Code: Realize

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I have a friend who plays a lot of otome games. Recently, a game called Code: Realize was released for the PS Vita in North America and she recommended I buy it. I’ve honestly always been somewhat interested and I love the opportunity to make use of my Vita, so I picked up a copy last Friday. I don’t know how else to say this, but… The addiction is real. There was probably a good 40 hours of gameplay. I finished it in about 3 days, and I work full time and study 2 hours a day.

There are five routes in total: Arsène Lupin, Impey Barbicane, Saint-Germain (San~), Victor Frankenstein (Fran~) and Abraham Van Helsing (Van~). Lupin’s route remains hidden until you clear the other four, and his route is also the only one that fully resolves the story. There are eight chapters in the common route and somewhere between 1-4 choices you have to make in every chapter. Each choice will give you favor with one of the male protagonists. At the beginning of chapter eight, your character will automatically choose to “follow” one of the guys, and that is the route you are on from chapter 9 through chapter 13. Every route also has two potential endings: a normal (bad) ending and the true (happy) ending.

I’m told this is very uncommon, but only Lupin’s route requires you to watch the normal (bad) ending to get a special CG that you won’t see in the true (happy) route. The rest of the pretty pictures can be unlocked just by progressing through the true ending, so if you don’t want to, you don’t have to see any of the bad endings (except for one) and you can still get all of the pretty pictures and trophies. There’s a bonus CG for unlocking all the other CGs, so it’s worth it to unlock that last one.


Spoilers incoming!