Norn9 Guide: Toya Masamune

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masamune-norn9I know I’m supposed to do Kakeru’s route before Masamune’s, but I really wanted to leave Kakeru’s for last, haha. I honestly somewhat considered doing them both at the same time. I think after I finish this, I will write a detailed story summary to piece together all the different routes. Though I do like having so many routes and seeing things from the different characters’ points of view, I also like the secret route that ties the entire story together, which most otome have. Without that, I have a little trouble keeping track of the story between all these routes. I ended up doing Senri > Masamune > Kakeru for Koharu’s section.


Go to the roof with Ms. Weirdo

Chapter 1

Tell him where Senri is (10s)

Pair Select: Masamune

Chapter 2

I’m fine

Chapter 3

Don’t listen and stay

Try baking by yourself

Chapter 4

That only I ever get to see them


(Make a save!) Go inside

Go for it

No regrets! Go for it!

(Load your save!) Don’t go inside. :3

Chapter 5 (Make a Save)

I was terrified

Do nothing

Chapter 6

I’ll be thinking about the future

Ruffle his hair


I’m not sure what difference this choice makes. I chose to lie…

Say nothing


Bad Ending

As always, load up your save and reverse the choices made earlier. The first time I played through, I made a save at Chapter 6 thinking it would be fine… but I was wrong and I ended up redoing the game from the beginning! You get a lot more affection from Chapter 4 in Masamune’s route compared to the others, so I think that’s the main reason a Chapter 6 save doesn’t work.

As always, Masamune’s side story can be purchased for 110 points from the Norn Store for your last CG and your 100% completion trophy for Masamune’s route.