Norn9 Guide: Shukuri Akito

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akito-norn9I’ve only just started this route and I already have complex feelings about it. To be honest, I was looking forward to Akito’s route since neither Ron’s nor Heishi’s route touched on the conflict between Akito and Nanami and I’m really curious what happened between them. So, without further ado!


Make breakfast with Nanami

Character Select: Shiranui Nanami (far left)

Chapter 1

Pair Select: Shukuri Akito (Middle)

Chapter 2

I like it


Chapter 3

Leave the bath

Wait for him

Women can handle it

Chapter 4

I don’t want to think that

I won’t wash my face

I am

Chapter 5

Say it

About the two of us

Then I won’t go

Chapter 6 (Make a aave)

Something long lasting

Don’t erase his memory

Chapter 7

Don’t add any herbs

And that marks the true ending route!


So unlike the other routes, Akito’s route actually has 3 endings with CGs.

Alternate Ending

Load up the save file and choose erase his memory. This will get you a new CG, but it doesn’t complete the route.

Bad Ending

Load up the save file again

Something perishable

Don’t erase his memory

I want to know more about you

Add a dash of herbs


Your last CG will come from the Akito side story, purchased from the Norn Store for 110 points!