Norn9 Guide: Otomaru Heishi

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heishi-norn9On to the Nanami route! To be completely honest, I am not looking forward to doing Ron’s route. I have a terrible impression of him after seeing him in Mikoto’s route. He is the “locked” route in Nanami’s segment, but just so that I don’t have to end Nanami’s section with Ron, I will do his part second.

Also, in case you already did the Mikoto routes with me, most of the text in Chapter 1 where the group is together (i.e. in the dining room during Natsuhiko’s attack) is exactly the same. I skipped all of the text that wasn’t Nanami’s thoughts (denoted by parenthesis) to shorten it. I’ll be doing Heishi > Ron > Akito


Make breakfast with Nanami

Character Select: Shiranui Nanami (far left)

Chapter 1

Pair Select: Heishi Otomaru (Recommended)

Chapter 2

I’m not mad

Chapter 3

About yesterday…

A scary maze

Tell him you’re thinking about him

Chapter 4

Not knowing that someone was mad at me


I envy his dream

Chapter 5

I want to make his dream come true

Chapter 6 (Make a save file)

Don’t go with him


Apologize for not saying anything

Chapter 7

Wake up

Don’t go with him


Bad Ending

Load your save file from Chapter 6 and reverse your options:

Go with him

Apologize for erasing his memory

Don’t wake up

Go with him

The last piece of the puzzle, as always, is Heishi’s side story for 110 points from the Norn store.