crowlie and the others were looking at me, their reluctance to see me go written on their faces.

(I want to at least say goodbye to my beloved friends…)

Oz: “What’s the matter?”

Oz asked, noticing my hesitation.

Oz: “You’re going back to Kansas, aren’t you?”

Dorothy: “Could I…could I get a little more time?”

Oz: “What are you on about? Solomon just said we didn’t have any more time.”

Solomon: “The golden door can only stay open for so long.”

Norton: “…”

Wesley: “Unfortunately, I don’t think that door’s opening again once it closes.”

Dorothy: “What, really?!”

Solomon: “I’m afraid Wesley is correct.”

Norton: “…”

Dorothy: “I at least want enough time to say goodbye to everyone!”

Solomon: “…”

Solomon’s silence told me that was impossible.


Leonardo: “Dorothy, are you just going to…leave?”

Heartmann: “I wish we could be with you for a little longer…”

Crowlie: “What a shame…”

It looked like the three felt the same way as I did.


Norton: “I…”


Norton: “I will take care of this.”

Norton said, a determined look on his face.

Solomon: “…”

Wesley: “!”

Dorothy: “You can?!”

Norton: “As thanks for preserving the Land of Oz, I will make it so that you have an extra day.”

Oz: “Can you really do that?”

Norton: “I can. Leave this to me.”

Dorothy: “Oz, please, let’s let Norton help us!”

Dorothy: “I really want to have some time to say goodbye to everyone before we go back!”

Oz: “All right. Let’s give everyone a proper goodbye so we can go back with no regrets.”

Leonardo: “Sweet!”

Crowlie: “We get to have another day with Dorothy!”

Heartmann: “Let’s make this the best day ever!”

Solomon: “…Norton, are you all right with this?”

Norton: “I have done something awful to Dorothy.”

Norton: “Though I do not think this is enough to atone…I hope to make it up to here, even just a little.”

Solomon: “…”

Solomon silently nodded.


Wesley: “Heh. You’re wasting your time. Not even Solomon can pull this off. What makes you think you–”

Norton waved his hand at the golden door, ignoring Wesley.

Norton: “…”

He closed his eyes and focused.

Then, in the next moment, an invisible wave poured out from him.


The pressure from the wave blew my hair back.

Wesley: “Wait, what’d he…?!”

Norton: “Phew…”

Norton exhaled and opened his eyes.

Norton: “:…Now the door will stay open until tomorrow.”

Norton said with a bright smile.

Large beads of sweat appeared on his forehead, showing just how tired he was.

Dorothy: “Norton, are you all right?”

Norton: “Worry not. I am simply a little tired from using unfamiliar magic.”

Norton smiled gently.

Dorothy: “Thank you, Norton! I am so grateful!”

Leonardo: “We did it, Dorothy!”

Heartmann: “Now we can continue your birthday party!”

Crowlie: “Let’s all celebrate Dorothy’s birthday — and the new Oz’s birthday, too!”


The band started playing again, and people took to the dance floor.

Norton: “If I could be excused…”

Norton quietly shuffled out of the dance hall.

Solomon looked at Norton leaving with worried eyes.

Solomon: “Norton…”

Wesley, too, looked at Norton with suspicious eyes.

Wesley: “Norton’s got the least magical power of all of us. Why’d he…”

Oz: “Something up, Wesley?”

Wesley: “No, it’s nothing…”

Dorothy: “Come on, Wesley, don’t look like that. Come join the fun!”

Wesley: “Yeah, you’re right…and you know, Dorothy, I’ll dance with you. My treat.”

Crowlie: “I’m afraid Dorothy will be dancing with me!”

Heartmann: “Nope, you’re thinking of me!”

Leonardo: “It’s obviously going to be me, you guys!”

Dorothy: “That’s enough fighting, you guys! Everyone will get a turn!”

Oz: “Don’t forget I”m here, all right?”

Dorothy: “Of course I wouldn’t forget. So just line up with everyone.”

Oz: “Wait, I’ve got to get in line, too?!”

Crowlie: “We’re already in line. And you’re in the back, Oz.”

Oz: “Me? The boyfriend? Getting the back of the line?!”

Wesley: “Yeah, you’re behind Toto.”

Toto: “Woof!”

Oz: “Even Toto’s here?!”

And with that, we all had an absolute ball at my birthday party.


That night.

Dorothy: “Oh, that birthday party was such fun!”

Oz: “Yeah, it was a good time.”

Crowlie: “The time you’ve been here sure went by fast, Dorothy.”

Leonardo: “Yeah, even though so much happened.”

Heartmann: “I’m just so glad I got to see Dorothy again.”

Dorothy: “I’d always wanted to see you three again, so I’m really glad I did.”

Crowlie: “To be honest, I’m pretty disappointed I didn’t get to be Dorothy’s partner, even now.”

Leonardo: “Hey, me too. And you know what’s even worse?”

Leonardo: “I mean, if it was one of us three, I’d be able to take that. But seriously? The Great Oz got picked?”

Oz: “My deepest apologies, kids.”

Oz said with that trademark smug look.

Crowlie: “There it is again, that face! Ahh, it’s so obnoxious!”

Heartmann: “Haha…but you know, I’m glad the Great Oz was chosen.”

Dorothy: “Oh? How come?”

Heartmann: “We’re the denizens of the Land of Oz, remember? We can’t go back to Kansas with you.”

Leonardo: “Oh, you’re right. If it was one of us who fell in love with Dorothy, we’d probably just make her sad in the end.”

Crowlie: “And besides, I think Dorothy found true love because she picked Oz.”

Wesley: “And without true love, the world would’ve taken a worse turn around now…”

Wesley: “IF there really is some great power out there…it’s love.”


Leonardo: “The Wizard of the West is talking about love? Time sure have changed…”

Wesley: “Sh-Shut… I talk about love, too! Sometimes…”

Heartmann: “Heh…but you know, I really didn’t expect the Wizard of the West to take our side like that.”

Crowlie: “Did something happen with you, Wesley?”

Wesley: “Tch. N-None of your business…”

Heartmann: “Wizard…no, Wesley, come visit Winkies sometime.”

Wesley: “Huh?”

Heartmann: “I want you to see what it’s like for yourself.”

Wesley: “Hmph…if I feel like it.”

(Oh, how nice! They’ve got a new friend!)

(Well, now I can go back to Kansas without worrying!)

As I mulled over that and turned to Oz, he nodded at me with a smile.

(Well, it’s time to say goodbye to everyone…)

Dorothy: “Everyone, thank you so much. I’ll never forget you.”

Everyone looked right at me.

Heartmann: “We think the same way. I mean, we’re friends, right?”

Dorothy: “Yeah, and we always will be.”

Heartmann: “T-Take care, Dorothy… Ohh…!”

Heartmann burst out into tears and wiped his eyes with his handkerchief.

Dorothy: “You take care too, Heartmann.”

Crowlie: “I don’t want to say goodbye, but…I’ll see you off with a smile tomorrow. I hope you live happily with Oz.”

Dorothy: “Thank you, Crowlie. I hope you’ll be happy, too.”

Crowlie: “Oz, there’s something I need to tell you.”

Oz: “What’s that?”


Crowlie: “I’ll never forgive you if you make Dorothy unhappy.”

Oz: “Heh, I’ll promise, then. I’ll make her happy, no matter what. Take care, Emerald King.”

Leonardo: “Dorothy, I love youuuu!”

Dorothy: “Oh, Leonardo, I love you too. Tell the animals back in the forest I said hi, okay?”

Leonardo: “I definitely will! Take care, and never let go of the Great Oz, okay?”

Wesley: “Tch…this is too cheesy. I’m going to bed.”

Dorothy: “Wesley, I’m really glad I became friends with you.”

Wesley: “Excuse me? FRIENDS? I don’t need any friends.”

Dorothy: “Well, you’ve got Crowlie and the others now, haven’t you? Com eon, no need to hide it.”

Wesley: “…Don’t order me around!”

Oz: “C’mon, don’t say that. You helped out a lot. Farewell, friend.”

Wesley: “Tch…yeah, bye… Take care.”

Then, I looked everyone in the eyes again, one by one.

Dorothy: “We’ll be parting ways tomorrow, but I truly love every one of you.”

Leonardo: “Dorothy, can I tell you one last thing?”

Dorothy: “What is it?”

Leonardo: “Dorothy, I really…I really, really, really love youuuu!”

Leonardo hugged me tight.

Dorothy: “Ahhhh!”

Crowlie: “Leonardo, what do you think you’re doing?!”

Oz: “Get of Dorothy, you moron!”

Crowlie and Oz scrambled to pull Leonardo off of me.


Heartmann: “No fair, Leonardo!”

Heartmann hugged me, too.

Crowlie: “Ahh! Heartmann! You, too?!”

Wesley: “Hahaha! Doing this to the last, huh, you guys?”

Oz: “Hey, Wesley! Quit laughing and do something about these two!”

Wesley: “Don’t order me around! You want me to blow you all away?!”

Oz: “Gahh! Why does it always end up like this?!”

The sun rose on the day of farewells.

Dorothy: “Looks like we’re the only ones here.”

Oz: “That’ll be easier on us.”

Crowlie, Heartmann, Leonardo and Wesley all nodded.

None of the crowd from the party yesterday was in the hall.

Floating in the center of the silent hall was the golden door, as open as it was yesterday.

Solomon: “Were you able to say goodbye to everyone?”

Dorothy: “I was.”

Solomon: “Then, this is it.”

Dorothy: “Goodbye, Solomon. Take care.”

Solomon: “I’ll be praying for your happiness, Dorothy. Do take care.”

I turned my eyes to Norton.


Dorothy: “Thank you, Norton. Thank you for giving me the time to truly say goodbye to everyone.”

Norton: “I am very relieved to hear you say that.”

Dorothy: “You look awfully tired. Are you all right?”

Norton: “I’m fine. But more importantly, please…do not lose your love for our land.”

Dorothy: “Of course I won’t. I’ll always love this place. Well…take care.”

Norton: “Best of wishes.”

After I’d said goodbye to Solomon and Norton, Oz took my hand.

Oz: “Shall we be off?”

Dorothy: “Yeah…”

Crowlie: “Take care, Dorothy!”

Leonardo: “See you, Dorothy! Don’t get lost on the way home!”

Heartmann: “Goodbye, Dorothy!”

Wesley: “Take care!”

Dorothy: “Take care, everyone! Goodbye!”

Oz and I stood in front of the door, hands linked.

We could see the large Rainbow Bridge on the other side of it.

(We’re crossing this bridge…and going back to Kansas.)

Oz: “Let’s go home.”

Dorothy: “Yeah, let’s go!”

(Goodbye, my beloved friends! Goodbye, Land of Oz!)

Oz and I stepped through the door and onto the Rainbow Bridge.

Taking our first steps home…

The Friends Ending Completed!

Oz: “Congratulations! You’ve finally beaten the game.”

Crowlie: “I’m so glad you made it to the end!”

Leonardo: “Yeah, you really did well!”

Heartmann: “Good job!”

Oz: “And as a reward, let me show you a magic trick!”

Wesley: “Whoa, wait! That’s no reward!”

Oz: “Wesley, what’re you doing here?”

Wesley: “I’ll tell you something nice. Did you know that there are other endings?”

Crowlie: “Oh, that’s right! There ARE other endings!”

Leonardo: “Some even better than this one.”

Heartmann: “There might even be new pictures, too!”

Oz: “Hey, you should’ve let me know sooner. What happens to me and Dorothy in the other endings?”

Wesley: “Curious?”

Oz: “Of course I”m curious. C’mon, tell me a little.”

Wesley: “That’s something you’ll have to see for yourself.”

Heartmann: “Do things get even crazier?!”

Oz: “This really isn’t the time for magic tricks, huh…”

Crowlie: “What’ll we do?”

Leonardo: “It’s obvious, isn’t it?!”

Oz: “All right, let’s go to the other endings! I’m looking forward to it!”

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