Norn9 Guide: Azuma Natsuhiko

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natsuhiko-norn9 Continuing my newly formed “series”, here is my guide for Azuma Natsuhiko. Before you can choose Natsuhiko’s route, you must complete either Sakuya or Itsuki’s route. The game recommends completing Sakuya’s route first, which is what I did.


Skip to first choice

Look for a room with Mikoto

A hiyoko

Chase after them

Character Select: Kuga Mikoto (far right)

Chapter 1

Choose no partner. Investigate alone.

Chapter 2

Give it to him

Chapter 3


Take the initiative

Chapter 4


Someone was defying The World’s orders

We had been flying around in circles

Refuse to do so

Chapter 5 

Because people who are suffering need me


That is a waste of time

I want to go with you

Chapter 6 (Make a save file)

Stare at him silently

…going out to look at the stars?



You’re so kind

Chapter 7

Dodge the question

That will get you to the true ending

Bad ending

As I mentioned in Sakuya’s route, I don’t know what affection is necessary to get the bad ending, but halfway should be low enough. Load up chapter 6 and pick the other choices to avoid increasing your affection with Natsuhiko.

Don’t forget to purchase the Natsuhiko short story from the Norn store once you’ve completed his route! That will get you all of the CGs for his route.